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News and information for serving personnel
Busman’s holiday
Have your
WHEN THE AUSTRALIAN be more reserved. Sometimes it’s
say on
ships Sydney and Ballarat
better this way.”
entered Portsmouth on a
He added: “Socially it’s a bit
four-day visit, gunnery officer
more relaxed. It’s not totally dry
Jonathan Goulder organised
at sea but officers are not allowed
to drink and there is no ‘three
the 15-gun salute for the
tins a day’ rule. I’ve always been
Second Sea Lord.
a watchkeeper anyway, so I don’t
THE Defence Committee
Then, while his shipmates
miss it.
is undertaking an inquiry to
enjoyed a run ashore in the city,
“One of the main differences is
Trauma Risk
examine aspects of the MOD’s
he took a weekend’s leave to catch
food – it’s so much better. Steak Management (TRIM)
Defence Equipment programme.
up with friends and family in the
isn’t a luxury here, we get it every
within the Fleet
It expects to follow up areas of
day, and plenty of Asian food and
weakness and poor performance
The exchange officer has been
seafood. But then the allowance is
identified in its last report
serving with the Royal Australian
$11 a day compared to around $3
Defence Equipment 2009
Navy since January 2008 and is
a day in the RN.”
(HC 107).
currently serving in the frigate
Lt Cdr Goulder’s wife, Kate,
The committee intends to
HMAS Sydney on her six-
and children Oliver (6) and
focus on armoured vehicles, and
month international deployment,
Jennifer (4) are enjoying their two-
the Future Rapid Effect System
Northern Trident 2009.
and-a-half years in Sydney before
programme, strategic air-lift and
Lt Cdr Goulder (34) said:
they return to the UK.
Keep in TRiM
maritime capability.
“Having spent most of my naval
● Lt Cdr John Goulder RN in the HMAS Sydney Picture: Kingsley Scarce
He said: “It’s a fantastic way
NOPE, it’s not another fi tness
It would welcome written
career in the North Atlantic – I’d
craze, but a means of looking
evidence to the inquiry on these
never been east of Suez – I jumped
and when they left Portsmouth “We ended up chasing the boats
of life, not dissimilar to life in
after your stress levels.
or any other issues relating to
at the opportunity to spend two-
were heading for Canada, the down and also escorting six other
the UK, but with better weather.
No one’s going to pretend that
defence equipment.
and-a-half years down under.”
US, Trinidad and Tobago, the large merchant ships through. It
Lots of people who do exchanges
being in the Services isn’t stress-
Submissions should be in
Lt Cdr Goulder volunteered for
Bahamas, Panama, Hawaii and was a good feeling that we’d done
decide to change over and stay
ful, it is almost inevitable that
Word or rich text format and
the exchange after his Principal
Western Samoa. something to help.”
– quite a few senior rates have
done it.
you will be involved in a trau-
emailed to defcom@parliament.
Warfare Officers’ course, and has
The trip hasn’t all been Before he went to Australia,
“It was the right time for us,
matic incident – whether major: a
uk by Friday November 13 2009.
found the transition from RN to
diplomacy and port visits. The Lt Cdr Goulder admits his
because the children will be ready
helicopter crash, a ship at risk of
The body of the email
RAN fairly seamless.
FOST staff turned up to put impressions of the place were
for school when we get back, and it
sinking, the death or debilitating
should include a contact name,
He said: “You can step off an
the ships through their paces off mostly taken from cricket and
hasn’t disrupted their education.
injury of an oppo; or perhaps any
telephone number and postal
RN frigate onto an Australian one
Plymouth (not too many surprises watching Neighbours, and getting
“It is a fantastic opportunity
of the countless other incidents
very easily. Naval standards are not
there for Lt Cdr Goulder, who to know an exchange officer on his
and I would really recommend
that make up Service life.
Submissions should be as exactly the same but a lot of things
worked for FOST(MPV)) and PWO course. But working with
it.” Of course, training and experi-
brief as possible, with numbered are very similar. Australia operated
there was a dramatic brush with the Aussies hasn’t been a culture
The eligibility for the PWO ence help to keep these stresses
paragraphs. under QRRNs till the mid-60s so
pirates in the Gulf of Aden. shock.
assignment to Australia is fairly in check, but sometimes – unex-
Much of the evidence received there is a lot of legacy, but they are
Ballarat and Sydney were about He said: “There is a slight
straightforward. There are two pectedly – reactions might kick
by committees is made public – if very much their own Navy, and
100 miles south of Yemen when difference in the work, but not
posts, one in the underwater in that affect your job and your
you do not wish your submission they have different ideas.”
they received a distress signal much. Their sailors are just
warfare specialisation and one home life.
to be published, you must clearly Northern Trident has been a
from the merchant vessel Dubai like Jack, probably a bit more
above water, open to all first-tour TRiM – or trauma risk man-
say so. bonus for Lt Cdr Goulder – he
Princess, which was coming under outspoken but with similar sense
PWOs upon successful completion agement – grew from the work of
Submissions should be original did not know when he applied
attack from rocket-propelled of humour.
of the PWO course. the Royal Marines Stress Trauma
work, not previously published or to exchange that he would
grenades. “Lots are second or third
They are usually two-year family Project.
circulated elsewhere. find himself on a six-month “That was an exciting six generation who came from Britain accompanied (if appropriate) And perhaps key for its con-
To find out more about the international deployment aimed at hours,” recalled Lt Cdr Goulder. anyway, and some transferred to deployable sea-going assignments tinuing success is that the TRiM
committee, visit the website supporting Australian diplomacy, “The merchantman was being the RAN, including one of the with base port at the discretion of practitioners are your own col- or security, and defence industry attacked by two pirates. It was a chiefs in Sydney. the Australian Navy (usually Perth leagues and peers – drawn from
for specific information email interests. little bit surreal, we saw two skiffs “The biggest difference is they or Sydney). Anyone interested all branches and ranks – and or call So far the two ships have visited and they drove away when they will turn round and tell you what should contact their career trained to listen and offer practi-
020 7219 5745. India, France, Spain and Italy saw us.
they think – the Brits tend to manager for more details. cal advice and assistance.
Collectors’ Corner
We flick back through the pages of Navy News to see which stories
Build an exciting and interesting collection of B&W and coloured postcard were drawing attention in past decades...
sized photographs of ships and aircraft of the Royal Navy and RFA’s.
September 1969
ADMIRAL of the Fleet Sir Caspar
Only £12.50 UK £14.50 Overseas
John (former First Sea Lord and
son of Augustus John) attended a
graduation course at RAF Linton-
on-Ouse, where he spoke out
against a Whitehall decision to
run down the Fleet Air Arm.
Which includes ONE NEW postcard sized photograph
Admiral John declared that
he “fervently hoped it was only
of our featured vessel each month.
a temporary piece of mental
aberration in Whitehall” that
the Navy should no longer be
equipped with fixed-wing
The RAF, he said, was about
to be charged with a maritime
responsibility far exceeding that
of Coastal Command, and the
Navy’s role in fixed wing aviation
should be restored.
September 1979
SEPTEMBER’S front page
was full of the sad news of the
Fastnet Race which in August
had been hit by a freak storm of
Photographs can also be purchased individually for 85p each (minimum of three). epic proportions, resulting in 15
● HMS Gloucester visits San Francisco in July during her US
Send Cheque/P.O. together with name and address of subscriber to
In the biggest air-sea rescue
operation of its kind ever mounted
Anne Young at… off the coast of Britain, Navy
September 1989
ships and helicopters played a
Navy News, HMS Nelson, Queen Street, Portsmouth PO1 3HH
major role in ensuring that the
THREE sailors from HMS Gloucester were involved in a
death and injury toll was not even
bizarre rescue at a zoo in West Palm Beach near Miami.
Or phone on – 023 9272 6284 greater. As two of the curators were moving chimps from one island
Sea King, Lynx and Wessex
to another, an adult male refused to budge and lunged at one
Cheques payable to: Navy News
helicopters from Culdrose
of them. The other curator drew his .357 revolver in defence
but managed to hit his colleague, who was injured in the
For orders outside of the UK, payment is to be made by cheque/International Money Order in £ Sterling
lifted 75 people from yachts in
mountainous seas while surface
ships Broadsword, Scylla,
CPO Gabby Hayes and shipmates Bob Shilling and Pete
Anglesey, RFA Olna and RMAS
Grace left their car and waded across to a small boat
tugs Robust and Rollicker all
alongside the island. They untied it, placed the injured man
(Older photographs will be in Black & White)
joined the rescue operations.
inside, and pulled it back to safety.
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