From the editor Time for the

HVR Awards! T

he momentum is building towards our premier annual event, the HVR Awards,which will be taking place at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London later this month. Once again, we look forward to welcoming key players fromthe top HVAC companies in what promises to be a bumper event where innovation is rewarded and good service gets the recognition it deserves.

We’ve broken all records for entries this year thanks to some new award categories as well as renewed interest in the old favourites. The judges have carefully considered all the

entries and now all that remains is AWAAWARDS for the winners to be revealed. You can


turn to the centre of the magazine to find out how to book your tickets to thismust-attend industry event.

Also in this issue we highlight the issue of limescale in commercial systems with the help of Sentinel sales director Chris Shelton. Chris examines the newly launched ICOM Guide – Water Quality Considerations of Domestic Hot Water Systems for Commercial Applications – on pg 31 and explains how it can help users put an end to a significant number of unnecessary failures.

The burning issue on pg 10 tackles the issue of noisy acoustics and how air distributions systems offer a workable solution, while on pg 12 we get to grips with heating specialist Myson.

Other features in this issue include heat pumps,

legislation, sustainability, water treatment and our monthly HVR Domestic supplement.

Heather Ramsden Heather Ramsden, Editor eather Ramsden, Editor

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Helping scientists r fan coil units have been

Square Kilometre Array D

Headquarters at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. With 135 staff from around the world, the new HQ

will be home to the inter-governmental organisation set up to build, manage and remotelymonitor the operation of what is the world’s largest telescope,which is located at sites in South Africa and Western Australia.

The Panther range of horizontal chassis, waterside control units incorporate EC motors for optimal controllability and energy efficiency and have inlet and discharge plenums supplied with sound attenuators to meet the stringent low level sound requirements of the building. These high specification Panther fan coil units have been specially engineered to meet this most demanding application. Combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology, they provide the ideal solution to meet the precise thermal and noise criteria specified at the site. All models have multiple access panels for easy maintenance, another key feature of these versatile units.

The heating and cooling systems were designed by Mott MacDonald’s Manchester office and installed by Chris Bowker Ltd of Morecambe. Careful planning with particular emphasis on safe site handling by the installers resulted in a fast and efficient installation. The SKA will be capable of observing across a wide frequency range. It will probe the early universe, test fundamental physical laws, such as the theory of gravity, search for alien life and over time provide a transformational view of our universe. Hundreds of satellite dishes and antennas on two continents will combine to form a huge radio telescope with a total collecting area approaching one million square metres, hence the name ‘The Square Kilometre Array.’ Website:

The bid to make Jodrell Bank the HQ of the SKA was backed by the UK government through the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The bid was also supported by the universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester and Cheshire East Council. The £16.5 million project has been funded by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy via the STFC, the University of Manchester and Cheshire East Council.

installed in the new

elping scientists reach for the stars unham-Bush Panther


Reversible heat pump and energy recovery wheel technology in one inno

FläktGroups’ ReCooler HP (Heat Pump) offers total energy recovery with integrated DX cooling and heating. It all adds up to a simple installation, without the need for refrigeration or pipe work, with all components and contr

eel techn ener

• Compact cooling and heating unit

nology in one innov y with integr

ork, with all components and contr mponents and controls in one complete and compact package. It’s as simple as that! • Twin action energy efficiency • Simple “plug-and-play” installation

ovative unit! 


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