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The new FlexLine series of steam humidifi ers from HygroMatik has won the Plus X Award for Product of the Year 2018. The Plus X Awards has seven seals of approval by which products are judged: innovation, quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology. FlexLine was awarded three out of the seven seals for high quality, ease of use

and functionality, making it the most awarded product of all those participating. Adaptable to any humidifi cation scenario, FlexLine optimises indoor air conditions for industrial, commercial, cultural, domestic and leisure facilities. It can also control and stabilise air humidity for industry and processes with precision. Developed as a modular system, FlexLine units feature a 3.5” touch screen control to make it easy to monitor the exact humidity levels for any environment.


The latest generation of Toshiba’s ESTÍA heat pump, ESTÍA 5, is now available. After 10 years of continuous research and development in air-to-water heat pump technology, the new series of ESTÍA heat pumps delivers energy effi cient, low cost heating and cooling for homes and small commercial properties. The ESTÍA range delivers best-in-class Coeffi cient of

Performance (COP) of 4.90 at an air temperature of +7°C and 3.01 at -7°C, setting a new bench mark for heat pumps of this type. It is available as a split system from 4-16kW and monobloc from 16-21kW and has an effi ciency rating of A++ for space and combination heating. It can replace or complement conventional gas boilers and will work with all types of heat emitters, delivering hot water temperatures up to 55°C.


Titon has added a Purge Ventilation Unit for use in residential dwellings to its ventilation systems portfolio. Designed for house builders and specifi ers, the new unit eff ectively removes indoor pollutants within a home and is designed to satisfy the Building Regulations Part F 2010 requirement for purging, as set out in Appendix B. As a result, Titon’s Purge

Ventilation unit is capable of extracting a minimum of four air changes per hour per room directly to the outside. Featuring a low profi le, and boasting a high-effi ciency EC fan to meet the requirements of both new build and refurbishment projects, the unit is suitable for use in rooms measuring up to 45m2. It can be used as an independent purge system in its own right, or integrated into Titon’s HRV Q Plus MVHR or CME Q Plus MEV systems to provide additional dedicated purge ventilation.


Warm air heaters are subject to Lot 21 of the ErP Directive, and radiant heaters Lot 20. Minimum effi ciency for warm air is now 72% and 74% for radiant heaters. These minimum criteria are applicable for both new installations and when replacing existing products. Nortek’s ErP-compliant range includes the highly effi cient Nor-Ray- Vac, a gas-fi red continuous radiant tube heating system designed specifi cally for the building it is required to heat. The Nor-Ray-Vac system is designed to provide uniform heat coverage over the entire fl oor area. The system can also cater for distinct zones, providing a varied degree of comfort level within the overall layout of the building. With increased comfort, along with a reduction in operating costs of up to 60% over conventional systems, Reznor will help keep end users’ operating costs down.


Following a site survey in early 2018 at Dudley Community Fire Station, it was concluded that the existing LPHW and HWS plant needed replacing with more effi cient equipment. Davies Partnership collaborated with West Midlands Fire to select Mikrofi ll equipment to cover the station’s demands. Now, three Ethos 110kW stainless steel condensing boilers are providing heating

and indirect LPHW to two 500L Extreme HWS loading cylinders. The Extreme is a hot water generator that combines the advantages of an instantaneous hot water heater and a storage system. The effi ciency of the Ethos 110kW boiler is maximised while providing indirect LPHW to the cylinder, as the Extreme operates at a ∆t of 30°C. Based on a prioritised input of 110kW at 80°C, each Extreme 500 will produce in excess of 2350 l/hr and 800 litres in a 10 minute period at 60°C.



SALUS has unveiled FC600, a fan coil thermostat that helps reduce energy costs while providing thermal comfort. It can be integrated into SALUS’s Smart Home range for advanced remote control of multiple devices. FC600 is ideal for use in offi ces, hotels, workshops, warehouses, shops, farm buildings and homes. Able to control fan coil

units and manage temperature, it can be used with any combination of heating devices. This multi-functional temperature controller can act as an occupancy sensor for buildings with key-card contact or as an external temperature sensor. It can provide manual or automatic changeover between heating and cooling. With three variable fan settings to choose from, as well as manual or automatic fan speed control, this thermostat guarantees optimum effi ciency and maximum comfort. October 2018 43 43

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