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Waterpark on water

Polin ramps up the fun on the world's largest cruise ship

It's been sailing for less than a year, but already the

world's largest cruise ship has been winning the

support of waterpark fans

that enjoy adrenaline on the ocean wave. Thanks to Polin Waterparks, Royal

Caribbean International's

Harmony of the Seas boasts some first-class slides and attractions, offering the

unique sensation of sliding at sea

deep blue sea. As well as features such an Aqua Theatre, ice skating


shows, a zip line, mini golf, sports courts, escape rooms, a carousel and amusement arcade, Harmony of the Seas offers Royal Caribbean customers three fabulous waterslides from Polin Waterparks. Together they are marketed as The Perfect Storm. The Turkish supplier has installed two of its Aquatube slides, named Cyclone and Typhoon, to form the signature attraction The Ultimate Abyss. Cruise-goers board the slides in the Pool and Sports Zone on deck 18 at the back of massive the ship. Passengers then spiral through 30m (100ft) of circling slide, alternating between transparent and dark sections, before dropping out into a run-out section on deck 15. A second attraction, named Supercell, features Polin's popular Space Hole bowl ride, perfect for speed sliding. Guests zoom through an enclosed tube that deposits them into the open bowl. There, centrifugal force whirls them around the interior before they exit through the centre and make a breathtaking splash below. Harmony of the Seas holiday-makers access all three

BELOW LEFT: The Ultimate Abyss BELOW MIDDLE: Supercell (Space Hole) BELOW RIGHT: A general view of the slides as seen from Harmony of the Seas’ main courtyard

slides from a glass platform which provides a feeling of being suspended in mid-air, giving riders a moment to pause. More than a few, in fact, change their minds about taking on the challenge, which begins 45m (150ft) in the air. Those that do take the plunge are treated to an eye-popping light show as they speed through tunnel sections finished with Polin's patented Natural Light Effects. All with all the company's slides, these special ocean- bound waterpark attractions are produced using Magic Shine resin transfer moulding (RTM) technology. This not

ive decks above the main courtyard of this floating city, guests might just catch a glimpse of the ocean as the enjoy the thrill of riding slides 10 storeys above the

only produces a shiny on both sides finish, but also means the tunnel components are stronger, lighter, don't get dirty as quickly and are easier to clean; real advantages for the variety of weather conditions a cruise ship can encounter. That strength also means they can stand up to high wind loads too. To complete the slide project, Polin worked with Italian partner Myrtha Pools to deliver the specialist engineering and installation techniques required. Alongside the ship's status as largest cruise vessel in the

world, the waterpark facilities are clearly a major selling point for Royal Caribbean. Harmony also has the bragging rights of being the first ship in the firm's fleet to feature a mini waterpark area for kids: Splashaway Bay. The aquatic play structure is a colourful waterscape specially created to entertain the youngest guests and features sea-creature water cannons, winding slides, a gigantic tipping bucket and a multiplatform jungle-gym. Harmony of the Seas debuted with a European cruise season last summer/autumn and is now on Caribbean schedule which will continue until at least May 2018. Polin Waterparks marketing manager Söhret Pakis tells us she's proud of the fact that, when it comes to the slides on board this spectacular ship, her company has been able to deliver the same sort of heart-pumping waterpark thrills traditionally found on Terra Firma.

Polin Waterparks will be participating in this month's DEAL trade show in Dubai on booth no. C306. Read more about the company at or see the company profile in the Park World Handbook & Buyers Guide included free with this issue. A video showing the Harmony of the Seas slides in action can be seen by reading the digital version of this magazine at


MARCH 2017

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