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She and Pete stay close to home in Boca Raton, FL, and friends and family come visit them. Leah Cunningham Wood keeps in touch with Doris by phone. In her mind Beverly Bernhardt Jarrett


still sees us all at Scott House as if it were yesterday. She and Paul are chugging along. Paul has had Alzheimer’s for the last 10 years. Beverly had five pictures in an exhibition at the Massapequa (NY) Library, her first at 85 years of age. Betsy Bell Condron has trouble with

her fingers, so she can’t type anymore. She spends two hours a day with an exer- cise routine. She keeps busy in half a dozen community and state boardships (being the elder stateswoman). She stays involved with friends in eastern Pennsyl - vania and Marco Island, FL; she men- tioned Judy Sturtevant Harris, Lainie Vo - taw Bell, Mart Park Boswell, and Mary Lou Woodruff Street. Jerry Jacobson, husband of Audrey Platt Jacobson, who died in May, plans to give some of her work to Skidmore. Edith Neimark is still going strong in Princeton, NJ. Caroline Bruner Dean spent May through September in Ontario, at a fam - ily property where she golfs and husband Hank fishes in the St. Lawrence River. In Cheshire, CT, Adelaide Hodgman Marx had “three carpal-tunnel operations and a gall bladder out. All very easy and quite painless,” she says. Daughter Cindy, who has lived in the Cape May, NJ, area for 30 years, got married at age 52 for the first time. Son Timothy and his wife and daughter live in Massachusetts; Adelaide sees them at the lake in summertime. Daughter Sarah lives in Cheshire and is very helpful, calling every night “to make sure I’m still alive!” In June, Adelaide had “a terrific cruise from Lisbon to Rome; great weather and fun!” Ann Lilley Smith had dinner on Cape

Cod with Lou Woodruff Street and Bunny Davis Smith in August. Ann has nine grandchildren out of college and three in grad school; three are married, and she has two great-grandsons. All, she says, are “the loves of my life.” Mary Mitchell Durland’s “fabulous” Edgehill community in Stamford, CT, keeps her busy on the welcome commit- tee, entertaining new members, and vol- unteering in critical care. She says, “So many of my friends from Greenwich and Riverside are here, which is very comfort- ing and enjoyable.” They were planning a NYC bus trip to see Nice Work If You Can

Doris Higgons Popenoe has been in remission for more than a year.

Get It on Broadway. In December, Mary was flying to California to visit her daughter. I am alive and well, doing my usual

New Dorp High and St. Andrews stuff. Slowing down a bit. Had a yard sale in August; made $300. My grandson Jimmy helped set up the tables and put the left- over stuff back in the garage. I also had surgery on my gums. When sending news for Scope, I would appreciate it if you’d put your maiden name on the letter, as I am sometimes forgetful. EDITH ARMEND HOLTERMANN 319 CLARKE AVENUE STATEN ISLAND, NY 10306-1127 HOLTERGLAS@AOL.COM

Diefendorf. Explaining that she didn’t graduate with her class but always consid- ered herself a loyal ’50er, he wrote, “It was in the winter of 1947 in the midst of a severe snowstorm when I, on bended knee, proposed to her, thus cutting her Skidmore career short. My gain was Skid - more’s loss.” Mary Angus Sachs and husband Dick


sold their home in California to return to their house in Ledyard, CT. The challenge has been combining the “artifacts” of two homes into one. She says, “It’s very good to be near family.” Ruth Niederlander Shoumate enjoyed

a cruise to “Amsterdam, along the Euro - pean coast to the Azores, and six days on the ocean; enjoyed those days because of Latin line-dance classes, morning and af - ternoon.” She has recuperated from a hip broken last May. Nancy Gallup Barbano fell and broke a shoulder last June. Recovering has been a challenge, but she says she’s getting back to normal. I spent last summer in the southern Ad - irondacks, on Sacandaga Lake. I toured historical sites in the area, including the Mount McGregor cottage where Ulysses S. Grant spent his final days and Sir William Johnson’s mansion in Johnstown. I also visited Skidmore’s Tang Museum. PEGGY KAHLES GUYDER 300 SW GOLFVIEW TERRACE, #149 BOYNTON BEACH, FL 33426-4653 PKGBX7@NETZERO.NET

Polly Herrick de Pujol lives in a residence in Barcelona, Spain, where she no longer needs to prepare her main meal of the day (served at noon). In May, Polly and daughter Elena visited son


Monroe Diefendorf sent news of the death of wife Evelyn Broglio

Juan in Norwalk, CT, and enjoyed a drive to her birthplace in Albany and former home in Ballston Spa, NY. In April Loisjane Perry Vannorsdall attended a “Skidmore family reunion” in Jacksonville, FL, at the home of sister Charon Perry Sisler ’59, where sister Cynthia Perry Newton ’59 joined them. She says, “Our hostess did a super job of organizing picnics, golf, and a concert. I didn’t want to go home. All spouses enjoyed the mini-reunion, too.” Barbara Schron Linde, living in her “55

and older” community in North Carolina, says, “At 83, I have no complaints. My two artificial hips and plate in my back may stop me at airports, but not here at the village of AOK Tree. Bridge is still my favorite sport.” All her grandchildren are happily married, and she enjoys her three great-grands. After enduring pneumonia and surgery

last year, Natalie Hazelton Mata has improved. She’s visited daughter Christina and family in Amherst, MA, and friends in Boston and on the Cape, and had a weekend in the Berkshires, where “Tanglewood took me past the humidity and heat here in Brooklyn,” she says. She also enjoyed her 65th high school reunion. George and I summered at our Prince -

ton, NJ, condo. Along with a trip to Tan - glewood in Massachusetts, we had a won- derful Clegg family reunion in Virginia— 90 of our 105 family members traveled in from California, Texas, the Midwest, the Northeast, and even France (my son Tom and his wife, Colette). PATRICIA GRUMMON CLEGG 4670 CARLTON DUNES DRIVE, #14 AMELIA ISLAND, FL 32034 PATRICIACLEGG436@GMAIL.COM

for her home in Vero Beach, FL, wrote, “I miss John terribly and find widowhood lonely and difficult, though I’m growing stronger in my independence every day.” Bill and I had a delightful visit with


Townsend and Rosemary Lawton Mac - Coun in October. They live in a lovely condo in West Grove, PA, near daughter Mary Grace. Earlier we attended the Navy- Indiana football game at Annapolis, where our granddaughter is in her third year. Tailgating and cheering with 14 members of our family was such fun, and Navy won by one point in the last minute of the game! We are saddened to hear of the death of Jacqueline Watson Richardson in Sep -


Peggy McConnell Hinrichs, as she was leaving New Canaan, CT,

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