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Simtec 400 S. State St., Suite 110 Zeeland, Michigan 49464 616-748-5647

Entry Price Point: $49,000 and

it includes gravity sand and gravity permanent mold processes. Overview: WinCast expert

calculations are based on one FE- Mesh. Mold-filling, solidification, residual stress, shrinkage, deforma- tion, mechanical properties, life cycle prediction, micro structure, and strength are all derived from the same mesh. WinCast expert can be used for all casting processes such as gravity sand, gravity pour, low pres- sure, high pressure, investment and continuous casting. Newest Features: WinCast expert

4.0 will be released at the end of Octo- ber and has a new interface based on

the newest software architecture, mini- mal hardware requirements necessary, and a riser library that includes CAD data of the most common riser designs. Te exothermic material data are measured by RWP. It also supports the user to set up his or her quality report– e.g. result images can automatically be transferred into this quality document

with the right format and to the correct position. After WinCast installation the basic quality report can be set up with all recurring company information. So it avoids redundant work for the future. Tere is also real-time analysis and cycle calculation. Multi-core access is available on request. Software’s Strengths: All results

are available immediately after calcu- lation, meaning pre-result definition is not necessary. Stress calculation of the casting and tool/die is precise and includes hot tearing prediction. Other strengths include the life cycle pre- diction of the die, its classical FEA capabilities, prediction of mechanical properties and matrix–DAS calculation. What’s Unique: For a basic simu-

All results are available immediately after calculation, meaning pre-result definition is not necessary.

lation of casting the gravity can be switched off. Tis avoids self-shrink- age. Only the areas which really create defects will be shown afterwards. It is easier to find out the right casting orientation, and there is one basic FE mesh for all following calculations.

SolidCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast

Finite Solutions Inc. 4769 Highland Park Dr. Slinger, Wisconsin 53086-9441 262-644-0785

Entry Price Point: OPTICast starts

at $8,000, FlowCast at $12,000 and SolidCast at $17,000. Overview: Finite Solutions’ metal

casting simulation software is com- prised of three programs: SOLIDCast, FLOWCast and OPTICast. SOLID- Cast simulates multiple metal pour types and mold processes using the latest in graphic technology from 3-D modeling and X-ray images to AVI video files. An add-on to the SOLIDCast software, FLOWCast modeling simulates how molten metal will flow through gat- ing systems and fill metal mold casting cavities. OPTICast works in conjunction with SOLIDCast, targeting metal casting

40 | MODERN CASTING September 2016

simulation conditions to optimize mold designs for the casting floor. Newest Features: SOLIDCast

maximum mesh size is increased to 60 million nodes. Te FLOWCast Fixed Volume Fill Utility program has been added to set up meshes to run with metal transfer from one part of the mold to another, rather than by addition to the model during the filling process. For FlowCast, a fixed volume fill feature provides more realistic tilt-pour and roll over simulations. Software’s Strengths: SOLID- Cast is sold as a site license, so it can be run on all computers at no extra cost. SOLIDCast includes both gating and riser design wizards, so that simulation actually helps design an effective rigging system, not just test one. Calculations are included for rigging iron castings, taking advantage of graphite expansion. SOLIDCast calculates both thermal and volumetric changes during solidifica- tion. FLOWCast models convection, conduction and radiation in the mold, so gating design can be analyzed to predict

and minimize flow-related defects such as misruns, oxide formation or mold erosion. FLOWCast is a full-featured CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation, based on the Navier-Stokes equations. With FLOWCast, tempera- ture, velocity and pressure during the fill can be viewed, from any angle to make evaluation easier. What’s Unique: OPTICast works in

conjunction with SOLIDCast. OPTI- Cast automates the simulation process. Start with an initial design for a casting, with gating and risering, typically cre- ated using the Gating and Riser Design Wizards. Ten select the following ele- ments: Design Variables, Constraints, Te Objective Function. Once these elements are identified, launch the Optimization Run. Model changes are made and simu- lation results are evaluated, completely automatically, until the desired result is achieved. Using OPTICast, an engineer can start with an initial design and allow the computer to do the work of modify- ing the design and running simulations to achieve an optimum result.

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