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rights and a $1,000 purse. The Wethes win the 12-game battle, and become bowling’s fi rst team match-game cham- pions. (The picture below shows the Mineralites team of 1928.)

1925 3

Mineralites vs. P.L. Wethes.

Two Chicago super teams face off for bragging


The Tenpin Carnival.

With Jimmy Blouin out of action, Cleveland proprietors stage their own version of a match-game extravaganza in the city’s Public Auditorium. The main act is a 40-game showdown between Jimmy Smith and Count Gengler. Also on the bill are a rolloff for the Ohio match title and an exhi- bition featuring two female stars. Though Gengler quits with an injury midway through his match, the Carnival draws big crowds.

Tom Zavakos of Dayton completes his league season with only one error. For some reason, the identity of just what spare he blew has been lost to history. Zavakos’ feat remains the oldest positive record in bowling.



THE 1920s 1926

Bowling’s greatest spare-maker.

beats touring star Jimmy Smith in a three-game exhibition match, 704 to 697. The unlikely story is picked up by the national wire services, and launches “Mrs. Mac” on a long career as an instructor, exhibi- tion bowler and missionary for women’s bowling.

1927 5

Mrs. Mac on the attack.

In Denver, local housewife Floretta McCutcheon


America triumphs

in Stockholm.

Uncle Joe Thum’s Interna- tional Bowling Assn. holds its third tournament in Sweden. For the fi rst time, the U.S. sends some com- petitive bowlers. Among the 26 making the trip are future hall of famers Billy Knox, John Martino and Mort Luby Sr., as well as reigning match-game king Joe Scribner. And for the fi rst time, the Americans carry home the championship.

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