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Bowlers Journal Timeline TIMELINE

BY J.R. SCHMIDT { } 1921 The

East rejoins the ABC.

Reacting to the Midwest’s grow- ing domination of bowling, New York and a group of Eastern cities had bolted the ABC in 1907. For a while, their National Bowling Assn. had rivaled the ABC in

popularity. Now, with it clear that the NBA would never grow to national stature, the secessionists swallow their pride and return to the ABC.

1921 1


Petersen Classic begins.

Chicago proprietor Louis Petersen launches bowling’s

fi rst big-money singles tourna- ment, an eight-game event with a top prize of $1,000 — double the amount paid to the winner of golf’s U.S. Open. Though Petersen has to hustle to round up the 64 entries he needs, his Classic becomes a roaring success. Nine decades later, it’s still with us.


THE 1920s 1922

The World Classic

is introduced.

Louis Petersen follows up his eight-game sweeper with

bowling’s fi rst great match-game event, a 115-game marathon with a select fi eld of 24 stars. The idea is to provide bowling with an offi cial match game champion. But to claim the title, the 115-game winner must later defeat the next three fi nishers in separate 60-game matches. Otherwise, the match-game title will remain vacant.

1922 2

Jimmy Blouin

rules all.

After winning the World Classic, Chicagoan Jimmy

Blouin defeats the second-,

third- and fourth-place fi nishers in 60-game matches — upset- ting Louis Petersen’s plan for an ongoing, vacant match-game title. Blouin defends his crown two more times over the next four years, then retires from competition.

1923 The

Philadelphia giant.

The Hudson Recreation, the fi rst bowling center with 100 lanes, opens in downtown Philadelphia. Hudson’s 105 lanes occupy fi ve fl oors, and the mega-center clocks more than 4,000 lines a day. World War II belt-tightening shuts down the center for good in 1944.

Double 300s.

Frank Caruana of Buff alo

becomes the fi rst bowler to roll consecutive 300 games in a

sanctioned league, an astounding feat considering only nine other perfect games are bowled in the entire country that year. Mean- while, Caruana’s four-game series of 1115 sets a record that won’t be surpassed for 54 years.


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