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CREATIVE THOUGHT From ballet to Bally’s D

ancer or showgirl? Wendy Lewis Cronin ’00 happily answers to both. “Dancing is

my career,” she says. The most recent iteration of that career has been a six-year stint in Las Vegas’s signature big production show, Bally’s Jubilee.

The showgirls have to keep themselves in tip-

top shape to handle two shows each night, with 10 or more costume changes, up and down several flights of stairs, wearing high heels and balancing elab- orate head dresses

weighing five

pounds and more. The extrava- gant costumes “enhance the beauty of the female body,” Cronin says. “That’s why we are out there: to show how beautiful the female

form is. And you never feel more beautiful than when you step out on that stage as a Jubilee dancer.” She adds that the show’s top- less line harkens back to the earliest traditions of Paris burlesque and Vegas spectac- ulars. “You are part of a throw- back era,” she says, “doing something a lot of dancers never get a chance to do.” Much of her beautiful fe - male form comes from the

athleticism and confidence honed in her classical training. Like many Jubilee dancers, Cronin has a strong background in ballet. It is what brought her to Skid more, where she double-majored in dance and sociol ogy, and what has sustained her career. “I had very good ballet training at Skidmore,” says Cronin, “and that’s what they look for in a classical show like Jubilee.” Cronin left Jubilee last spring to focus on a

very special production of her own: new baby Emma. During her pregnancy she worked as events coordinator for the Cosmopolitan resort. But the jogging stroller is at hand and, after returning to classes with Cirque du Soleil per- formers, she says she just might audition to rejoin the last of the great Las Vegas shows. —KG

in Forte Greene in Brooklyn. Also, Kristyn Allen Zimmerman and husband Corey welcomed second daughter Emma in June. Neda and Kristyn recently visited Allison Washburn Welsh, husband Pat, and son Keane in their new home in Providence, RI. Gabrielle, meanwhile, lives in Los Angeles and teaches English at Glendale Community College. In addition to living within walking distance of her freshman roommate Christy, Gabrielle sees Brad Morris often at IO West in Holly wood, where they both perform regularly. Emily Rover married Charles Grace last January in NYC. Lindsay Kern Cambron, Van Furniss ’98, Maggie Gresio, and Stewart Goodbody Israni were in atten- dance. Emily and Charlie honeymooned in Africa, starting in Cape Town, followed by a safari in Tanzania and beach time on Zanzibar. Emily is a financial advisor at Bernstein Global Wealth Management in NYC.

Fanny Delaunay is living happily in Paris, France, with partner Caroline. In 2011 she celebrated her union (marriage not being allowed yet in France) among family and friends with “a very touching ceremony and an extra-fun party, dancing until the early morning.” Nellie Soliman, Josephine Hitchings, and Chris Sidoli ’01 flew over from NYC for the occasion. The honeymoon is planned for next sum- mer: a safari in Tanzania. In the mean- time, they have plenty of weekend es - capes, mostly in France and Italy. Fanny misses NYC a little, but usually goes back once a year on her way to visit her grand- parents on the Cape. She says, “Life in Paris is great, the rhythm way more en - joyable, and the food…no comment! Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re on this side of the Atlantic.” Last fall Melanie Zalman McDonald

left her post at the nonprofit Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, NH, where she had worked for nearly 10 years in craft retail, education, marketing, and develop- ment. She recently accepted a new part- time role at the Brattleboro (VT) Museum & Art Center, where she is excited to strengthen and expand its fundraising efforts. Melanie also does media consult- ing for small businesses throughout the Monadnock region, where she lives with husband Chris and son Henry, almost 2. Jessica Klein DiStefano and husband Ricco welcomed baby Henry on Septem - ber 26. The family lives in Issaquah, WA. Ricco is a fine-art painter, and Jessica owns a business ( helping people build, plant, and grow their own edible landscape. She says, “We


were fortunate to get beautiful baby pho- tos taken by Jennifer Barrera Shepherd, who also lives in Issaquah. Check out her amazing work at jenshepherdphotography. com.” Jo Lipstadt Swani enjoys Boston. Her

PR company, the Moxie Agency, is cele- brating five years this winter. The agency builds brand awareness and garners media attention for interesting, small lifestyle businesses, and Jo encourages alums to reach out if they are looking to create a little buzz! Tricia Placido married Joseph Barton

on October 27 in Tucson, AZ. She says, “It was an amazing fall evening, and friends from all over the country attended the celebration, including Cynthia Zara Isaacson, who was one of my brides- maids, and Jonna Tiu ’01.” The couple lives in Arlington, VA, and Tricia would love to hear from classmates in the area: Kylee Allen Gies and husband Ryan

have been on Mount Desert Island, ME, for four years. Kylee is the coordinator of international student services at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor. The newest joy in her life is son Oliver. Inke Noël lives in San Francisco, CA, where she’s been a self-taught freelance graphic designer for more than 10 years. For the past two, she’s been working closely with the recreation and parks department, doing all of its rebranding— there’s a cohesive look that shows a fun and more modern Rec&Park. Inke says, “I’m having fun being creative at work and enjoying a flexible schedule that allows me to spend lots of quality time with my husband and our 6-year-old daughter, who just started kindergarten.” Inke’s Web site is On October 6 Rob Daley married Julia Magendanz ’01 at the National Museum of Racing in Saratoga Springs. Grooms - men included Alonzo Clarke, Dave Wro - nowski, Hans Beyer, Jamie Moore, John Tenofsky, and Sean Casey ’00; brides- maids included Lauren Granahan ’00. Eight other alumni shared in the ceremo- ny. Rob and Julia live happily in Boston, MA. NANCY MAGNUS 9300 PRETORIA PLACE DULLES, VA 20189-9300 MAGNUSNANCY@GMAIL.COM

near Chicago. In attendance were Marni Richman and husband Brad Morris ’98, Ginger Zielinskie and husband Jonathan


Leah Dann and Daniel Marks ’98 were married July 14 at a farm


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