Chillventa preview

Connecting the experts

The showcase for the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump community, Chillventa, will take place from October 16 to 18, following the Chillventa Congress on October 15. Here, Daniela Heinkel, Chillventa exhibition director at NürnbergMesse, talks about how the exhibition has evolved and what innovations will be on display

What can experts look forward to at Chillventa 2018?

Daniela Heinkel said: “Experts from all over the world come together at Chillventa to obtain information, share their views, and present and initiate new projects. We are expecting to welcome around 32,000 trade visitors and attract a total of 1,000 exhibiting companies from all over the world for the first time. The Chillventa CONGRESS and the exhibitor forums in the halls are the know-

how highlights of the event. Exhibitors and associations from all around the world, as well as trade visitors and journalists, use the event as their industry platform. The average proportion of international exhibitors is higher than 68%, which is very high. Once again, we expect 57% of visitors to come from other countries. Clearly, Chillventa is an internationally oriented event by experts for experts.”

Daniela Heinkel,

How has Chillventa's international refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pump network been developed?

Daniela Heinkel: “As I mentioned before, Chillventa in Nuremberg is a highly international event. And we want to live up to this claim on a worldwide basis. The international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps portfolio is unrivalled and has exhibited a very positive development over the years. NürnbergMesse has built up an impressive worldwide network in recent years comprising the leading exhibition Chillventa and the European Heat Pump Summit in Nuremberg, ACREX India, REFCOLD India and the European Pavilion powered by Chillventa at China Refrigeration.”

What are the main themes at Chillventa 2018?

“With its extensive range of exhibits, Chillventa presents a cross-section of the industry with components, systems and applications for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps. This year, the trade fair and congress will focus on topics like the Internet of Things (IoT), the IT security of refrigeration systems, implementation of the Regulation on Evaporative Cooling, Cooling Towers and Wet Separators (42ndBlmSchV), current climate targets, eco- design, reclamation and treatment of refrigerants, efficiency through controls, innovation in heat transfer, air conditioning of data centres, heat recovery and system solutions for hot water.”

How can visitors catch up with new developments?

“This year we have plenty in store for our visitors in terms of knowledge transfer and professional dialogue. On October 15, the day before Chillventa, the Chillventa congress will provide experts with comprehensive insights into the latest industry topics.

18 October 2018 Internationally renowned speakers will provide knowledge from research,

development and practice as well as information on the current political framework in Europe and worldwide. The programme includes the 5th Refrigeration Technology Innovation Day: Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection (in German), the ASERCOM+EPEE Symposium (in English), Heat Pumping Technologies for Commercial and Industrial Applications (in English) and Climate Control at Data Centres (in German). Noted speakers will talk about cutting-edge topics in three specialist forums

located in the middle of the halls. The latest product developments and innovative solutions in the areas of energy efficiency and energy savings will be presented in Halls 9 (applications, training and regulations), 7A (refrigeration technology) and 4A (air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps). Alongside innovations at the exhibitors’ stands, there will be special

presentations on the topics such as “Hygiene in air-charged heat exchangers” and “The heat pump, key technology for a successful energy transition”. All told, trade visitors can look forward to more than 150 high-calibre

Chillventa exhibition director

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