Which of your products/services are in high demand for this market and what is

driving this? The products which are in high demand are Low Surface Temperature (LST) Radiators, due to increasing demands for safety in commercial properties. Compliance to the NHS Guidance Notes 1998 has meant that LST radiators have become a go-to solution for properties such as hospitals, care homes and schools. Premium panels such as the Myson Plan and Plan Vertical are also increasingly popular due to their contemporary style, something which more and more installers and consultants are looking for when specifying heating solutions for high end commercial properties.

Myson Plan and Plan Vertical radiators are increasingly popular due to their contemporary style

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Getting ready for winter

ndy Forrest, national sales manager at Ideal Commercial Boilers talks through the importance of maintaining a heating system, especially during the winter when

downtime could prove financially disastrous for businesses. In a commercial setting the goal posts are shifted as heating systems are in

constant use. In the case of a hotel for example, this could be 24 hours a day, meaning the system is rarely shut down. As such, there is a risk of downtime if optimisation of the system has not been carried out, bringing with it a host of potential challenges and problems for businesses. However, in other settings where demand is not as great, such as offices or

schools, many businesses will soon be flicking the switch on their heating systems for the first time since spring. For those who have not had the foresight of fine tuning their boiler for the cold winter months there may be an unwanted surprise in the form of leaking pipes, or worse, a complete breakdown. So, what can be done to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum this winter?

Helping to produce a healthy ROI for business

The operational costs of having to upgrade a heating system within a boiler room can be overwhelming for business owners. However, the smart contractor will discuss all options, which may mean replacing whole heating systems in some cases. Replacing older boilers with new condensing boilers will help enormously when

What are the modern day HVAC challenges for commercial buildings and what part do you play?

The use of ground source heat pumps and green energy is increasing with demand as installers are looking for heat emitters that can work in tandem with these more efficient heat sources. Although the heat emitter itself cannot increase or decrease efficiency it can be designed to work alongside the heat source to create an efficient system. Myson has designed products such as the ULOW – E2 to work at much lower flow temperatures enabling heat sources to work at their most efficient setting, without having any effect on the heat outputs that are produced – something that is a welcome help in creating an efficient heating system for commercial buildings.

it comes to productivity and energy cost savings. Modulating the boiler output to match the heating needs can improve the efficiency of the heating system. In most cases the combined energy efficiencies of condensing boilers with

appropriate controls can greatly reduce utility and operating costs. This will certainly help operations managers who are trying to make a case for new heating systems to justify the costs before the existing system fails.

Water treatment

A key treatment for any system is a combination of water treatment and filtration. This helps to remove dirt and sludge from the system. In the same light, it is counterproductive to install a new boiler into an existing system that contains debris or dirt. This can quickly lead to breakdowns or failure. Contractors and customers are reminded that lack of water treatment could even invalidate a manufacturer’s warranty. Optimising a heating system is a guaranteed way of ensuring longevity and

energy efficiency. Costs and overheads will always play a part in the decision- making process when deciding whether or not to replace old boilers. However, with options available for all budgets and all types of boiler rooms, businesses can safeguard heating systems to ensure that productivity and efficiency is maintained throughout the winter months.

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