Product News


The Kingspan KoolDuct System has been installed as part of an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom for Zeus Juice UK, providing a lightweight and versatile solution for air distribution. Kingspan KoolDuct is a pre-insulated rectangular ductwork system with a non-fi brous rigid insulation core, which is installed in a single-fi x. Kingspan KoolDuct panels are lightweight and are available in up to 2.95m lengths. Multiple duct sections can be joined together with a lightweight coupling system, making the system easy to handle and fast to install. The system can reduce air- leakage rates to a fraction of lagged ductwork and can easily achieve BS EN 1507: 2006 air–leakage Class D; BS EN 13403: 2003 Class C; and B&ES (HVCA) DW/144 Class C. This reduces energy use and operational CO2.


Domus Ventilation, part of the Polypipe group, has launched the HRXE range of high performance Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units for small to medium-sized residential properties. MVHR systems combine supply and extract ventilation in one system. They effi ciently recover the heat lost in waste, stale air and use it to temper the fresh air drawn into the building via a heat exchanger. Domus has developed the HRXE units to provide even greater effi ciency through advanced heat exchange profi ciency and low Specifi c Fan Power (SFP). When used with a kitchen and one wet room, at typical installation, the HRXE provides a 90% heat exchange performance and boasts a very low SFP down to 0.57W/(l/s). The new HRXE range is also exceptionally quiet, with background (normal) ventilation at 24dB(A).


OIP Static Caravan Services, based in West Yorkshire, has used Alpha Heating Innovation’s smallest model, the Evoke 28kW, for its range of specially built amenity blocks and caravan installation services. The combi gas boiler was chosen for its simple installation, fi ve-year guarantee and compatibility with LPG gas. The smallest combi boiler in the Alpha range, the Evoke fi ts easily into a standard kitchen cupboard

and features a stainless steel heat exchanger for optimal reliability. With both 28kW and 33kW outputs available, the Evoke is ideal for small to medium homes, or in this case static caravans, which have smaller hot water and heating demands. Simon Turfrey, managing director of OIP, said: “Alpha off ers a great guarantee on its products and the systems are always easily fi tted and set up by our installers.”


One of the east of England’s busiest service stations, the Moto Services Area on the A1 near Grantham in Lincolnshire, has undergone a major improvement to its heating and hot water system, with the contract including the supply, installation and commissioning of a Modupak packaged boiler skid system from Stokvis Energy Systems. The specifi cation of the compact and easy

to install Stokvis R40 Modupak boiler skid system features not just the trio of R40/120 fully modulating, fully condensing boilers, but also all the necessary boiler pumps, safety valves, isolation valves and associated pipework. In order to ensure the long-term performance and reliability of the boilers, the Stokvis Modupak incorporates a Spirocross Air/Dirt separator which removes dirt and air from the system.


Viessmann has secured a Which? Best Buy status for its six most popular Vitodens gas boilers for the second year in succession. The annual survey by Which? – the UK’s largest consumer organisation – conducts robust research in order to “reveal the boiler brands you can trust.” Viessmann is also one of only two boiler brands to score fi ve stars for reliability, customer

satisfaction, and engineers’ recommendations. In the overall brand assessment Viessmann scored second place. Which? conducted the survey in May 2018, questioning just fewer than 12,000 boiler owners and 166 heating engineers who are registered Trusted Traders. The report stated that Viessmann’s boilers “have excellent build quality, are easy to repair and even non-incentivised heating engineers would recommend them.” 42 October 2018


Rehau’s Rautitan universal pipework solution has been installed in 13 luxury apartments located on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. RSP Consulting Engineers specifi ed the Rautitan universal pipe solution for the 123 High Street job. Recently launched to the UK market, Rautitan is fully certifi ed as hygienic for drinking water, and has a smooth inner surface to prevent deposits from forming in the pipe. When used with Rehau’s joint system, it off ers cavity-free impermeable joints which eliminate the risk of microbial contamination, and the possible growth of legionella bacteria. Rautitan can also be used for radiator connections and installations through the fl oors, skirting boards and walls. As it can be used for both drinking water and heating systems, specifi cation and installation of the pipework is very simple and cost eff ective.

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