Sime committed to UK heating market

Heating and hot water solutions specialist Sime has divisions across the globe and has been active in the UK since 1994. Here HVR Domestic reveals more about the brand in a Q&A with national sales manager John Moran

Who is Sime?

Sime has been manufacturing advanced and energy efficient heating and hot water solutions for over 40 years. A global boiler brand, we have operating divisions in Italy, China, Spain, Greece and North America and have been selling products in the UK since 1994. We established our UK subsidiary in 2002, providing our loyal customer base of Gas Safe registered domestic and commercial heating engineers with reliable and easy to install products, including the highly popular Murelle range of domestic and light commercial boilers.

With a proven reputation for quality, reliability and performance, the Sime

brand incorporates the design and engineering synonymous with our Italian heritage. We strive to ensure all of our products are not only energy efficient, but as recyclable as possible too. Sime considers the recyclability of a product at design stage; the long term recyclability and disposal impact of every component is considered as part of the material selection process. We also make sure that all packaging is kept to a minimum and, where possible, these packaging materials are reusable.

Describe your range of products

Sime manufactures an extensive range of domestic and commercial boilers and controls to deliver intelligent and environmentally efficient heating and hot water solutions for a range of applications. Our domestic products are sold via merchants and direct to installers. Our Murelle domestic boilers are also a popular choice commercially for social housing and new build projects.

Which products are in demand?

Our Murelle domestic range of boilers continues to be popular. With the addition of a renewables solution, the Revolution 30 integrated heat pump and boiler to the Murelle range in April, our domestic offering continues to go from strength to strength. We’ve also noticed a resurgence of our Mini BF ErP water heater, which is currently one of our highest selling products. One of its many

John Moran, national sales manager at Sime

advantages is that it meets the Energy-related Products Directive’s low NOx class 6 requirements. Our commercial boilers are in demand too; we currently have a number of installations in progress with leading universities, schools, care homes and hotels.

What are the challenges for domestic homes?

I think the biggest HVAC challenge for domestic homes is utilising renewables solutions in existing properties. Homeowners want to reduce the carbon footprint of their homes and make them as energy efficient as possible but the majority of products available lend themselves better to new build properties rather than refurb projects. This is why we developed the Revolution; by integrating the heat pump and boiler in one cased product that is hung on the wall like a conventional boiler, the siting issues most commonly associated with heat pump installation are removed.

What are your future plans?

As an Italian manufacturer, the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit has of course had an impact. Like many manufacturers we introduced a slight price increase at the beginning of the year. In terms of how it will impact us in the coming years, it’s still no clearer to us than it was at the beginning of the year. There is still so much speculation as to the UK’s exit strategy and what the trading landscape will look like. We still can’t tell what the true impact will be, but as a company we are optimistic about the future. The launch this year of our integrated heat pump and boiler, the Murelle Revolution has been hugely successful and we have further additions to our Murelle range planned for 2019. Sime is committed to the UK market and we anticipate that the next few

years will be good ones for us from a sales perspective. Our new product development strategy is designed to not only take full advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead but to utilise emerging technologies to further enhance our domestic and commercial product ranges.

 October 2018

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