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Deep and meaningful ceremony
Deeps and
A NAVY diver has been rewarded
the parade ground, but I didn’t
for loyal service in a special expect anyone to act on it.”
underwater ceremony. His boss, Lt Simon Leightley,
Acting PO Andy Coulson Officer in Charge SDU2, said:
(34), of Southern Diving Unit 2, “Andy has just been selected for productions
received a Long Service and Good promotion and will soon embark
Conduct medal at the bottom of a on his professional qualifying
SHOWS about submarines are not
Gibraltar swimming pool. course, so it seemed an appropriate
particularly plentiful – but there
Andy was in the middle of a two- send-off to present his medal ‘in
were two at Edinburgh during this
week exercise on the Rock which the office’ so to speak.
year’s Festival and Fringe.
included stints at the Military “I gave a slightly shorter citation
Former submariner CPO Eric
– just Eric, no surname – took his
Outdoor Swimming Pool, when than normal – mostly through
one-man show, Eric’s Tales of the
he suddenly found himself in the bubbles.”
Sea – a Submariner’s Yarn, back
midst of an impromptu ceremony.● A Dunstone School pupil tries
to the Scottish capital after rave
on an emergency breathing “I was not expecting it,” said
● WO(D) Robin Rickard
reviews last year.
mask on HMS Torbay Andy. “I mentioned in passing
(Southern Diving Group) (left)
He has since performed the
several weeks ago that I thought joins PO Andy Coulson and Lt
show, about life on board a Pusser’s
it would be good to receive my Simon Leightley (right) in the
nuclear submarine, at various arts
medal underwater rather than on Gibraltar pool
and comedy festivals.
At the end of July Eric staged
day trip
his show at the Halifax Comedy
Craig joins up
Festival as part of a double bill
with a former police officer, billed
to Torbay
as The Submariner and the Copper.
A number of Eric’s
ex-submariner colleagues were
also involved in producing Kursk,
CHILDREN from Dunstone
a play addressing the Russian
School in Plymstock were told
submarine disaster from the
they would be taking a day trip
– one year on
perspective of an RN boat in the
to Torbay.
Barents Sea.
But headmistress Judy James
The play, which features former
didn’t tell the 31 pupils that the
deep Ian Ashpitel in the cast,
Torbay in question was the Royal
enjoyed critical acclaim at the
Navy’s Fleet submarine.
Young Vic in London earlier in the
The nine-year-olds, escorted by
summer before moving north.
six teachers, boarded the nuclear-
A MAN who had to delay plans of violent, drunken youths. intervention is on the mend.
Critics were particularly
powered submarine to be given an
to join the Navy after he was Craig was punched and bitten, Craig was forced to shelve his
impressed by the claustrophobic
in-depth tour.
attacked by a gang in St Helens suffering a broken nose, split lips career plans until he recovered
setting, placing the audience
They peered into various
has finally completed his basic and bruised ribs, but he managed from his own injuries, and he then Craig (pictured above) was also
within the confines of the hull.
compartments, looked at the
firefighting equipment and were
training at HMS Raleigh. to wrestle free to help a friend who acted as witness in the subsequent awarded a silver medal for bravery
told about the various jobs done
Craig Halpin was set to travel had been kicked unconscious, court cases, which earlier this by the police.
Paul calls it a day
in the boat.
from Widnes to Torpoint in June and whom he protected until the year saw ten youths convicted With the case over, Craig
Hosted by Cdr Chris Goodsell,
2008, but two weeks before his police arrived. of various assault and violent returned to the Armed Forces
the boat’s CO, the children were
joining date he and his friends The friend suffered severe brain disorder charges. Careers Office in St Helens to
Culdrose have bid a fond farewell
given the rare opportunity of
were attacked in a park by a gang injuries, but thanks to Craig’s In recognition of his actions, resume his application to join
to Paul Broomfield, who clocked
looking through periscopes and
the Senior Service, and having
up 39 years of service.
trying on breathing apparatus.
passed all the necessary checks he
Starting as a draughtsman in
Cdr Goodsell, who has since
was given the order to report to
Kent in 1970, Paul moved to
moved on to Shrivenham, said:
Raleigh for basic training in May.
the Aircraft Torpedo Development
“The children hopefully had an
Trainee Warfare Specialist
Unit at Culdrose in 1974.
exciting and informative visit.
(WS) Halpin is now carrying
In 1993 he was appointed the
“If this day creates an awareness
out specialist training at HMS
first Culdrose Energy Manager, and
of what the Royal Navy does then
Collingwood and looking forward
his final job was Building Manager
we on HMS Torbay have achieved
to his Naval career.
in the Merlin Training Facility.
our aim.”
Once the school party had
departed the crew of HMS Torbay
carried on with preparations for
their deployment East of Suez.
AN RFA trainee has gained his
Engine Room Watch Rating
Certificate in rapid order after
undertaking a course at HMS
MM2 Steve Critchley (40) took
just 12 months to complete the
Engineering Technician Initial
Career Course – significantly
shorter than was the case with
previous RFA training.
Steve’s was the first certificate
to be awarded on behalf of the
Maritime and Coastguard Agency. ● Comedian Al Murray called in at RMB Stonehouse to do some research for a show at Bickleigh Barracks
A toolmaker by trade, Steve in Plymouth. The comic, whose alter ego the Pub Landlord has won awards and plaudits for more than a
was prompted to join the RFA decade, is a keen student of military history and was given a tour of the barracks as well as a good look at
after attending Navy Days and some of the kit and the Marines who operate it, including the Jackal. At Bickleigh Al entertained 42 Cdo,
listened to daughter Stephanie’s 29Cdo (RA) and Stonehouse personnel who served on Operation Herrick in Afghanistan
experiences in the RN. Picture: PO(Phot) Dave Husbands, 3 Cdo Bde
Sailors prove a class act
STUDENTS from RNAS Events included make a den,
Culdrose visited Nansloe build and fix, dig and plant, bike
Community Primary School, repair, music-making, storytime
Helston, to assist them with their and fit fun.
healthy eating campaign. Lt Cdr Chris Nelson, attending
Trainees on the Basic Observer with his wife and two children,
Course at 750 NAS were invited said: “I was extremely pleased and
to build several raised vegetable encouraged to see the continuing
beds, two high enough to allow efforts of the staff at Alexandra
children of all abilities to join in. House to provide both childcare
The beds were built from recycled and education for the children of
materials and the techniques used Service and civilian families in
were reminiscent of those taught at Plymouth.”
Dartmouth during officer training. The Dad’s day event celebrated
The team then turned the hard, the important role played by male
dry earth into fertile soil, lacing role models in children’s families.
it with sand and horse manure Another RN man looking round
and top-dressing it with compost, an educational establishment was
before building a cover for the two CPO Anthony Hughes, a weapon
lower beds big enough for adults engineer in HMS Illustrious,
● Culdrose students (round table, from left) Mid Rachel Boast,
to walk through but would keep
S/Lt Laura Cambrook, Mid Hannah Best, Mid Richard McKenzie,
who visited Longridge Church
birds away from the young plants.
Mid Richard Hall, S/Lt Dominic Rotherham (Project Officer), Mid
of England Primary School near
Course Officer Lt Amy Gaunt
Rob Owen, Lt Amy Gaunt (Course Officer) and Mid Tom Turner
said: “The students were so A project had children looking
enthusiastic about the project and together and ended the day a Along the coast in Devon, into people in our community
I was pleased to also help out. more cohesive group.” Alexandra House Nursery held a that help provide services, and
“The day was very productive As a final touch the students ‘My Dad Matters’ event. Anthony – whose daughter attends
– not only could we see the fruits planted strawberries in one of the Children were delighted to bring the school – was asked by teachers
of our labour at the end of the day raised beds and placed a plaque a Dad into the Plymouth nursery to talk to the children for 20-30
but the group had fun working on the bed from 750 NAS. for a fun stay and playtime. minutes on the RN.
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