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Lord Field: Korrupt Particle Hook 53 • Length 14 • Breakpoint Shape 15

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Each month several of the balls covered in the Ball Review will be shown in action on the lanes. The video simply shows how the diff erent balls react. Balls are selected at random for the videos.

Manufacturer’s Intent: “The previous version of the Korrupt weight block was used in the Heritage [September 2012],” says Lord Field V.P.-Operations Tony Martin. “The Korrupt Particle has the Korrupt HD weight block. This creates a lower center of gravity within the weight block itself, which helps initiate the moment of inertia earlier. The early moment of inertia, combined with the aggressive CoreRupt particle cover and medium mass bias of .023, will match up with any medium-heavy oil condition. This is the most aggressive ball we have built to date.” Core Design: The Korrupt asymmetric core is the same shape used in the popular Heritage. The RG is fast revving at 2.48 and the differential is strong at .049. The PSA is a hefty .023. This design averages 5 inches of track flare in testing. Coverstock: The CoreRupt solid particle coverstock is colored in blue and navy blue hues. The factory finish is a dull 1000-grit sanding. The response time off friction is slow, yet the traction in oil is well above average. This cover

has a Ra measurement of 2.75, with an effective surface grit of 4200. Test Results: The Korrupt is all about traction and control on medium-heavy to heavier oiled environments. The motion shape is arcing due to the slow response off drier areas of the lane. The asymmetric core works well in concert with the heavy-load particle coverstock to produce a heavy rolling, oil-loving ball.

We felt the Korrupt complements the pearl Heritage perfectly prior to transition. We loved our looks on fresh

oil, as we could play well inside the oil line and enjoy very good pin carry. Once the mid-lane oil disappeared and the backends tightened up, the Heritage matched up better with its added length and sharper back-end motion. When to Use: Use the Korrupt on most fresh medium to heavier oil volumes on either Sport or house shots. The strong mid-lane presence of the Korrupt ensures adequate traction, and the slower down- lane response matches up well when the backends are clean. Slower speed or higher rev rate player styles should still be able to see decent length, as slower response covers tend to be more “rolly” downlane, thus allowing for more direct launch angles.

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