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World Report - Latin America

JUNE 2012

Mexican lawyers set to return next year

This year saw Leeds Legal welcome a delegation of Mexican lawyers to Leeds as part of its initiative to reinforce the city’s status as the UK’s largest centre for legal services outside of London.

The one day visit was part of a multi-sector business and academic mission organised by Marketing Leeds and UKTI Yorkshire and Humber to celebrate the 90th birthday of the British Chamber Commerce in Mexico.


Leeds Legal hosted a welcome briefing for the lawyers at DLA Piper in Leeds, followed by a

networking event where delegates learnt more about the Leeds legal market and about sourcing services from UK lawyers. The delegates also visited the Law School at Leeds Metropolitan University, where they were given a talk about how lawyers in the UK are trained.

Since the visit the President of the Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Mayer, has expressed to Leeds Legal his eagerness to return with a further delegation.

Antonio Mayer, said: “Our participants achieved many of their aims in Leeds

System colombia became the 87th member of the international trademark system following the deposit of its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol for the International Registration of Marks by Vice President angelino Garzón with WIPo director General Francis Gurry on May 29, 2012. the treaty will enter into force with respect to colombia, on august 29, 2012. the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks (Madrid system) offers trademark owners a cost effective, user friendly and streamlined means of protecting and managing their trademark portfolio internationally.

colombia is the second country in the Latin american region to join the Madrid trademark filing system. Mr. Gurry welcomed colombia’s accession as boding well for the further expansion of the Madrid system. “I am hopeful that other countries in the region will follow colombia’s example,” he said, noting “the greater the geographical coverage of the Madrid system, the greater the benefits it offers to brand owners the world over.” the Philippines recently acceded to the Madrid system and several countries - including India, Mexico and new Zealand - have completed domestic legislative processes to pave the way to accession.

colombia Joins the International trademark

Mr. Garzón said joining the international


system is a positive development for colombia. “We believe our accession to the Madrid Protocol will indeed serve as a useful tool to promote our economic development,

taking in

consideration the multiple advantages it offers,” he said. Mr. Garzón commended colombia’s private sector, saying “this achievement has been possible thanks to the support of the colombian private sector, which recognizes its benefits as an instrument to enhance the competitiveness of our enterprises, especially small and medium ones.”

colombia becomes the third Spanish speaking country in the Madrid system and the first to accede since the introduction of Spanish as a working language of the Madrid system in 2004.

the Madrid system is equally attractive to large businesses, as to small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the largest users of the system. despite challenging eco- nomic conditions, 2011 saw the highest number of interna- tional trademark applications ever filed under the Madrid system, with 42,270 applica- tions, or a 6.5 % increase compared to 2010.

through the programme which Leeds Legal kindly arranged for us. We received nothing but positive feedback from the delegates and I consider Mexico Week 2012 to have been a great success. Given this we would be delighted to return next year and it would be my pleasure to welcome Leeds Legal and Leeds lawyers to Mexico City.”

Yves Hayaux, from top international law firm Nadal, Hayaux & Gobel, said: “Leeds was the highlight of our mission to the UK and in particular we found the legal programme the most interesting. This is only the beginning of our work

thomson Reuters released its venture equity Latin america 2011 year-end report

WorldTrade Executive (WTE), part of the Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters, has released its “Venture Equity Latin America 2011 Year-end Report” with detailed analyses for readers to track regional trends with year-to-year comparison data.

The twice-monthly publication delivers comprehensive information on venture capital and private equity deal flow, new fundraising endeavors, exit activity, restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings


existing investments, and regulatory developments.

“Private equity and venture capital investing in Latin America showcased an ambivalent turnout in 2011, as investment levels waned but fundraising and exits remained stronger than ever,” said Gary Brown, senior

director of WTE, Thomson Reuters. Private equity and venture capital investments declined 68 percent or by $11.7 billion in 2011. The report also documents 84 deals of over $5.5 billion.

“A testament to Latin America’s promise was seen in the turnout of fundraising and exit activity, both of which reached unprecedented heights,” said Brown. Fundraising came to $13 billion, illustrating a 67 percent growth increase over the prior year. Exit disbursements totalled $8.3 billion, showing a 5 percent growth increase year- over-year.

Some of Latin America’s private equity and venture capital trends from 2010 persisted into 2011:

• Increased domestic consumption and purchasing power of the middle class were significant drivers of

private equity and venture capital investment in Latin America in 2011.

• Brazil remained the most attractive location for private equity and venture capital investment. Deals activity came to nearly $4 billion and fundraising reached over $9 billion.

• Exits channels improved in the region, as IPO activity rose substantially.

• Regional deals and fundraising grew in popularity as more companies became cloud-based

together and I hope there will be many more success stories still to come.”

Alan Baker, chairman of Leeds Legal commented: “We were thrilled by the positive reaction of Antonio and the Mexican lawyers and are already planning

their return visit for 2013, which we anticipate would be an extended two day event. We are also hoping to attend British week in Mexico next year further developing our strong relationships,


alliances and potential business opportunities.”


Regional funds reached $2.6 billion at year-end 2011.

WTE also publishes Latin American Law and Business Report and Practical Latin American Tax Strategies, as well as other periodicals and reports covering international transactions. For more information, visit:

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