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NovaFlow & Solid

NovaCast USA Inc. 55 Shuman Blvd. Naperville, Illinois 60563 630-450-1647

Entry Price Point: Not specified. Overview: NovaFlow&Solid is

a casting process simulation tool that helps metalcasters work faster, easier and achieve more accurate casting results. Newest Features: Tey include

multi mesh, using the resolution needed in different parts of the simu- lation. Tere’s also the Good Guys’ Index, something that visualizes the financial and environmental impact of a casting. Microstructure, which predict the mechanical properties to optimize design, is also an addition. Software’s Strengths:

NovaFlow&Solid is a fast and accurate simulation system. Te time saving comes from switching mesh in the simulation and during filling in several steps. Where the sections are thick- walled, a bigger mesh resolution is used, and for sensitive areas, a finer

Flow 3-D Cast

Flow Science Inc. 683 Harkle Rd. Sante Fe, New Mexico 87505 505-982-0088

Entry Price Point: Not specified. Overview: FLOW-3D Cast is a

mature and accurate simulation soft- ware package that facility and casting engineers can use in order to optimize their designs, speed up time-to-mar- ket, and save on scrap rate. FLOW-3D Cast has been designed so that it is easy to use by anyone with a minimal technical background while keeping the complexities of all the physics that are necessary for an accurate solution behind the scene. FLOW-3D Cast is built on a powerful solver that has been honed over the past 35 years in order to accurately track the liquid metal amount of entrained air, surface oxides, solidification, shrinkage poros- ity, and much more, and as a result, precisely predict defects on a cast part. Newest Features: FLOW-3D

Cast’s new features include a die spray cooling model that has been developed in collaboration with Audi AG. Tis gives customers a full solu- tion to model all components of high pressure diecasting processes, from determining thermal profiles of the die through thermal die cycling, fill- ing, solidification, and cooling of the

mesh is used. Shortening simulation time is crucial for all facilities to be able to optimize all their castings. What’s Unique: NovaFlow&Solid

can make casting production more green by letting casters investigate and be guided how to increase their yield and optimize the production process. Tis will help save energy, material and eventually use fewer resources. Te price for the software (and additional modules) is often negotiated on the basis of the customers’ need for it, and NovaCast offers different kinds of licenses which depends on the extent of use by the customer.

final part. Process-oriented work- flows guide users through specific metalcasting processes, and enhance- ments to the user interface save time and eliminate errors. Software’s Strengths: Te

advanced version of the software is an all-inclusive package that allows for filling, solidification, and defect track- ing for different casting processes such as high pressure, low pressure, tilt pour, gravity, centrifugal, and continuous casting. It also includes sophisticated modeling capabilities for sand core blowing of molds, core gas tracking through molds, thermal stress evolu- tion during solidification and cooling, heat removal by complex networks of cooling channels, spray cooling, and modeling of squeeze pins. Addition- ally, an easy-to-use user interface allows for quick and efficient setup of a complex thermal die cycling process. For post-processing and visualization, FlowSight, a state-of-the-art tool built on EnSight, comes standard with

FLOW-3D Cast. One of the main challenges in simulating casting com- ponents that are used in the automo- tive, marine, and aerospace industries is having the appropriate composition based material properties. To simulate casting processes accurately, precise material properties that are sensi- tive to temperatures, cooling regimes, and other factors, play a crucial role. FLOW-3D Cast features a reliable material database where users can import material properties in tabu- lar format and have the flexibility to modify the variables influencing their casting simulations. What’s Unique: Hands-on train-

ing classes that focus on customer’s specific modeling situations get users up and running quickly and support continues when they go back to the facility. Also offered is a cloud-based solution for customers who need to run complex simulations quickly, eliminating the hassle and expense of maintaining an in-house cluster.

Use of simulation early in development enables BMW engineers to optimize their HPDC process. September 2016 MODERN CASTING | 39

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