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Multimedia Show

Stardancer S

Dubai Festival City's after dark spectacular

This new multimedia spectacular provides an

awe-inspiring free show for shoppers, tourists and local residents each night as it lights up a large outdoor area at Dubai Festival City mall

tardancer is the signature after dark spectacular of a new installation at Dubai Festival City called IMAGINE. By day, visitors can enjoy the dancing

fountains, but once darkness falls, they are in for something special. Spanning a massive “stage” formed of buildings, water, land and sky, Stardancer combines lasers, fountains, water-screens, flame effects, dynamic lighting and a plethora of other effects to provide an an awe-inspiring experience for visitors to this mixed use destination managed by the Al-Futtaim Group.

Dubai's 100 million pixel plaza

Created by the real estate, retail, hospitality and entertainment group Meraas, City Walk in Dubai is an “urban living destination” aimed at both locals and tourists, complete with upscale shopping, dining and living. To set this apart from other destinations in Dubai and “create an outdoor spectacle like no other, Meraas invited the Canadian multimedia studio Float4 to produces some site-specific features including more than 30 LED installations, 30 projectors and a water fountain show. “Meraas wanted to differentiate themselves,” explains Floar4 co-founder Alexandre Simionescu. “One of the things they wanted to do was create a location that was pedestrian-friendly. It’s not something that you find often in Dubai.” Float4 worked with Christie and XYZ Cultural Technology to design a system powerful enough to

control all 100 million pixels used across a site the size of 12 football fields. Christie's Pandoras Box server allowed XYZ to manage varied, scheduled content – including ambience, advertising and show content – on different surfaces. “There’s a daytime and night show,” notes XYZ partner and co-founder Eric Cyr. “When producing digital content for these types of installations, you need to understand what the technical implications are. How do we produce content on a different set of displays and make them work together? What do we do with an 85m wall, and the projection on the floor that’s 100m long, and then the water fountain? All are different aspect ratios and different technologies. Christie Pandoras Box combined a lot of technologies in one place.” “The combination of the water fountain, projection and LED screens – and the sheer scale of the

installation – is truly a spectacle,” adds Mahesh Singh, Christie's Middle East sales manager. “City Walk has certainly succeeded in making itself a stand-out destination.”

The Stardancer storyline is told though a ballet of contemporary dance as the show's central character glides through the cosmos, interacting with the planets and stars that surround her, accompanied by an original musical score. The free show is the culmination of years of research, design and development by the Australian company Laservision. “The production involved over 60 creative specialists spanning seven countries, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, award winning dancer, and state-of-the-art motion capture studios,” notes Laservision general manager, Shannon Brooks. “We are very proud of the team. The sheer size and scale of the venue and assets deliver Stardancer in a way that could not be accomplished on any other stage in the world.” Providing a “liquid” creative canvas for the show's content are record-setting water-screens spanning an area of nearly 2,000 square metres. High-intensity, high-definition projection also produces a gigantic video-mapped image across 36-storeys of the adjacent InterContinental Hotel; a projection area four-and-a-half times larger than the world’s biggest IMAX screen! To make the show come alive, Laservision assembled a kit list including 72 HD-projectors, powerful lasers, LED lighting, dynamic moving fountains, 5.1 surround audio and much more.

Launched by HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in front of a crowd of over 25,000 spectators and VIPs back in December, Stardancer has become one of Dubai’s most popular regular nightly events. The show is performed at Dubai Festival City ( three times each evening on weekdays and five times a night at weekends. See a video of the show in action at

26 MARCH 2017

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