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You can enter our sail cruising programme at any stage according to your knowledge and experience – you don’t have to start at the beginning. Before you book your training,

let your instructor advise you on the best course for your skills and requirements. All our sail cruising courses last five days, with the exception of

Start Yachting which is a two-day course. You will live on board the yacht and be involved in all aspects of cruising from keeping watch to washing up.

Start Yachting

An introduction to sailing for complete beginners. By the end of the course you will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework and be aware of safety on board. Holders of the Start Yachting certificate can go on to complete

the Competent Crew course in a reduced time of three days or two weekends.

Competent Crew

A more extensive introduction for beginners, building on the skills of the Start Yachting course. It is aimed at those wanting to be active crew members rather than just passengers. Experience living on board and really get to know the boat. Virtually all the course is hands on. You are the crew – without you the sails won’t go up and the boat won’t be steered. By the end of the course you should be able to steer, handle sails,

keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in daily routines on board. You should also have visited some interesting places and had an enjoyable holiday.

Day Skipper

A course for aspiring skippers with some yachting experience and basic navigation and sailing skills. Learn to skipper a short passage with the instructor on hand to give advice and encouragement and ensure your safety. Experience being in charge, taking credit when all goes well and being responsible when it doesn’t. Before this course, if you are not sure that your sailing is up to

speed a good way to learn is on an RYA Level 2 dinghy course. This will teach you to sail around a course and control the boat’s speed. If it’s help with navigation that you need, you should take our Day Skipper Shorebased course. (See page 6)

Coastal Skipper

Advanced skippering techniques for yachtsmen and women with considerable knowledge of sailing and navigation. Like the Day Skipper course, this course consists of skippered passages in a variety of situations. It is a satisfying but intensive week, with candidates often working towards a Certificate of Competence. Most centres will expect you to complete the Coastal Skipper/

Yachtmaster® Offshore shorebased course beforehand as there is insufficient time to teach you theory during the week. Coastal Skippers should be able to undertake more difficult passages by day and night and handle the yacht in more demanding conditions. By the end of the course you should have the knowledge, if not the experience, to become a Yachtmaster®.


Start Yachting None Competent Crew None Day Skipper Coastal Skipper

5 days, 100 miles, 4 night hours

15 days (2 as skipper), 300 miles, 8 night hours



None None

Navigation to Day Skipper Shorebased & basic sailing ability

Navigation to Coastal Skipper Shorebased standard. Sailing to Day Skipper Practical standard


Steering a yacht, sail handling, ropework & safety on board

Basic seamanship & helmsmanship

Basic pilotage, boat handling, seamanship and navigation

Skippering techniques for coastal & offshore passages


Basic knowledge of yachting

Useful crewmember

Skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day

Skipper a yacht on coastal passages by day and night


2 days 5 days 5 days 5 days


Sail & Motor Cruising Courses 2011

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