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Transforming Energy Into Profi t


nergy might not be a tangible thing, but it can be felt throughout a person’s life. It certainly can be felt in a business, and sometimes it

needs to be turned around. Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace

and Your Life from the Core by Bruce D. Schneider, a life coach, tells the story of when he is brought in to help a failing company turn around. Bruce quickly notices that Richard, the company’s owner, is setting a downcast and negative tone for his employees. T e company, once thriving, is beset by offi ce politics, a losing trajectory and looks headed for the end unless drastic action is taken. Schneider writes about recognizing seven differ-

ent energy levels and how some leaders create posi- tive energy and how some create negative energy. Both permeate through a business and can have major impacts. I won’t spoil what those seven diff erent energy

levels are or how they can be improved or changed, but this is a story that should resonate for anybody who’s worked in an offi ce. T e characters are well-sketched and each one presents diff erent challenges for Richard as he tries, with Bruce’s prodding, to get them in line and save the business. T e story itself is well-written. T ough the end- ing is telegraphed early in the book, it’s an enjoyable journey to see how the company reached its destina- tion. Not to sound cliche but there are twists and turns and the characters get more and more interesting as the story unfolds. You begin to understand how the characters became what they are and, even though they exhibit some onerous behavior, you begin to cheer for them as they move back into being team players and productive parts of a cohesive unit. As you might have guessed by now, this book is not about a metalcasting facility and does not have many obvious ties to the industry. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant to metalcasting. T e principles of a healthy business and healthy

energy are universal. It’s hard to be successful and prof- itable if nobody’s working together, and if they have to try it becomes a challenge. Leaders, whether in the boardroom, the offi ce or on the fl oor set the tone for their employees. T at’s true in any industry. Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace

and Your Life from the Core is not a necessary read, but if you feel like something’s off with your corpo- rate culture, it will help you find solutions and keep you entertained.


Relevance to Metalcasters Technical Diffi culty Self-Help Fluff Profi t Booster

Energy can be a company’s biggest asset. It can also be its biggest liability. T ere are ways to make energy your friend and work for you.

Metalcasters’ Translation: A company’s energy is just as important as its business

plan. T ere needs to be a feeling of cooperation and team- work across all departments. Somebody on the fl oor might have recognized an ineffi ciency that would be of interest to somebody in the offi ce. If the facility has positive energy, the two will can together to fi nd a solution.

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