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News and information for serving personnel
Agree: I understand the values and standards/core values of the service
Agree: Members of the team get on well with each other
Fit for
Agree: I understand what the Service ethos is
Agree: I want to work to make a positive contribution to the Service
THE new Finance Competence
Framework (FCF) will be
Agree: Members of my team pull together to complete tasks
introduced next month, replacing
the Resource Management Skills
Framework (RMSF).
Satisfaction: Service dental treatment in the last two years In the foreword, DCDS(Pers)
Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson
highlights that the change is
Agree: Members of my team have a shared understanding of the tasks that
part of a move towards a single
have to be done
Defence Skills Framework which
will provide greater coherence
in key skill recognition by
Agree: I feel proud to be in Service
applying and recording skills in a
consistent way for all MOD staff,
whether service or civilian.
Agree: Members of my team have confidence in each other
Furthermore it articulates the
competences required in order to
work in the finance environment,
Agree: Immediate superior (Service or Civilian) supports me in my job at various levels, and is intended
to cover the entire Defence
finance function.
The FCF also provides a self-
assessment tool and guidance
on how to access development
opportunities to improve relevant
The new Framework
incorporates the need for
finance staff to have a greater
Disagree: Extra 14% in your salary is enough compensation for Service lifestyle,
understanding of the business
working conditions and expectations and a willingness to engage across
functional boundaries to fulfil a
major role in the decision-making ● An understanding of the values and standards of the Service is at the head of the Continuous Attitude
Dissatisfied: The ability to plan your own life - long term e.g. holiday/career training
survey results Picture: LA(Phot) Pepe Hogan process.
Whilst in the main intended for
A question
finance staff, the FCF will also
help non-finance staff to further
Lower: Level of morale of the Service as a whole
their understanding of financial
The Certificate in Resource
Dissatisfied: The opportunities available to you for flexible working
Management (CRM) scheme,
the MOD’s in-house finance
qualification aligned to the
Dissatisfied: The opportunities to take leave when you want to
RMSF, will be replaced by a new
of attitu
assessment tool being developed
to validate and improve key skills
required in the FCF.
Dissatisfied: The amount of separation from family and friends
The Foundation Level, which
will exploit the success and
familiarity of CRM Level 1, will
Disagree: The senior leaders of the Service understand and represent my interests
comprise e-learning and an e-test
reflecting the basic knowledge
YOU may have received one another. represented by senior leaders.
requirements of the FCF and will
Disagree: I feel valued in the Service
the 2009 Armed Forces
■ The majority are satisfied ■ The main factors impacting
be introduced in October 2009.
Continuous Attitude Survey
with the benefits they receive, in on intentions to leave were impact
The Intermediate Level will
(Spring Edition), writes Paul
particular pension and healthcare. of RN/RM life on family and
build upon elements familiar
Disagree: Senior leaders are keen to get Service people’s views on key decisions Cox of the Directorate of
Findings here compare well with personal life, effect of operational
within CRM Level 2 and
other organisations. commitment and stretch,
Naval Personnel Strategy HR
will cover the application of
■ Compared to earlier years a opportunities outside, frequency
research team.
knowledge both in theory and in
higher proportion of people intend of operational tours and amount
The response rate was over 40
Dissatisfied: Ability to do all the admin tasks you need on JPA to stay in the Service for as long as of pay.
per cent which is well up on last
The Intermediate Level
they can. Finally...
year, so if you completed and
assessment scheme will be phased
■ The main factors impacting ...your views really do count.
returned the questionnaire, many
in from early next year.
on intentions to stay were Should you receive a questionnaire
The Advanced Level will aim
pension, healthcare provision, later this year asking about life in
Below are some of the key
to provide a thorough workplace
opportunities for personal the RN/RM please do take time
findings from the 2008 survey.
assessment by testing actual
development, excitement of the to fill it in.
Why bother?
skills in a practical workshop
job and opportunities for career The more people who
This survey is a key way of
ennvironment and will be
development. participate in the study the greater
finding out what you think about
introduced later next year.
There are, however, a number impact it will have.
life in the RN/RM.
of areas where findings are more For more information
Results are seen at the highest
mixed (see AFCAS Top 10 contact Paul Cox, HR Research
levels within the Service and help
negative attitudes): Consultant Mil: FLEET-DNPS
From the Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Sir
to shape personnel strategy and
■ Only a quarter feel valued in SPOL RSCH2 SO2C or (93832)
policy. The 2008 results have
the RN/RM and only two-fifths 5495.
Alan Massey already been used as part of the
would recommend
brief to the Armed Forces Pay
others to join the
RESTRICTED - STAFF - After Completion
wish to thank all of you who took the time to complete the
2008 Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS).
Review Body by 2SL for the
THE Sun newspaper has
The full results of the Survey are now available, and will
2009/10 Pay Round.
■ There is some
Continuous announced the return of its annual
provide me with the evidence to argue your case at the very top
Among other uses it has input
concern regarding
Survey Military Awards – known as the
of the Defence management chain.
into the Moral Component of
the X-factor;
I am very encouraged by many areas but specifically the
Operational Capability (MC
not all personnel What is
Entries are open for nominations
attitudes towards immediate superiors, which received positive
of OC), review of submariner
are aware of this
from anyone for the military’s
responses across the board, with most aspects showing
retention issues and sustainability
benefit and most
Life in the
heroes of the past year (September
improvements over the 2007 results, especially from Ratings
of MCM Junior Rate review.
feel the amount is
1 2008 to August 31 2009).
It’s therefore good news that
Royal Navy
and Other Ranks perspective.
The categories include: 1.
Excellent team-work and a commitment to our ethos and
some 4,269 people took time
■ PAYD users
like for you? Overcoming adversity; 2. Most
core values are also key factors, with over three-quarters of
to complete the questionnaire
express high levels
outstanding sailor or marine;
those who responded replying positively to questions on such
in 2008, as it means the results
of dissatisfaction Tell us - your views are important
3. Most outstanding soldier; 4.
are a good reflection of serving
The Armed Forces Continuous
Attitude Survey (CAS) is your
■ Support
opportunity to tell me what you Most outstanding airman; 5.
It is also most gratifying that the majority of those who
personnel views and can be
provided upon
think about life in the Naval
Service. The CAS is a really
Best Reservist; 6. Support to the
considered credible by the HQ.
important source of information
replied to the Survey recorded that they were proud to serve in
return from both
that I use to argue your case
at the very top of the Defence Armed Forces (civilian only); 7.
What did you say?
sea-going and
management chain. YOUR
the Naval Service.
people who respond the more Life saver award; 8. True grit:
The AFCAS, however, also indicates some areas of
Turning to the results, there are
non sea-going
convincing I can be on your
behalf. Please don’t waste your
home; 9. True grit: overseas; 10.
a number of positive aspects to
chance to have your views heard.
deployment also
Best unit; and 11. Judges’ award
I intend to address these as a matter of priority to help
Service life (see AFCAS Top 10
emerges as an area
for special recognition.
give you the level of support and conditions of service you
positive attitudes):
of concern for many Vice Admiral
To find out more or to make
A J Johns
personnel, as does
CBE ADC■ People are proud to be part of
Second Sea Lord and your nomination, visit www.
the RN/RM – an impressive three-
the availability and
I know only too well that Service life puts real pressures and
Naval Home Command, and
constraints on not just our people but on our families as well.
quarters of personnel agreeing that
standard of major
nominate before September 14.
We continue to work with other Government departments
they are proud to be serving.
and agencies to fulfil the commitments outlined of the Service
■ Camaraderie is high with over
■ Senior leaders
four-fifths agreeing that members
are held in high
The 2007 Royal Navy Continuous Attitude Survey Report will be available from the
Personnel Command Paper (“The Nation’s Commitment” issued
Fleetweb A-Z ( eet/a-z/a-z.htm) via the link
of their team get on well and
entitled Royal Navy Continuous Attitude Survey Report from mid-May
in late 2008) to reduce the disadvantages of Service life.
regard. However,
© Spring 2008 RESTRICTED - STAFF - After Completion
I anticipate further improvements as a result of this work as
pull together. Reassuringly three-
only a fifth of
the recommendations are carried through.
quarters also agree that members
people feel they
of their team have confidence in
● The CAS survey sent out in Spring 2008 – a
are understood and
similar one was also sent out to the RMs
News and information for serving personnel
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