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Course C64 (Abs
A NIMROD scours the coast an air cadet squadron and wanted
for enemy agents who have
somewhere to take his youngsters.
already brought down one of
When he reached the age limit
your aircraft.
for the ATC, he moved across to
Maritime units and planes are
the Sea Cadet Corps and continued
searching the sea while a specially-
to build up the course, to the extent
trained group of your forces are
that this year it went purple – four
racing to reach the downed aircrew
Army Cadet Force youngsters from
before the enemy can get to them.
Northern Ireland took part alongside
Civil forces and military have
16 Air Training Corps cadets.
combined to deal with the crisis.
“I think doing all three Services
And at the heart of it, co-ordinating
is wonderful – the cadets mix
operations from a rescue centre, are
wonderfully well,” said Tony.
a bunch of cadets.
“We have had Air Cadets and
It’s one of the highlights of the
Army Cadets doing Colours aided
all-action Sea Cadet Corps course
by Sea Cadets – it justifies assets
C64, based at the Inskip Training
from all three Services assisting.”
Centre in Lancashire, which gives
More than 50 cadets signed up
youngsters a taste of the military.
for the 2009 variant, at a cost
And, as the organiser says,
of £120 per head, with the bulk
anyone who doesn’t sign up for this
coming from the Sea Cadet Corps
course is mad.
(representing 13 units – Boston,
“It’s absolutely magic,” said
Stroud, Portsmouth, Poole,
Tony Smith, who has seen his Tamworth and Lichfield, Cowes,
C64 (Adventure/Military Training) Grangemouth, Lowestoft, South
● An RAF Nimrod takes part in Exercise Safe Return.
Below: smiling faces as a group of cadets disembark
course blossom from modest Liverpool, Leicester, Gloucester,
from a Royal Navy Lynx of 815 NAS
beginnings to the wide-ranging Fleetwood and Sefton).
spectacle it is today. All cadets had already completed
Tony has been involved in C64 Module 1 in May, a preparation
for 15 years, starting it when he ran weekend and a chance to raise
● The course was not always
blessed with good weather...
Tony’s te
COURSE C64 takes a lot of
organising – and a lot of staffing.
Helping Lt (SCC) Tony Smith
RNR, were almost 30 people, a
handful of regulars, who gave up
their time to make sure everything
ran smoothly and safely.
Each of the seven cadet groups
had a leader – PO Reedman SCC,
Sgt Boyle ACF, PO Woods SCC,
CI F Kirkham ATC, CI C Kirkham
ATC, CPO Daniel SCC and PO
White SCC – while WO Henry ATC
was Range and Course Warrant
There were four members of the
Marine Cadets Training team – C/
● Sunset at Inskip after another busy day. Left: Course
organiser Lt (SCC) Tony Smith RNR
● Two Lynx take part in
Exercise Safe Return. Left:
One of the Duke of Edinburgh
expedition groups on the
Fylde peninsula
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