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Ball Review Lane #1: Grind Hook 54 • Length 13.5 • Breakpoint Shape 15

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// Manufacturer’s Intent:

“With the success of our patented diamond core over the years, we were looking to find ways to make the ball stronger,

while keeping it controllable,” says Lane #1 President Richie Sposato. “By notching out the center of the diamond, we are able to increase the differential, giving the ball more pop on the back- end. Doing this didn’t take

away from its symmetry, allow-

ing us to design a ball with more power and control.”

Core Design: A new low-RG core has been developed for the Grind. It’s a center-cut diamond-shaped symmet- rical design. The RG is low at 2.47. The differential is .052. We saw nearly 6 inches of track flare with our 70x3.5x35 dual angle layout.

Coverstock: The Grind’s solid Pure Explosion coverstock is not new, as variations of this formula have been used on at least six earlier releases. This time, the colors are a mix of pur- ple and berry. The factory finish is 4000 grit, sanded with the neaT system. Response time off friction is moderately quick, while oil traction is average. The

Ra measurement is 4.0. The surface grit level measures 4300.

Test Results: The Grind is a workhorse, benchmark ball that offers control with power on most medium to medium-heavy oil patterns. The breakpoint motion was strong yet arcing in shape on both fresh and broken-down patterns. What makes the Grind different from other Lane #1 offerings is the new center-cut diamond core. We noticed faster revs off the hand, with good down- lane continuation. When patterns were too heavy in the middle for our test pearl balls, the Grind’s solid cover/core medley read the pattern both sooner and more securely. The Grind is a great choice on fresh patterns when facing heavier mid- lane oil and clean backends. One tes- ter was pleased with how well the ball plowed through the carrydown left by an earlier league.

When to Use: We loved our looks on fresh patterns with pin positions either above or below the fingers. After severe breakdown, our high-speed, high-rev tes- ter was better served by polishing the Grind’s surface. The beauty of the low RG core and strong solid cover is the forgive- ness at the breakpoint, with a more rolling type motion in the final 20 feet.


Motiv: Venom Toxin Hook 50 • Length 16 • Breakpoint Shape 15.5

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////// Manufacturer’s Intent:

“We wanted to create a low-RG hybrid ball for light to medium oil that is easy to rev and a little cleaner than the solid Venom Strike [December 2012],” says Motiv V.P.-Marketing Scott Hewitt. “We have adjusted the cover formulation on the new Venom Toxin, so the reaction will be totally

different than simply putting a polish on the original Venom Strike.”

Core Design: The Venom Toxin

houses the same low 2.48-RG Gear core used in the popular Venom Strike solid. The differential remains a conservative .034. We measured a maximum of 3.5 inches of flare with the pin both above and below the fingers. This core design revs fast and smoothly the entire 60 feet of the lane.

Coverstock: The Toxin’s lime green Atomix Radial hybrid cover is sanded with 2000 grit and finished with Power Gel polish. Response time is moderately quick, and oil traction is very limited. The Ra reading is 1.60. The effective surface grit is 5500.

Test Results: The conservative nature of the Atomix Hybrid cover is why dry conditions are needed in order for the Toxin to shine. Too much oil may cause some late lane oil wiggle and lack of breakpoint motion. But when the backends are clean, the Toxin is one mean ball. The roll was smooth and steady in the midlane, with a hard-arcing finish at the back. The low RG helps monitor the back-end angularity as well as create a heavier roll. Hitting power and pin carry were

quite good as long as carrydown didn’t appear. If carrydown does get in the way, scuff the surface or choose a stronger Motiv orb.

When to Use: With most light to medium oil polished balls, choosing proper use is a must. The lighter the pattern is, the stronger the look will be. We never saw a read that was too early with the Toxin, and the breakpoint shape ranged from smooth to that of a hard arc, contingent on pattern and bowler release power. Sanding the surface down to 1000 added only about two boards of hook, but it did produce an earlier motion in the midlane. Heavy-handed players will find more uses for both Venoms, as the low- flaring core reduces overall hook.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////// April 2013 25

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