n 2012 KSB acquired Smedegaard Pumps and in December 2016 Smedegaard

UK became KSB Building Services Division. With this KSB has made great strides in creating products for the Building Services Market, including the Delta Basic Range of Booster Sets and our re‐named in‐line pumps, the Etaline L and DL.

The Delta Range is KSB’s latest

innovation in booster technology and the range can be supplied in

three designs – DeltaCompact ‐ Horizontal Multistage pumps, DeltaBasic – 2 or 3 vertical multistage pumps and DeltaPlus – Customised to your requirements. The Delta Basic is WRAS

approved and energy efficient. The booster set uses either single phase or 3 phase inverters, which include smart functions like surge protection, and KSB’s tried and tested Movitec pumps. Complementing our existing range of Etaline in‐line pumps,

Efficient heat recovery in industrial applications by using brazed plate heat exchanger technology


chieve significant cost savings while

lowering CO2 emissions. Today, global industry consumes a vast amount of energy. The biggest challenge is that as much as half of it is wasted due to the inefficient and complicated recovery of low‐grade energy. Heat in the form of vapor, hot water, or hot air is a result of almost any production cycle, but it does not have to go to waste. With smarter systems, it can be recovered and reused for other purposes, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and to significant cost savings for both producers and end users. The primary heat recovery solution in industry to

date has been gasketed heat exchangers. It is widely known that these require a lot of space and regular maintenance, and have high lifecycle costs. Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs), however, offer the same power but are substantially more compact and are virtually maintenance‐free, reducing their lifecycle costs. SWEP BPHEs offer the most efficient recovery of

heat across a range of industrial applications, including co‐gen and gen‐set, chillers, organic Rankine cycle (ORC), the process industry, and air compressors. In many cases, the reduction in wasted energy combined with lowered utility costs optimizes the payback period. This can be as short as 6 months. More info, email:

To feature in What’s New, call Claire Rixon on 01622 699198 Introducing new ranges of booster units and pumps from KSB

KSB has re‐named the old Smedegaard Omega range of in line pumps to Etaline L. Etaline L, Single Pump, and Etaline DL, Twin Pumps. Customers can choose between a fixed speed drive and a variable speed drive. Both three‐ phase motors and single‐ phase motors are on offer, and the pump sets are available for horizontal or vertical installation. Sentinel commercial team continues to grow

team in order to cope with rising demand. Russ Walliss has taken on the role of Commercial Sector Manager for the South, and is responsible for providing effective technical sales services to meet the individual needs of a range of commercial clients including specifiers, local authorities, healthcare providers and design and build contractors. Russ has occupied senior roles in the heating sector for more than 35 years, including Area Sales and Support Services Management positions with Hamworthy Heating, as well as Mechanical Package and Contracts Manager for Colt International. The valuable experience and expertise offered by Russ is being fully utilised by Sentinel Commercial, as his new role includes the assessment of suitable water treatment solutions using the company’s chemical applications and limescale prevention device, KalGUARD. Specifically, Russ will form value propositions for end‐user clients, liaise with boiler and component manufacturers to ensure end‐to‐end solutions, and work alongside consulting engineers and contractors to provide specification and onsite advice. He will also deliver best practice training via CPD seminars.


uRuss Walliss, Sentinel’s Commercial Sector Manager for the South. It’s all about the ‘Application’

pecialising in climate control has always been the ethos of Calorex but now as part of a larger group, which includes Dantherm and Master, the range of products that are on offer has greatly increased. The growing company is now firmly


focused on the future and being the preferred partner and supplier of all climate control business. Focusing on four sectors – Mobile, Pool &

Commercial, Home and Electronics – the group has technological solutions for heating, drying, cooling and ventilation problems. To help give customers as much

information as possible, the Calorex website has now added tailored ‘Application’ pages to its site that focus on solutions across several industries with information on the

TOTEM CHP at Bootham School A

dveco Ltd has been awarded the contract

to supply a TOTEM T50 m‐CHP to Bootham School in York as part of the renovation to the heating system being carried out by John Wright Electrical & Mechanical Services Ltd. Founded in 1823, Bootham School offers a first‐class education to over 600 pupils aged between 3‐19. As the sister company to

Adveco (AWP) Ltd., who trade as AO Smith Water Heaters in the UK and have over 45 years of industry experience, Adveco Ltd. is an accomplished supplier of complete heating and hot water systems using high efficiency and renewable technologies including an exclusive distribution agreement for TOTEM CHP. The TOTEM T50 at Bootham School will provide a combined 100kW of additional heating capacity on top of the existing

best way to solve the issues, educational case studies and videos to watch. The ‘Application’ pages

range from swimming pools and whole building ventilation solutions to drying rooms, car storage and preservation.

As well as the ‘Application’ pages being added, Calorex’s ‘Product’ pages now also showcase Dantherm products that have been added to our sales portfolio. “We are now a global market leader specialising in climate control.” said Lee Austin, Head of UK Operations. “As we have all the technology under one roof we are in a unique position to offer our customers the best choice suited to their problems.”

CP Electronics responds to market demand with improved green‐i energy controls

condensing boilers, as well as generating 50kW of electrical power. The system design is projected to provide over 60% of the yearly heating and hot water demand of the school while reducing the site’s grid consumed electricity. With a payback period of less

than five years, Bootham School’s decision to use the Adveco supplied TOTEM CHP will deliver significant energy savings and efficiency gains in addition to drastically reducing the school’s carbon emissions.

programmable presence detector and infrared handset, together with a presence/absence detector for the electrical wholesaler market. This is the latest development in ongoing advances to the popular green‐i range of energy controls. Following continual investment


into research and development at its London manufacturing facility, CP has developed a highly functional, infrared handset for its GEFL‐IR presence detector, which is sold as part of its green‐i range. Futhermore the new GEFL‐PB‐ABS detector delivers both presence and absence detection to the range for the first time, with easy push button set up. The company sees these new additions as a natural progression for its green‐i range. As LED lamps continue to grow in popularity, CP Electronics is consistently meeting market demand for more intelligent ways to control LED


lighting with its green‐i‐products. As lighting control becomes

more important to electrical contractors, CP’s own team of dedicated R&D engineers, are continuing to improve the green‐i range with fast installation front‐ of‐mind. Product Manager, John Mercer

explains: “By manufacturing our products in‐house, and in the UK, we can continue to fully support our British customer base.” For more information, visit

or the first time, CP Electronics has released an easy to fit green‐i infrared

entinel Commercial’s lifetime boiler and system protection solutions are clearly winning over the commercial building market; the water treatment specialist has welcomed yet another area manager to its

to a refurbished office building in the centre of Brighton, UK. Hastings‐based installer, Coolerway specified Panasonic’s innovative 3‐way Multi Heat Recovery Control Boxes and VRF ECOi system to provide a solution that not only offers simultaneous heating and cooling, but is also easy for staff to control. The new tenants of the ground floor of Lees House, leading digital marketing agency Net Natives, carried out a significant refurbishment to their two office spaces, creating a trendy, stripped‐ back style. To help cultivate the industrial aesthetic, the piping and units of the heating and cooling system became architectural features, rather than simply functional pieces of technology. Distributor TF Solutions supplied two Panasonic HR Control Boxes, installed by Coolerway in


It’s easy being green: Panasonic provides sustainable and flexible HVAC solution to offfice building

anasonic has supplied an efficient and easy‐to‐install heating and cooling system

each part of the office and linked to 8 Panasonic 4‐way cassette units. For the installer, this new system cut down the project time significantly, as the new 3‐way Multi HR Control Box removes the need for installing individual 3‐way PCB and solenoid valve kits for each indoor unit. It also simplifies and reduces costs and timing in installation and designing processes. For the end user, the benefit is that each cassette can be controlled individually, allowing one to be in cooling mode while the other is in heating mode.

Keeping commercial heating costs under control


n today’s energy conscious environment, more

and more owners of commercial buildings, property managers and building maintenance staff are seeking to increase savings on their buildings’ energy costs. To meet today’s

stringent requirements, heating control systems must be capable of increasing internal comfort conditions while effecting real fuel cost savings. Ideally, they should also be very straightforward and secure to use, with a wide range of energy‐optimising features. One way of achieving this is by installing an energy efficient management control system. Richard Ferguson, Marketing and Communications Executive at Nortek explains the benefits of having such a system in place. Few computerised systems offer the same breadth of functionality and benefits as SmartCom which is an intelligent energy management controller which is able to satisfy the growing need for higher efficiencies and to complement the development of efficient heating systems. Compatible with radiant tube,

warm air and many other types of heating system, SmartCom incorporates self‐adapting optimised start‐up to ensure increased comfort and cost savings. SmartCom enables the heating to be networked across multiple zones, with the advantage that varying work patterns and operational temperatures within the same building can be taken into account – adding to the system’s energy saving capability. Installation is quick and

straightforward. A wall mounting template is designed to make things as easy as possible for installers. Users will find the system simple to operate since programming is carried out following intuitive on‐ screen instructions, without the need for a manual. It also provides cost‐effective energy management for small single heater installations through to large multi‐zone

applications requiring centralised control.

Functionality SmartCom has been designed to

offer exceptional functionality, including:

• Multiple control options – eg.

ventilation‐only operation, 7‐day programming, 3 on‐off periods per day, holiday and overtime mode. • Password‐protected operation

to prevent units being tampered with.

• Compatibility with building

management systems – units have an override facility that allows the BMS to control any number of SmartCom units. There are a number of standard

features, common to all models, that will enhance the operation of both heating system and safety back‐up:

• Compact IP30 enclosure

complete with cable entry knock‐ outs

• Built‐in room temperature

sensor • 7‐day battery back‐up • Flame failure lock‐out • Optimum start‐up • Easy overtime and holiday period set‐up • Integral temperature sensor in

every SmartCom control unit – although optional remote sensors, including radiant black bulb, warm air and duct sensors, are also available. An intelligent energy

management controller is designed to satisfy the market’s need for higher efficiency heating and heating control systems, and to complement the development of high performance gas‐fired heating systems, whether radiant or warm air. VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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