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Picture: Billy Cullen, BVT
Dauntless’ gr8 expectations
ANYTHING you can do, I can do
But not any more.
Over three days last month, 110 new members
Longer-standing Navy News readers may recall
of the ship’s company were inducted – nine out
our feature on HMS Daring’s sea trials back in the
of ten of them junior ratings – without seeing the
summer of 2007 and some impressive shots of
ship for real.
the Type 45 destroyer turning nimbly at speed.
The induction was carried out in the destroyer’s
Well, none of those images were quite as
future home port (and explained why HMS Nelson
impressive as this one of her younger sister
was swimming with matelots in No.1s at a
Dauntless (she did her ‘figure of eight’ manoeuvre
normally quiet time of the year...).
at a faster speed).
All 110 sailors were briefed by the captain
A joint ship’s company of civilians and RN took
on Dauntless’ progress, before more detailed
Dauntless to sea off the west coast of Scotland
explanations about life and kit aboard by the
for her second series of contractors’ sea ea
Executive Warrant Officer, Executive Officer,
ddoc, bish, schoolie and clubz (who is
The emphasis on Dauntless’ second d
aalready trying to form a football team).
concerted spell at sea fell upon testing her er
Jaw jaw’s very well and good, but a bit of
combat systems and communications
ppractical never goes amiss.
So the new Dauntlesses toured her
But when’s that ever stopped the ME
older sister (who is identical) and visited
department and bridge team showing
other units and organisations which will ● A plethora of junior rates pose for the camera in HMS Nelson as they formally join the ship’s company
support the ship and her company, such of HMS Dauntless Picture: LA(Phot) Chris Mumby, FRPU East
Hence some rather deft manoeuvres
as the Waterfront Manning Office.
– witnessed by some of Dauntless’
This is a new way of managing a
affiliates, including the future CO of
ship’s company – and it’s a process
the King’s Royal Hussars, the Worshipful l
lilikely to be adopted by the remaining
Company of Clothworkers, RAF 51 Sqn and
winners of a raffle held by Percy Headley School
“I have just joined Dauntless from HMS
in Newcastle.
Edinburgh,” said AB(WS) Dominic Hackett.
The second of the RN’s breed of six new air
“I was really looking forward to joining
defence destroyers is still in the hands of her
Dauntless, and I like the way the joining has been
builders, BVT (formerly the shipbuilding wings of
BAE Systems and Vosper Thornycroft).
“We have been really warmly welcomed and
Although there’s a mixed crew at present,
we all understand how things are going to work
many of the responsibilities aboard are already in
for the next couple of months.”
the hands of the ship’s company.
Post-summer leave, many new joiners will
There’s a fully-qualified team of watchkeepers
take courses in the Portsmouth area and all
in the ME department, while RN personnel operate
will undertake generic (such as fire-fighting
the sea boats and comprise the firefighting and
and damage control) and bespoke (such as
damage control teams.
weapons systems) training so that the ship has
But there’s a little way to go yet before the
a full complement of qualified sailors by the time
£1bn warship is handed over to the Senior
Dauntless is formally ‘accepted off contract’ – ie
Service at the year’s end, not least learning about
handed over – and the destroyer passes from the
the contents of every compartment and ensuring
hands of builders BVT to the Royal Navy.
that it all works tickety-boo. There are only 750-
That’s due to be done by the end of the year,
plus compartments to check (more than three when the ship finally bids farewell to Scotstoun
times the number on a Type 23...). (where sisters HMS Diamond and Dragon are
Learning those compartments starts at the top: fitting out; Duncan and Defender are still being
CO Capt Richard Powell has to know about each built up the Clyde in Govan) and moves to
space, just as the youngest AB does. Portsmouth.
And talking of young ABs, there’s rather a lot of As things stand at present it will be Dauntless, (-2OYAL-ARINES
them aboard Dauntless suddenly. not her older sister, which will fire a Sea Viper
Until now, the ship’s company of the Type 45 missile – the class’ primary weapon – for the first
has been rather officer/senior rate heavy. time, currently set for the autumn of 2010.
Turbulent times in Cheshire
THE crew of HMS Turbulent headed up the A38, League Division One North (that’s seven leagues 3UNSET
M5 and M6 – and promptly got off at Junction 21. down from the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd).
That’s Warrington, for those who haven’t swallowed Now according to the boat, it was “a fi erce and
a road map. It’s the affiliated town of the T-boat closely-contested match” but “the submariners ONTHE/CEAN7AVE 3ARIE-ARAISAND
and for three days it played host to the Devonport were narrowly beaten by a worthy opposition”. And
submariners. according to the local people, it was an 8-0 win for
During a very busy and rewarding visit, the home side – and could have been greater but for -ARINES3CHOOLOF-USICINCONCERTWITH
Commanding Offi cer Cdr Ryan Ramsey and crew heroics from the Turbulent keeper.
met Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth, the new In any event, post-game blues were quickly
Mayor of Warrington, Dr Brian Axcell, local veterans forgotten as Turbulent enjoyed a superb luncheon KNOWNMARCHES3PINETINGLINGSTUFF
and dropped in on the town’s Sea Cadet unit TS hosted by the club.
Obdurate. The trip was rounded off with a service at Latchford #OMPACT$ISCaINCLP PWORLDWIDE
During a civic reception hosted in the town hall, Baptist Church which allowed the deeps to pay their
Cdr Ramsey handed over a cheque – the result of respects to their forebears and meet locals to explain
fundraising efforts aboard the hunter-killer during her the crucial role the Submarine Service plays in the
recent deployment. That money will go to Warrington modern Royal Navy.
Charities Trust, an umbrella organisation for a “This was yet another fantastic visit to a town that


number of smaller charities working in the local area. always has the submarine’s interests at heart. We are
The fundraising continued with a charity match proud to be affi liated to Warrington and to contribute WWWEASTNEYCOLLECTIONCOM
against Warrington Town FC of Northern Premier to the local charities,” said Cdr Ramsey.
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