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Nearly 50% of commercial yachts around the world are ‘Red Ensign’ vessels, ie. they are registered in the UK or in UK Crown Dependencies or Overseas Territories. RYA

qualifi cations can help you achieve professional placement aboard these. Indeed, over 11,000 professionals are currently working on commercial vessels using RYA certifi cates of competence. Holders of the RYA Yachtmaster® Coastal, Off shore and Ocean

qualifi cations can gain an endorsement allowing them to work commercially simply by completing a one-day RYA Basic Sea Survival course and a medical examination. Some non-UK marine authorities require additional qualifi cations for

captains and crew under the Standards of Training, Certifi cation and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1995 (STCW95). Holders of commercially endorsed RYA Yachtmaster® Off shore and

Yachtmaster® Ocean certifi cates of competence can obtain an STCW endorsement if they hold the following certifi cates: ➤ RYA one-day Basic Sea Survival or STCW Personal Survival Techniques

➤ STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities ➤ STCW Elementary First Aid ➤ STCW Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention


(Competent Crew and Day Skipper certifi cates can be used as pre-entry experience) RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Coastal RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Off shore RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Ocean

MCA Offi cer of the Watch (pre-requisite: RYA Yachtmaster® Off shore Certifi cate of Competence) MCA Chief Mate (pre-requisite: RYA Yachtmaster® Ocean Certifi cate of Competence) MCA Master 500 (pre-requisite: RYA Yachtmaster® Ocean Certifi cate of Competence) MCA Master 3000 (pre-requisite: RYA Yachtmaster® Ocean Certifi cate of Competence)

RYA training centres off ering one or more of these STCW courses are indicated by the STCW symbol in the listing starting on page 10.

RYA AND MCA QUALIFICATIONS RYA and MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) certifi cates go hand in hand. Our certifi cates can be used professionally in their own right, or as a stepping stone to other MCA qualifi cations, as shown below.


Up to 3,000gt

Up to 24m Up to 200gt Up to 200gt Up to 3,000gt Up to 3,000gt Up to 500gt Up to 3,000gt

YOU CAN WORK Worldwide

Up to 20 miles from a safe haven Up to 150 miles from a safe haven Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide

RYA CERTIFICATES IN EUROPE Unlike in the UK, if you are planning to spend your holiday cruising in

Europe, you are likely to need a certifi cate. The most common requirement is the International Certifi cate of Competence (ICC). You can obtain this by proving your

competence to skipper a boat, either by holding an RYA practical certifi cate (Day Skipper or above), or by passing an ICC assessment. The ICC assessment checks your boat

handling skills and knowledge of the IRPCS (collision regulations), safety, pilotage and navigation. Centres off ering this assessment are indicated by the ICC symbol throughout this brochure.

If you want your ICC to be valid for use

on European inland waterways you will also need to take the CEVNI test to check your knowledge of the inland waterways’ regulations. Again, centres off ering this test are indicated throughout this brochure.

Sail & Motor Cruising Courses 2011

These centres off er an online test which you can take anywhere, anytime.

Things to bear in mind when applying for your ICC: ➤It is primarily for use in Europe. If you are travelling outside Europe you should check the local requirements. You may fi nd that RYA certifi cates are accepted. ➤ICCs for motor boats are split into two categories: boats of less than 10m in length, and boats between 10m and 24m. If you are taking an assessment, the size of boat used for the assessment will determine which category of ICC you will be eligible for. The Day Skipper practical motor cruising certifi cate automatically entitles you to an ICC valid for boats up to 24m. ➤The RYA can currently only issue ICCs to UK nationals and residents. Other nationalities must apply to their own maritime authorities for certifi cation. This will change during the year and more

information will be available on our website. ➤ Acceptance of the ICC is at the discretion of the country whose waters you are cruising in. ➤ The ICC is not a professional qualifi cation enabling you to work outside the UK.

Information on the ICC will change throughout this year. For the most up to date information go infoadvice/boatingabroad


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