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she is “still adjusting to ‘going it alone.’” Dale Fairtile Maron looks forward to

our 50th and says, “Can’t wait to see all the great nursing majors!” DEBORAH FRANKEL REESE PO BOX 110 SOUTH STRAFFORD, VT 05070-0110 BYBYNJ@GMAIL.COM

things there are to do in life. And that’s a good thing. Norman and I still live in Washington, DC, and our lives are full. I have many shows of my work at the Ze- n ith Gallery and will also be represented by Studio E Partners, who will bring an online presence to my work on Facebook and Twitter (which is not my thing).” Lurline McLaughlin Lapolla says, “Retirement is fun: no clocks, new arts and crafts, renewal of fluency in Spanish, and time for my family. After 46 years of teaching, I am enjoying it all!” MADDY SHANLEY KLIGORA 2350 STEEPLECHASE LANE ROSWELL, GA 30076-3914 MKLIGORA@COMCAST.NET


psychologist in June and is thinking about entering private practice. She has enjoyed cruising up and down the Charles River and still rows her single shell in the Head of the Charles race. She would love to get to some interesting places and wel- comes invitations from classmates. Peg Kendrick Kuechle notes that she,


Lee Cranshaw Rowan, and Eileen Kir - win Cameron all have kids living in Jack - son Hole, WY, and wonders if the same is true of anyone else. Carole Walter Maeder and Zack had a wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies. They spent the summer in New Hamp - shire (including an overnight with Nor - man and Ellen Judge Swanson, so they could all attend Skidmore’s “Polo by Twi - light” event in Saratoga Springs), then made their way south to Florida. Sandy Koch Prior enjoyed summer with

visits from six grandkids, all under age 5. She went to Germany in September and then to South Africa in October for a world rose show, safari, and visit to Vic - toria Falls. She plans to be in Australia for the birth of her seventh grandchild in January. She says, “I feel very well and blessed!” Nancy Barron Posternak and Chuck looked forward to meeting their second granddaughter, whose sister Rose, 3, was

Priscilla Soffer Hoffnung retired from her state job as a forensic

Ellen Winnick Sinel says, “It seems the older we get, the more

less enthusiastic. In November the Bar - rons departed for their third trip to India. They divide their time between Manhat - tan, where Nancy regularly sees Suzy Conrad Zissu, and Long Island, where she keeps in touch with Winnie Carlson Mead. Nancy is a docent at the Metro - politan Museum of Art and plays bridge and tennis. Judith Testa recently published her fifth book. “The first two,” she says, “were scho larly tomes on 16th-century Flemish illuminated manuscripts, but the last three are all for a more general audience.” Per, her recent Art Lover’s Guide to Florence offers “a fresh perspective on the rich and brilliant art of the Floren - tine Renaissance.... Testa explains each piece...deftly treating the complex inter- play of politics, sex, and religion involved in the creation of those works.” The class will be saddened to learn of

the death of Ida Giragossian in July. Ger - aldine Neil Phillips attended the memo- rial service in Maryland. Due to work, travel, and family commit- ments, I have not dived into Twitter or Facebook—so please send your news via e-mail. TOBY WEISBERG RUBENSTEIN 315 SHERINGHAM DRIVE HOCKESSIN, DE 19707-1928 302-559-7501 FAX: 302-239-5618 OWCPCLAIMSCONSULTING@GMAIL.COM

cruised to the Greek Islands. In August she visited Martha Nelson Fateman and husband Richard in Berkeley, CA. ANN C. LODOLCE LODOLCE & ASSOCIATES 1350 BELMONT STREET, SUITE 104 BROCKTON, MA 02301-4430 508-583-2424 ALODOLCE@JUNO.COM


In May Frances Srulowitz spent two weeks visiting Greece and

ber—only 47 years after they met as camp counselors in the Adirondacks! The wed- ding was held in San Rafael, CA, with Jan’s children Page and Tyler and a hand- ful of local friends and family. Jan and Jay work part-time (writing and doctoring, respectively) but have just purchased a Roadtrek van and are excited to begin practicing for retirement, heading out from their home base in Anacortes, WA. Says Jan, “Advice on road camping and available driveways welcome!” Margaret Baker Rennels, retired from


her paying job a year ago, is settling back in her childhood home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. She says, “One of my ‘re - tirement’ activities is chairing an inde- pendent monitoring committee for a vac- cine study in Bangladesh, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. That took me to the slums of Dhaka during the July monsoons, where we trekked through cholera- and typhoid-laden mud puddles. It was grim but interesting.” Sally Huling Hilderbrand and Mary Whitaker Taber spent a weekend in September at Judy Harris Soper’s vaca- tion cottage on Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes of New York. Sally says she and Judy “unexpectedly missed Reunion be - cause of last-minute family issues, so it was wonderful to have our own mini- reunion. We did the wineries around the lake (Judy’s husband, John, was our driver) and shopped at Judy’s favorite Men nonite roadside stands. We hope to have another fun weekend in the spring at my home outside Philadelphia.” Judy Soper thanks classmates for their warm wishes sent via Mary Taber just after Reunion. She wants everyone to know that “daughter Joanne is doing very well, has an excellent prognosis for her early stage of kidney cancer, and is back teaching high school this fall. I hope to see everyone for our 50th!” Marsha Smith Tuchscherer in Seymour,


If you spend part of the year away from your primary residence but still want to receive information about regional Skidmore events and other news from campus, just let us know.

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WI, was preparing to spend her second winter housesitting for Nancy Sher - brooke in Sweetwater, TN. She’ll bring her horse, dog, cat, and painting supplies and will again enjoy riding the Tennessee hills instead of Wisconsin’s lovely but flat terrain. After seeing classmates at Reun - ion, Marsha visited her son and his family in Stockbridge, MA, and also had a long catch-up lunch with Hope Hallenbeck Hall. Pat Hoff McCartan says, “We are thor- oughly enjoying retired life in Wilming - ton, NC. Family has taken a happy prior -


Jan Reder Hersey married college boyfriend Jay Ham last Decem -

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