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year on Midway Island in the Pacific. She writes, “One morning in the dining hall, a Navy ensign approached my table and asked if I knew Margie Andre at Skid - more. I replied that I did and she was president of her senior class of 1956 and also my house counselor. He replied that she had married his brother! I invited the young officer to sit at our table, and now, 50 years later, Bill Ambrose and I are cele- brating our 50th wedding anniversary. And Margie and I remain friends.” More than two dozen classmates turned

out for a summer luncheon hosted by Ro Schainman Halper. Ro was happy to share the news that granddaughter Elana ’15 is a Skidmore freshman. Elana received a scholarship, which also thrilled her mother, Jan Halper Scaglia ’86. Helen Halpern Lerner had a wonderful

time at the ’59 mini-reunion at Ro Hal - per’s. “It was a lovely afternoon,” she says, adding, “I have been very busy with part-time work, zoo work, and teaching an online course.” This past fall Roz Sutton Oesterle dis- played her paintings at an outdoor juried art show. Sandy Bendfeldt is singing and acting

in NYC. After the Australian Open, tennis champ Roger Federer threw his headband…right into the hands of Bev Sanders Payne! Jane Haddad Evans and Skidmore room -

mate Joan Cangelosi Kicska spent a four- day weekend in NYC. Jane flew from Seattle to Boston and then into NYC (I was invited to join them but had already planned a visit to Los Angeles to see our daughter and grandson Zach, 4.) Joan is a board member and chair of a benefit for the Easton (PA) Children’s Community Center for underprivileged kids. The cen- ter arranges for meals, tutors, backpacks, and a safe haven until parents get back from work.

Cynthia Green Kohl says she had a “fan- tastic Princess cruise and land tour with my family to Alaska. The eight of us did everything we wanted and experienced a new world. Granddaughter Madi son, 11, loved hugging the Husky puppies, as did Blake, 16. Blake and Ryan, 19, loved driv- ing the Tomkat Karts. And they all loved the whitewater rafting. It was a nice break for me from the Florida summer!” Maryann Bruno McCrea and I were hoping to put together another mini- reunion this fall. To explore having a sim- ilar get-together in your area, call the Skidmore alumni office to get names and e-mail addresses of local classmates. In October, Norm and I stopped in Sara -

toga for a night on our drive to Montreal for his 50th college reunion at McGill University. We also went to Australia and New Zealand for a month, ending our trip in LA to visit family. CAROLYN BROWN STRAKER 500 E. 83RD STREET, APT. 11K NEW YORK, NY 10028-7208 MOMSTRAKER@AOL.COM

the Dolomites of Italy. They also hiked in national parks while driving through Slo - venia and Croatia. “Beautiful areas to be - hold,” says Joyce. The Grands will again spend January and February in Palm Des - ert, CA, where Joyce invites any class- mates to look her up. The class sends condolences to Sandy


Blair Ohanian, who is learning to live alone (with cat Cappy) since husband Jack passed away in October. Proudly she wrote of her first solo trip, a safari with Natural Habitat Adventure, enjoying a week of perfect weather in the Tetons and Yellowstone. The group of 10 (with two naturalists) saw a lot of wildlife, including three grizzlies and two wolves feasting on a carcass. Following the trip, Sandy went to Denver, CO, to play with her grand- children for a few days. In July Mary Kelchner Lindner attend-

ed a quilt show in Hershey, PA, where she visited Marilee Karins Pellegrini. Memor - ies of adventures and friends from both Skidmore and Chatham (NJ) High School accompanied several shared meals. Mary says Marilee was “a wonderful hostess” while showing her around “chocolate town.” Leilani Holloway Eells is sorry she was unable to attend our last reunion but hopes to get to the next one. In Califor - nia, the Eells family welcomed twins born last February to youngest son Brad and wife Amy. Cooper and Carly bring great joy to their parents, grandparents, and relatives. Leilani wishes they lived closer —she is in the Bay area, and they are in southern California. In Saratoga Springs, Bobbi Albright

Gille enjoyed a week of adult ballet camp—for the dancing but also for being able to walk around the Skidmore cam- pus. For most of August, Bobbi and hus- band Grant had all four kids and eight grandchildren in New Jersey. She says it is “wonderful to see all the little cousins from California, Connecticut, and New Jersey playing together.” For her birthday Bobbi went parasailing over the shoreline with her second son, Eric, and “it was fab-

Joyce Jacobs Grand and husband Bernie spent three weeks hiking in

ulous.” Bobbi attends classes and serves on the board at the New Jersey Ballet Company; again this winter she was dancing the role of the grandmother in its 17 shows of the Nutcracker, which “makes Christmas a bit more chaotic,” she says. She adds that the group raised enough money to replace the 130-year- old slate roof on her community’s first church, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ellen VanDusen Guthrie is a construc-

tion volunteer three days a week for the Louisville, KY, chapter of Habitat for Humanity. She also volunteers as an ad - vocate for a Habitat partner family. After a stopover in NYC to celebrate my sister’s 70th birthday and share an eve - ning with Barbara Block Zwick (which was much too short), Alan and I had a three-week trip to Europe. We spent time with German friends and toured the Dor - dogne and Lot areas by car. The highlight was Normandy’s Mont St. Michel, beaches and countryside, and historic town of Caen. Alan and I were touched by the valor of the servicemen memorialized in the rows of crosses and Stars of David at the cemetery. We continued on to Paris before returning home to Tucson. My other news is my new horse, Pride, an 18-year-old gray Oldenburg mare who is trained to grand prix level. My beloved Amadeus had died the year before, and she was given to me as a gift; it took me a week to believe that “fairy tales do come true.” It is with deep sadness that I report

the death of our classmate Barbara Lou Hen ry in March. GAIL BENDIX JAFFE 5431 N. PASEO ESPEJO TUCSON, AZ 85718-5229 520-575-0165 GAILBJAFFE@MAC.COM

dena’s Rose Bowl Parade with his march- ing band from Avon, IN. There was an exciting week of festivities, but Sandy fractured her pelvis and couldn’t attend. In September she took a safari. She also planned to visit with Patty Paige John - son and Jean Robinson Devinney at their high school get-together on Cape Cod.

’61 Joan Royter Walsh and partner Mel

love their new life in an adult retirement community, Varenna, in Santa Rosa, CA. She says, “It’s gorgeous—on a lake and too much to do!” Margaret Howe-Soper proclaims,


Last winter Sandy Weisman Shep - pard’s grandson Elijah was in Pasa -

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