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Greased Beast Diggerland USA dumps new ‘ride’


or many, riding in a dump truck might be a once in a lifetime experience. At Diggerland USA in New Jersey it's now a thrill ride!

The Greased Beast seats passengers not inside the cab of a truck but

in the back of a demolition trailer. Hydraulics then lift the human cargo 34ft (10m) into the air before a simulated “dump” as the trailer's tail gate opens and riders feel a vibration effect. This unque attraction concept was developed by the Diggerland owners and staff. “We know kids are fascinated by big trucks, so we decided to take this a step

further,” explains Diggerland USA co-owner Ilya Girlya. “Typically a dump truck or demolition trailer of this size would be used to haul debris from a construction site. The Greased Beast will haul our guests up and over the park for a suspenseful experience that is true to the construction industry but also novel to amusement parks.” Diggerland ( is America’s first and only construction-themed

adventure park. Opened in 2014 following the success of similar parks in the UK, the family-friendly facilty in West Berlin, New Jersey, allows children and parents to drive, ride and operate real heavy machinery in a safe environment.

17 in '17 for S&S – Sansei

S&S – Sansei Technologies has confirmed that it will open a total of 17 new ride projects in six different countries in 2017. Here's the list:

• Dutch Wonderland, Pennsylvania: Family Inverted Coaster • Fuji-Q Highland, Japan: Dodonpa Loop (ride enhancement) • Happy Valley Chongqing, Chongqing, China: Space Shot and Turbo Drop • Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania: Triple Tower Complex • Huayi Brothers Movie World, Suzhou, China: Combo Tower • Nagashima Spa Land, Japan: 4D Free Spin Coaster

RES reveals Air Loop coaster concept

This new rollercoaster concept from Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES) features interactive seats, which passengers can control using flaps to rotate to the right or left – just like a real plane. Depending on wind resistance during the ride, multiple somersaults are possible. Trains can be self-powered, pulled up by a chain lift/friction wheels or launched. The ride can be delivered with large custom layouts or a smaller figure-8 configuration. The latter covers ground space of 58 x 29m (190 x 95 ft). Reaching a maximum height of 15m (49ft), passengers beneath 136m (446ft) of track, reach a top speed of 40km/h (24mph). A five row/10-seater train can cover six laps of the figure 8 layout in one minute, providing hourly capacity for 360 passengers.

Schloss Dankern’s

first rollercoaster The German leisure park Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern is adding its first rollercoaster in 2017. The 350m-long Tube Coaster from ABC Rides – Eine Reise durch das Mittelalter (A Journey Through The Middle Ages) – will be the anchor attraction of a new themed area. Anyone over 1.1-metres in height will be able

to ride the family-friendly attraction, which will reach a top speed of 50km/h and feature a highest point of around 14m. Hiding the lift hill

will be a 23m-tall tower structure themed in keeping with the park's castle setting. Theming will be provided by Kinderland Emsland Spielgeräte. Schloss-Dankern is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, close to Movie

Park Germany. 14

• Playland’s Castaway Cove New Jersey: Triple-Launch Coaster (delayed from 2016)

• Ferrari Land, PortAventura World, Spain: Combo Tower • Six Flags Great America, Chicago, Illinois: 4D Free Spin Coaster • Six Flags New England, Massachusetts: 4D Free Spin Coaster • Six Flags Over Texas: 4D Free Spin Coaster

• Sun Tzu Cultural Park, Shandong, China: Air-Launch Coaster, Space Shot and Turbo Drop

•Wanda Harbin Amusement Park, China: Space Shot and Turbo Drop •Weihai Rio Carnival, China: Space Shot and Turbo Drop

Combo Tower rides in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, at locations yet to be announced, will also open dutrng the course of the year.

Moving soon into new

premises in Logan, Utah, S&S – Sansei is the largest US manufacturer of major amusement rides and rollercoasters. Read a company profile in the Park World Handbook & Buyers Guide 2017 included free with this issue.

RIGHT: Hersheypark’s Triple Tower complex

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