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Deaths Where are you now? Assignments
Rear Admiral J P K Harkness CB. Scarborough, Exmouth, Vigo, Londonderry at Yeovilton where they can be viewed upon Seeking Shipmates: Peter Ansell served in Western Australia at ken_read@bigpond. Lt Col E A Murchison to 42 Commando
Joined Dartmouth 1929 and his cadet’s and (2), Eskimo and served the RNXS for a further request. July 20. Aged 85. with them all during the 1960s and would com regarding a book and a photograph that RM as CO on October 13.
midshipman’s training was spent in Frobisher, 30 years. June 28. Norman Willis. Merchant Navy. Associate like to know what has happened to them. would be of interest to him obtained from the Lt Cdr M L Clegg RNR to be promoted to
Hood and Norfolk. His fi rst appointment was Donald ‘Don’ George Short. CERA. member of Londonderry RNA. August 7. POStd N Sedgewick; CPOStd B Woodcock; estate of our ex Capt A G Watson. You can Acting Commander and appointed as CO of
as a captain’s secretary in Barham then as Served 1938-60 in Penelope, Magpie, Briton, Aged 79. CPOStd D Bull; POStd E Linge; POStd write to 76 Robinson Road, Herne Hill, 6056, HMS Sherwood on July 21.
deputy accountant in Exeter. At the Battle Rowena, Lofoten, Narvik (Monte Bello A Reg Watkins. Fleet Air Arm. Served in A Watts; POStd Cooper; POStd Barnes; Western Australia. Lt Cdr S C Jameson RNR to be promoted
of the Java Sea 1942 Exeter was badly tests), Newcastle, Sultan and Ausonia; Glory (Korean war). Coventry RNA. July. POStd M Knight; POStd R Smith; POStd HMS Anson: Seeking former electricians to Commander and appointed as CO of HMS
damaged and limped to Surayaba, Java for survivor of Cairo. His 46 page booklet that Charles ‘Charlie’ Grimmer. Chief Yeoman R Oliver; CPOStd B Hogan; CPOStd who were on board 1947-48. Also seeking Flying Fox on October 29.
temporary repairs but two days later she was includes him surviving two sinkings is held of Signals. Served 1935-49. Boy entry to Robertson; POStd F Flint; CPOStd Ventnor; photo of this battleship dressed overall, Lt Cdr M E Quinn RNR to be promoted to
met by a superior force of Japanese cruisers in the archives of the Imperial War Museum. Ganges and Button Boy on two occasions. POStd Pow; CPOStd K Howard; CPOStd anchored off Torquay during 1948 Olympic Acting Commander and appointed as CO of
and was sunk; the following morning he was President of ERA’s Club Malta 1959. July 17. Norwich branch. July 19. Aged 89. Walker; CPOStd F Croucher. If you have Regatta. Please contact Len Sanford on HMS Caroline on July 21.
picked up by a Japanese destroyer and Aged 88. Michael ‘Mick’ Alwyn Jones. Stoker any information contact Peter Ansell at 01255 820250. Lt Cdr L T Robertson RNR to be
began three and a half years as a PoW. He Michael ‘Chippy’ Keir. Chief MEA(H)1. Mechanic. Served 1949-57 in Indefatigable, or tel: 01278 David O’Reilly: Trying to contact Dave. promoted to Commander and appointed as
also served in Effi ngham, St Angelo, Ceres, Served 1949-81 in Pembroke, Jupiter, Illustrious, Vanguard and Cumberland. 733526. We joined Royal Arthur in September 1948 to CO of HMS Scotia on September 17.
President, Forth, Daedalus, Ark Royal and Birmingham (Korea), Vernon, Terror (Malaya), Llandudno branch. May 1. Aged 77. HMS Valiant 1944-45: Bob Martin is Ceres December 1948. Met up in Daedalus
Centurion, retiring in 1972. June 7. Aged 92. President, Ganges, Naiad, Vidal, Phoebe and Harry Thomas Davis. PO Catering. seeking information about former shipmates, in 1952. Dave probably signed on for his
Capt Michael Tudor-Craig. Won a Scylla. Last Naval Shipwright Apprentice at Served at Minos, Edinburgh Castle, Tamar Cyril ‘Blondie’ Drapper from Pudsey near ‘21’. He married a Norwegian girl in the
scholarship into the Navy, joining the Royal Chatham Dockyard and helped establish and Pembroke. Beccles branch. July 17. Leeds and Bob Bateman from Hull. They all late 1950s and spent a commission on the
Ask Jack
Naval College when it was still at Eaton Naval Diving School at Terror whilst loaned Aged 85. served in Valiant. Bob often remembers them Alert in the 1960s. Dave or anyone knowing
Hall. He spent most of his career in cruisers, to Royal Malayan Navy. Director of HMS Jean Jessie Andrews. Associate member and wonders what happened to them. Bob his whereabouts can contact Alex ‘Jock’
destroyers and frigates; and water-skied Cavalier Trust and Chairman of the Friends Beccles branch. July 30. Aged 78. was originally from Stocksbridge, Sheffi eld. If Mitchell on 01361 882330.
behind his frigate Danae in the Red Sea. of Cavalier Trust. July 11. Aged 77. Amelia ‘Millie’ Smith. Associate member anyone can help, please contact Bob Martin HMS Cleopatra Old Shipmates
He qualifi ed as a naval interpreter in French, Michael ‘Mike’ Young. Able Seaman Lincoln branch. Aged 82. on 01226 763786 or write to 46 Park Avenue, Association: On the lookout for new Jack Ferris: Seeking information regarding
specialised in navigation and served abroad and diver on board Ocean. Served 1952-62. Derek Goddard. Associate member Penistone, Sheffi eld, S36 6DN. members to join us from both the cruiser Jack Ferris. We went to school together in
in Canada, the United States and Singapore. Long serving active member of Bristol Royal Lincoln branch. Aged 71. HMS Ocelot: Members of the crew and the frigate. Wives/partners are also New Malden, Surrey. Nearing my demob, I
Navigator of Eagle 1963-65 and Assistant Navy and Royal Marines Old Comrades
Director (Surface Warfare) 1974-76; Captain Association. July 13. Aged 73.
of Ocelot from the 1964-67 commission welcome. We have 270 members and the met him just out of a submarine at Gosport in
of the 6th Frigate Squadron in Sirius 1978-80 Ronald Leslie Swanwick. CPO Air
This is the last submission by the
recently had a get-together in Plymouth. subscriptions are only £6 per year. Our 25th 1946. We arranged to meet but never did. If
and Captain of the Maritime Tactical School, (AH). Served 1945-68 in Ocean, Illustrious,
Association of RN Offi cers as it has decided
They have an annual get-together in different AGM and Reunion is being held in Skegness anyone knows of his whereabouts could they
Dryad. Ships included: Ocean, Agincourt, Bulwark, Victorious and Naval Air Stations
to no longer provide Navy News with a list
parts of the country and are desperately from May 7 to 10. If you are interested in contact Norman C Keer, Myosotis, 2 Ravens
Barrosa, Essington, Albion, Yarmouth, Eagle, Halfar, Malta (Air Watch) and Culdrose. Upon
of its members that have crossed the bar.
seeking former crew from those years to join joining then contact the secretary Warwick Close, Cooden, East Sussex, TN39 4TG.
Scarborough, Terror, Danae, Sirius and leaving the Navy be took up a position with
However, we can be contacted directly by
us for a weekend. Already the following have Franklin at Admiral Surgeon F M Kinsman: Seeking
Dryad. Association of RN Offi cers. May 29. the local Long Eaton Sea Cadets leaving as a
relatives and friends who would like to use
been attending: David Verveat, Pete Griffi n, or tel: 01752 366611. any information no matter how small
Aged 79. CPO. The Aircraft Handlers Association. July
this service provided free by our newspaper
Alan Godwin, Spike Hughes, Bob Bragg, HMS Enterprise Inshore Survey regarding Admiral Surgeon F M Kinsman and
Lt Cdr Stuart ‘Sam’ Galley. Joined as 27. Aged 81.
as a mark of respect to all men and women
John Wakelin, Ted Hitchin, Nobby Hart, Jess 1965-66: How about a reunion for those his time in the Navy. Contact Julien L Smith,
an Ordinary Seaman and served 1929-60 in Fred White. L/Stoker. Joined Ganges
of the Naval service.
Horton, Billy Defurey and Dixie Dixon. If you who remember the trip to Cologne from 88 Nicholas Road, Dagenham, Essex, RM8
Queen Elizabeth, Stronghold, Neptune and 1943 as a boy and served 1943-47 on Byms
Lt Cdr RA F Berger. Served in Belfast,
were a member of the crew contact Bob Ramsgate, 21 years after WW2. ‘Torpedo Oil’ 3EH.
Manchester. Specialised in naval gunnery. minesweepers, Germany, Russia, Scotland,
Skua, Scorpion, Dryad, Diamond, Adamant,
Bragg on 01473 404336 or Billy Defurey on was introduced to the crew at the German
As CPO gunnery instructor, a commissioned Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Canada to pick up
Hampshire and Tamar.
01274 778088. Naval Club. Contact ‘Freddy’ Fox at The
Dagger Gunner, he was involved with rapidly minesweeper. Aged 85.
Lt Cdr J T Downes RNR
HMS Relentless 1964-66: LRO(T) ‘Dolly’ Galley, Royal Harbour, Ramsgate, tel: 01843
developing technical changes in gunnery John ‘Jack’ Francis Williams. AB. Joined
Lt Cdr T A de V Hunt. Served in Hermes,
Gray is requested to contact ex CY Read 587678. Diary dates
fi re control systems. During World War 2 he Blackpool Sea Cadets 1939 as a 13-year-
Excellent, Illustrious, Valiant, Eastleigh,
served on northern patrols, the Norwegian old boy then served the RN 1943-46 in
Arbroath, Vengeance, Mercury, Scotia,
campaign, Dunkirk evacuation, Malta and mine sweepers Spanker and Lightfoot. He
Ocean, Liverpool, Dolphin, Montclare and
North Atlantic Convoys, Normandy Landings has had several books published on his
and later stages of the Far East war with the speciality mine-sweeping, and has compiled
Lt Cdr P J Newcombe. Served in
release of POW’s in Hong Kong. Also served information for the Imperial War Museum.
Cochrane, Drake and Naval Hospital Haslar.
September 5-6: Navy Days: Meet Your
in Champion, Sheffi eld, Diadem, Swiftsure, Past secretary Blackpool & Fylde RNA.
Lt Cdr L de N W Penn-Gaskell. Served
Navy 09 at HM Naval Base Devonport,
Cumberland and Glasgow and returned Founder member, secretary and treasurer
in Baldur, Merlin, Terror, Mauritius, Ceres,
Plymouth. Tickets cost £14 (adults one-
to Excellent as Staff Offi cer Training. He of HMS Penelope Association and founder
Meon, Royal Prince, Sea Eagle, Excellent,
John Smedley: Does anybody know
from the Electrical Mess is contact Mike
day) with concessions for pensioners and
became Mayor of Eastleigh in Hampshire member of the Algerines Association. August
Dolphin and Dryad.
the whereabouts of a John Smedley, born
Crowe at or
children, and multi-day entry. Ticket line
1981-82. July 22. Aged 99. 10. Aged 84.
Lt Cdr O A Saunders. Served in Terror,
around 1950-51 who we believe joined the
visit or RNEBA, 7
08445 78 78 78. Further information at www.
Lt Cdr ‘Ben’ Breese DFC. FAA Pilot. William ‘Willy’ Weir. L/A AH2. Served
Cochrane and Naval Hospital Haslar.
RN straight from senior school in 1966?
Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight
Spent two years in training ship Mercury on 1956-71. Served in Albion, Ark Royal,
Cdr G Stubley. Served in Gambia, Albion
He attended Henry Cavendish Technical
PO36 8PG. Just ponder the past, think of a
September 11: Dedication of Fleet
the River Hamble and joined the Navy in 1930 Hermes and Victorious; RNAS Lossiemouth
and Drake.
Grammar School, Derby from September
shipmate and get in touch with me.
Air Arm Memorial, National Arboretum,
as a boy, second class. As a leading seaman and RAF Shawbury. The Aircraft Handlers
Lt Cdr R G Woodward. Served in Fury,
1961 and was also involved with the Sea
The Ton Class Association (coastal
in 1938 he attended No.1 Flying Training Association. July 23. Aged 70.
Versatile, Collingwood, Kimberley, Scout,
Cadets based in Green Lane, Derby. At that
minesweepers) hold their 2009 annual
September 12-13: Heritage Weekend:
School at Leuchars and within a fortnight Ernest ‘Eric’ Edward Minter DSM.
Highfl yer, Whitshed, Wheatland, Largo Bay,
time he was living with his parents in Harvey
reunion and AGM at the Prince of Wales
HMS Excellent will join with hundreds of the
made his fi rst solo fl ight. He saw action in Signalman. Joined Chatham and served in
Oakham Castle, Volage, Armada, Mars,
Road, Derby. In 1986 we understand he
Hotel, Southport from October 2 to 5. Want
country’s fi nest buildings by opening their
Valiant during the Norwegian campaign and Crane, Scott, Indefatigable and New Zealand
Pembroke and Uva.
was in Norway (with the RN?) – the year of
to attend? Contact our reunions secretary:
doors and allowing the public a rare glimpse
Peter Harrison, Foxhollow, Sheviock,
of England’s hidden heritage. HMS Excellent
in the Mediterranean in 1940 and was fl ying hospital ship Magamaugn. Whilst serving in SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION
our 25th anniversary class reunion which
Torpoint, PL11 3EL; tel: 01503 230216
is opening the Grade II Listed Victorian Drill
one of Valiant’s two Fairey Swordfi sh when Crane, he was awarded the DSM for rescuing C J ‘Cyril’ Baldwin AB HSD. Submarine
he was unable to attend. We are hoping to
or email:
Shed and Quarterdeck Buildings to the
he had to make a forced landing onto the the crew of a Lancaster Bomber from stormy service 1943-46 in Venturer, Spur and
have a 48th anniversary in Sept/Oct this
Not a member? Contact our membership
public between 10am and 4pm. The heritage
carrier Ark Royal without wheels or arrester seas that had been shot down on D-Day. Seneschal. Scotland NE branch. Aged 85.
year as another schoolmate is coming over
secretary: Dennis Cook, 5 Manvers Street,
centre at the east end of the Drill Shed
hook. He spent later war years training Vice president of Hayes (Kent) Royal British G ‘George’ Fennell. Sto.Mech. Submarine
from Australia for a family holiday and would
Worksop, Notts, S80 1SD; telephone: 01909
containing the State Funeral Gun Carriage
squadrons, earning promotion from chief Legion. Aged 84. service 1946-49 in Thorough, Token and
love to get as many of the old gang together
481745 or email:
and the model of HMS Queen Charlotte will
petty offi cer to sub-lieutenant (air) in 1944. Charles ‘Charlie’ Samuel Beard. CPO. Teredo. Bristol branch. Aged 80.
as possible. Any information about John
Welcome aboard.
be open throughout the Open Days. Visitors
Post-war he was an instructor and examiner Served 1936-68 in Arrow, Vivien, Sultan, J ‘John’ Megaw. L/Sto. Submarine
would be gratefully received. Contact John
Weapons Mechanician Association:
will also be escorted to the Wells Room to
in instrument fl ying and in 1951 he converted Sheffi eld, Cardiff, Mauritius, Swiftsure, Berry service 1946-48 in Thermopylae and RG’L’.
Harrison at or
Reunion from October 23 to 25 at the Bear
view the artefacts and pictorial display of the
to helicopters. When troop-lift helicopters Head, Duncansby, Forth, Kenya, Anson, Northern Ireland branch. Aged 82.
tel: 01332 762499.
Hotel, Havant. Contact Dave Crees on 023
history of Whale Island. This is an important
were urgently needed in Malaya the following Bermuda, Gabbard, Birmingham, Lynx, G S ‘George’ Munro. CPO TASI.
HMS Vidal (Survey ship): The annual
9247 5100, 07074 475100 or write to 24
opportunity to participate in a national event
year he joined 848 naval air squadron and Albion and submarines L26 (wartime Pacifi c Submarine service 1950-73 in Artemis,
reunion will be held this year at the
Leigh Road, Havant, Hants. PO9 2ET.
which encourages the public to view a part
helped test-fl y the new Sikorsky S55 patrols), S-class and T-class submarines Alliance, Scythian, Seneschal, Sea Devil,
King Charles Hotel, Gillingham, Kent, on of their historical heritage. It is hoped that an
helicopters then work-up their crews on Token, Talent and Trenchant. July 20. Aged Totem and Truncheon. Northants branch.
September 18-19. For further details please MAY 2012 appreciable number of people will take this
passage to the Far East. He recorded 500 93. Aged 85.
contact Claire Parker on 020 8648 0160 or HMS Fisgard: Calling all S45 Artifi cer opportunity to view the State Funeral Gun
fl ying hours and in 1953 he successfully K H B ‘Burt’ Wootton. Sto.Mech.
visit our website: www.hmsvidal.synthasite. Apprentices. Would you like a 50th Reunion Carriage and learn a little more about the
pioneered the technique of parachuting SAS
Submarine service 1942-46 in H34 and com
around May 7 2012? If so, please initially
history of Whale Island.
troops into the Malayan jungle; the fi rst men
Joan ‘Jo’ Veale (née Styles). WRNS
Tantivy. Gosport branch. Aged 86. The Cutters Association: Reunion
contact Mark Churchill at s45reunion@
Fort Rowner Marine Engineering and
were injured by dropping into bamboo and
Signals. Served 1954-55 in Condor Arbroath.
is on September 16 at The Bull Hotel in giving home town/city/country
he learned to drop them into treetops where
Life member Peterborough RNA. April 9. LST & LANDING CRAFT ASSOCIATION
Airfi eld Museums: 17th Century ancient
Peterborough. This includes a buffet lunch location (plus any other contact info you
they could snag their chutes; he was awarded
Aged 76. J A Thacker. Served with LCA Flotillas
fort at HMS Sultan; tours on Saturday 12 at
and the price per head is £21 (includes are comfortable to disclose) to enable the
a DFC in recognition of his fi ne example and
Alan Graham. Associate member Durham 122, 124 and 553, LST 2 and LCM Flotilla
9:45am, 11:15am, 2:00pm, and 3:30pm.
wine). It runs from 12 until the stories run out! degree of interest to be established.
exceptional fl ying ability. He fl ew Whirlwind
City RNA. Aged 73. 129. June 5.
Beneath the Submarine Tour at the RN
J W Brunskill JP. Served on board LCT(R)
New guests are always welcome. Details Submarine Museum in Gosport on Sunday
helicopters from the carrier Ocean during the
Thora Finnigan. Associate member
125, LST 3 and Dauntless. June 20.
from honorary secretary Heather Reed at September 13 at 11:30am, 11:50am and
Suez invasion. June 26. Aged 94.
Durham City branch. June 16. Aged 85.
T A Newell. Served on board LST 427. or 9 Kings Road, Melton 12:10pm. Pre-booking required by calling
C L ‘Len’ Berey DSM. World War 2
John Barr. Chatham rating. Served
June 26. Aged 83.
Mowbray, LE13 1QF or tel: 07792 984557. Sports lottery 023 9251 0354.
Charioteer. In 1942 he rode his human
Normandy Landings. Life member Durham
torpedo (chariot) into Tripoli harbour
City branch. July 15. Aged 85. V Yates MID. Served on board LCT 364
More details on these and other Heritage
behind German lines and was captured but
Lt Cdr Leslie Armitage RNR. Served and TLC 166. July 2.
Fleet Air Arm Fixed Wing Dinner: A buffet
Open Day events at www.heritageopendays.
managed to escape and was eventually
in Cowslip and wounded in action. First B H Rees. Served on board LCA Flotilla
dinner will take place in the WO&SR’s Mess
liberated by the 8th Army. He returned to
Lieutenant of Naval Base Ascension Island, 510 and LCF 24. July 25.
RNAS Yeovilton on Saturday October 31. July 18: £5,000 – Lt Cdr M J Vowles; OCTOBER
his unit and was sent on another mission
returning to Cowslip when fully recovered.
The dinner includes wives/partners. Open £1,500 – S/Lt B J Dando; £500 – PO D J October 23: Fly Navy 100: Fly Past and
to attack La Spezia harbour, Northern Italy
Founder member and president of Barnsley
Robert Hunt. AB. Served in Minstrel.
to all those who have served or supported Cranie. Reception: HMS Illustrious in Liverpool
in 1944 and sank the cruiser Bolzano;
RNA also member of Corvette Association.
January 13. Aged 87.
any fi xed wing unit or squadron, further July 25: £5,000 – LS M A Sommerville;
once again he found himself marooned
Reg Watkins. N/A (A/H). Served 1947-
Reg Ferreday. LEM. Served in Laertes.
details can be found at or £1,500 – Mne R I Castle-Smith; £500 – PO
behind enemy lines but made contact with
54 in Raleigh, Anson, Jutland, Glory (Korea
May 17. Aged 78.
from the SHAR Association chairman Tom G J Dunn.
the Partisans and spent weeks with them
1951) and shore establishments. Member of
John Davidson. AB. Served in Bramble.
Dawson on 01935 702017/07779 143627. August 1: £5,000 – Cpl G P Alford; £1,500
RNPT dates
cutting communication lines and blowing up
the RNA and the 14th Carrier Air Group also
June 11. Aged 82.
HMS Superb (Cruiser) Association: – Cpl M Ash; £500 – Lt Cdr J S Bark.
railway tracks; he eventually left them and
HMS Glory Association. July 6. Aged 80.
Fred Searle. Sto. Served in Mary-Rose.
Reunion takes place at the King Charles August 8: £5,000 – CSgt B Sercombe;
headed south towards the river Arno where
David Thomas Rigden. PO (Ch.MM4
August 6. Aged 83.
Hotel, Gillingham, Kent on October 3. For £1,500 – Logs R Collings; £500 – AB
he was knocked out by a hand grenade but
Electrical). Served 1939-46 in Pembroke,
John ‘Jack’ Francis Williams. AB. Served
more information contact Fred Kinsey K W L Lawton.
recovered to swim across and reunite with
Victory, Wildfi re, Beaver, Euphrates, Jufair,
in Spanker and Lightfoot. Founder of the
at or tel: 01223 August 15: £5,000 – LOM S T Ward;
The Royal Navy Presentation Team’s
the allied forces; for this he received the
Lanka, Burong, Jewel and minesweepers
Algerines Association. August 10. Aged 84.
871505. £1,500 – POAEM M K Vaughan; £500 –
schedule for September is:
HMS Norfolk 1930-50: The 63rd and CPOAEA A M Hergli.
DSM. He was discharged in 1946. In 1990
(UK coast, Persian Gulf, Southern India and September 22: Wells – Town Hall, Market
fi nal reunion dinner of the Old Norfolks
he became involved with the Underwater
Ceylon). Rockingham and District branch. Place, Somerset BA5 2RB
Association will take place in Plymouth
Heritage Trust and was invaluable in helping
July 27 in Western Australia. Aged 90. September 28: Ealing – Ealing Town Hall,
on October 10. All former members of the
to build the world’s largest chariot display at
Roy Morris. Served during WW2 in New Broadway, Ealing W5 2BY
Eden Camp Museum just outside York, thus
Fancy. Life member of the RNA. Chairman of
Swap drafts
ship’s company are invited to attend. Details
September 30: Ipswich – Trinity Park,
from Ken Moth, honorary secretary, the
preserving the fascinating story of the men
Keighley branch until its closure 2004 when Felixstowe Road, Ipswich IP3 8UH
Old Norfolks Association, email: kbmoth@
who volunteered to ride a torpedo. July 21.
he became a member of Skipton & District or write to 28 Greenside
Aged 94.
branch. July 20. Aged 91.
Drive, Lostock Green, Northwich, Cheshire
Harold Christopher Kirk. Yeoman.
John Batchelor. AB. Served in
CW9 7SR, tel: 01606 46228.
Served in Ganges, Iron Duke, Barham, Afridi,
Atherstone (1944-45), veteran of Italy,
LogsCS(D) Coombs currently serving
Royal Naval Electrical Branch
Winners of a copy of Survival
Take a look at
Dart, Pakenham, NOIC Cyprus, Royalist,
Greek and Yugoslav operations; one of four
in HMS Grimsby, soon to be on HMS
Association: Have you booked your place
Handbook are:
Mercury, Peacock, Armada, Bruce and FS
Mess ‘sprogs’. Aldenham RNA, Atherstone
Walney with MCM1 Crew 1, looking for any
at the reunion to be held from October 23
DAO(E) S Watt, Gainsborough, Lincs
L’Incomprise. Instructor for ‘New entries’ at
Association and Hunt Destroyer Association.
Portsmouth ship, small ship preferably, and
to 26 at Southdowns Holiday Village yet?
Matthew Wilcock, Fareham, for our new online
Bruce and an active member of HMS Bruce
July 19. Aged 83.
not carriers. Contact: LogsCS Coombs,
Better hurry. Not in the association yet?
Association. July 27. Aged 89.
James ‘Jim’ Bright. FAA. Served mainly
HMS Grimsby, BFPO 292 or 292-CS@a.dii.
Hundreds of ex RN Electricians are here. Stephen Smith, Olney, Bucks
Ernest ‘Ernie’ D Houghton. L/S. Boy
aboard Attacker. Member of Fleet Air Arm
The fi rst step to fi nding your old shipmates Terry Cotter, Sittingbourne, Kent section
Seaman 1939 at Wildfi re (Sheerness) and
Association (Birmingham) and Fleet Air Arm
Pembroke (Chatham). Survivor of the sinking
Armourers Association (founder member David Axford, Haslemere, Surrey
of Cornwall by Japanese dive bombers in the
of Hitchin branch); Burma Star Association Ian Vowden, Newton Abbot, Devon
Indian Ocean (1942); also served Goathland
(Cleethorpes & Grimsby), Royal British Mrs S Standing, Chippenham,
(D-Day) and minesweepers (Western
Legion (Grimsby), past member of Chesham Contact sheet
Approaches). July 10. Aged 86.
and Amersham RNA; also Hemel Hempstead
E Davies, Buriton, Hampshire
Albert ‘Bert’ Rimmer. L/S. Served
and Cleethorpes branches and life member,
Malcolm Yates, Wednesfi eld,
1947-56 at Ganges, Wrangler, Opossum and
chairman and president of Old Clee (Grimsby)
Consort. Member HMS Wizard and Cadiz
RNA. Adopted by HMS Attacker Association
Malcolm Hall, Tonbridge, Kent
joint Associations. July 15. Aged 78.
as historian for ship and squadrons and
Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.
L R ‘Ron’ Weightman. LM(E). Served
produced Project HMS Attacker Crews In our July edition we mistakenly
1951-63 in Victory, Newcastle (2),
Operations 1942-45 as books 1, 2 and 3; and
Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555, SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975, referred to the Survival Handbook Speak to John Lister
donated copies to the Fleet Air Arm Museum author as Colin Towell “a former SAS
Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. RN Community: man”. Mr Towell completed the Combat 01395 568028 Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562,
Survival Instructors Course run by the
Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600
SAS, but did not serve in the elite unit.
RN and RM Service records: 023 9262 Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,
8779 or 023 9262 8667 www.fl
Our apologies for the mistake.
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