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P.F. Chang’s in downtown Boston. Diane also attended her nephew’s wedding at the Top of the World Resort on Lake George and spent a week with the family there in a rented cottage. Later, she and husband Jim planned to spend time in Myrtle Beach, SC, for an annual golf outing with 30 other couples from their Sa vannah Lakes Village. The Nelsons welcome visi- tors. Another of their granddaughters, Abby, was accepted at Eastern Carolina University on a soccer scholarship. Ruth Foster Fleming writes that Frema Kutler Rauh died in May. A member of our class during 1951–52 who lived in Salisbury dorm, she graduated from Case Western Reserve University. Ruth and her husband spent 26 years in coastal Maine, where she became reacquainted with Frema for about 10 years. She says Frema was not well when she returned to New York in 1994. Patti Lou Sherman Jones is busy with

lots of filing in Vero Beach, FL. Her family was expecting a new Floridian—a boy! Jacqueline Loohn Stempfle sends greet-

ings and says, “If you travel near Chapel Hill, NC, please call for a visit.” Monie Malcolm Smith had a visit from Susan Gannon in Naples, FL, last Febru - ary. They enjoyed the Naples Skidmore class meeting, lecture, and lunch. We are sad to report that Janice Maselli Augeri’s husband, Michael, died this past October. Since having rotator cuff surgery in Au -

gust, I’ve not been a whiz at typing. I started physical therapy in October and will be glad to get rid of the sling. MARDI DUGGAN DREBING 4215 CLEVELAND ROAD SYRACUSE, NY 13215-2415 MARDIFLY@AOL.COM

Roberts attended a donor luncheon in North Salem, NY. They live close to each other and get together as often as they can.

’56 Rosemary Sheridan Phillips had a visit

from Jean Landby Peffers. She also talks to Emily Blake. Sue Hoben Hinchey lost husband Dick

last February. She says, “I miss him great- ly. We had a great life together.” She adds, “The kids are wonderful!” I attended a spirited Skidmore gathering

in August at the Devon Yacht Club in Amagansett, NY. Mary Hoff Fallon ’60 has arranged the summer luncheon for many years, and it has become an antici- pated tradition. Joe Porter from Skid -

Sandra Eisler Wohlberg and col- lege roommate Barbara Marolla

more’s Advancement Office greeted us with loads of information (and boxes of green and yellow M&Ms). Attendees in - cluded Lynne Catero Weinlandt ’74; Judith and Riaz Jurney, parents of Ben ’14; Michelle Sullivan Lichtenberg ’75 and husband Frank; Sydney Reynolds- Raniere, UWW ’01; Lauren Madden ’12 and mom Donna; Katherine Moore Hic - key ’55; William Smith ’86; Peter Leven - son and Pamela Sweeney, parents of Emily ’12; Jeanne Hutson, mother of Julia ’13; and Sally Wagman Hoge ’55 (a nursing major who was thrilled to learn of Skidmore’s new nursing program wth NYU). AVERILL DAYTON GEUS 2 OLD ORCHARD LANE EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937-3911 631-324-1229 EGEUS@OPTONLINE.NET

Linda Gorham Harvey and John sold their house in Topsfield, MA, after 43 years and moved to Harwich Port on Cape Cod. Jane Merrill Akeson and Bob and Sid Wright Coursen ’58 live across the street. The Harveys headed to Sanibel, FL, for the winter. One grand- daughter is a senior at the University of Vermont, and another is a sophomore at Northeastern University in Boston. Alice Bemis Wiggin thanks classmates for their support after her husband died. She says, “It is an infinite blessing to have the peace and joy of knowing that Dick is with God. He was always standing up for the Right, and he helped me behave myself…not an easy task, especially in early years, art major and all.” She is get- ting support from her neighbors, church, and quilters and DAR groups. You can write Alice at 100 Newbury Ct., Apt. 310, Concord, MA 01742-4156 or call 979-369- 3981. She loves her new digs with lovely views of trees and birds, big sewing room, tiny bedroom, large storage closet, and nice neighbors. Dottie Hearne Sundstrom’s husband wrote that Dot is in an assisted-living facility as a result of having developed atypical Parkinson’s syndrome. Friends may write her at the Water Leaf, 966 43rd Ave., Sacramento, CA 95831. Tina Tonon Burnham and Bob sold


their house on Nantucket in June and are now happily ensconced in the Overlook in Charlton, MA. The residents are about 60 percent Freemason or Mason-related, and since Bob just got his 50-year pin they fit right in. Last winter they loaded up the trailer and enjoyed state parks in South Carolina, Georgia (Okefenokee

Swamp), and Florida, and then went to Virginia before heading home. Harriet Harris writes that she is “still working, still teaching, enjoying my fam - ily, farm, and NYC. There were great years at Skidmore, and I often think of Sabra Hook, my biology teacher who encour- aged me to pursue the study of medicine.” In Concord, MA, Joy Hamann Shaw notes, “Life goes on at the ‘farm.’” In the fall she “processed 50 pounds of honey, and am thinking about when to tackle my beeswax candles. Putting gardens to bed, going to grandkids’ games, baking pies for church or house dinners for art open- ings…” She also had “a short but wonder- ful visit” with Julie Gaines Pha len and Hope Thompson Kerr in Ver mont. Chick Glassey Ehbrecht and Susie Schanck Fawcett had a sudden invita - tion from Susie’s London friend to visit for the 2012 Paralympic Games. Chick says, “What a treat and inspiration to see the talented handicapped riders in the dressage tests. Susie, a therapeutic-riding instructor, explained the patience and determination it takes to achieve this level. We saw War Horse at stage level— thrilling! We also went to the British Museum, rode horses, and rode the Lon - don Eye!” Back home she was busy with her “garden club work with handicapped people, part of the national Ability Be - yond Disability program.” Chick has also done “a bit of business in this down real- estate market but could use some referrals if anyone wants to move anywhere in the 50 states.” I am finally able to enjoy the apartment

I moved into in 2011 (a leak took a year to find and repair)—it’s amazing what you can find in boxes that have been sealed up for a year and a half. I am very active with board activities for a historic house museum and doing part-time re - search and grants administration for the City of Alexandria, VA. We all send a big thank-you to Dottie Dodd O’Meara for her diligent and in - formative five years as class secretary. She is a hard act to follow, so please don’t leave me with a blank page. BECKY BECKWITH BALLENTINE 801 S. PITT STREET, #220 ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 BBBLALEX@VERIZON.NET

After-Abortion Helpline was published by Outskirts Press in May and is available at Elsa Daspin Suisman, coproducer of

’58 WINTER 2013 SCOPE 31

Joan Cole Pendergast’s book Markings of Mercy: The Story of

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