To feature in What’s New, call Claire Rixon on 01622 699198 Ellis Alphas secure Lima power specification

by Edelnor in a new transmission substation in Lima, Peru that has been constructed to pave the way for line 2 of the city’s metropolitan railway system. With work having recently commenced on line 2, and plans put in places for a further four new lines, Lima Metro is one of the biggest current infrastructure projects in Latin America.


Ellis’ Alpha cable cleats are manufactured in extruded aluminium (6000 series) to BS EN 755

he world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, Ellis has seen its Alpha trefoil cable cleats specified and installed

– making them far more robust than cast aluminium cleats. They are also easy to fit, thanks to an easy one bolt fixing mechanism and zinc plated steel closing fasteners, and are available with two base options; aluminium or polymer; the latter available for use in installations where galvanic corrosion could be an issue. Tony Conroy, Ellis’ global sales director, said:

“Our Alpha cleats have won us a great deal of business since we first introduced them. And it was a combination of their technical superiority to other similar cleats, our delivery times and the fact the Ellis name is known and

Is your project at risk?

trusted around the world, that led to us securing what we hope will prove to be a very important specification.” Building on energy savings


Raising standards in the classroom for ventilation and CO₂ control


he government is getting tough on air quality in the classroom.

Under the 2017 BB101 Guidelines maximum CO₂ limits have been changed significantly to include science labs, halls and gyms to ensure children experience a healthy indoor air quality.

This summer schools should

ensure that classrooms stay within the new maximum CO₂ limits to meet the new regulations. Clarkson Controls can easily

help you comply with the new BB101 regulations with their NEW UK designed i‐Con Room Sensors with CO₂ level traffic light indicators, with simple override buttons for instant control of Open, Close which reverts to Auto setting after a pre‐set time. All base settings are fully adjustable, and easily set. New limits for science labs


of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University and Tata Steel and its Tubes business.

B uEstablished to

support the building and industrial services industry, and improve the awareness pipework related issues and innovations.

uBISPA offers a free tube specification review service, as well as

ISPA is a collaboration between the School

providing CIBSE CPD approved courses on pipework and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

uIncorrect tube

specifications, lack of awareness or poor control within the supply chain can leave building services projects exposed to the risk of non‐compliant or poor quality pipework being installed.

uEven when

specifications do state BS EN10255, such tubes can be supplied either hot‐

finished or cold‐formed, making a big difference on how the pipework performs during installation and when in service.

uOnly through multi‐

certification to both BS EN10255/10217‐2 ‘GH’ (Get Hot) can you guarantee a hot‐finished product, one that is technically superior to commodity cold‐formed alternatives.

rundfos approached a facilities management company suggesting that they could benefit from undertaking energy checks on the pump

equipment at the various buildings they are responsible for maintaining. The timing was good, as the company had recently

been tasked with finding additional savings beyond those that had already been achieved on lighting and water usage for a larger sized office block. The decision was taken to undertake an energy check on the pump system to ascertain the extent of any savings that would be possible. This type of check offers any company the opportunity to look at their installed pump base and gain an understanding of where any saving might lie and what those savings might be. In this instance, the resultant comprehensive

report showed that the pumps that were supporting the heating and cooling systems offered excellent savings opportunities. These pumps had been in situ for many years and the energy check and its subsequent report made it clear that, just by converting the existing fixed speed pumps to variable speed replacements, this one action alone would deliver energy savings of 774,823kw pa. This is equal to a whopping 45% energy saving and offered a return on investment of just 1.7 years. The indicated pumps have now been replaced and

the facilities management company is so impressed with their results that they requested more energy checks be undertaken on other premises in their portfolio. Viega products achieve BSI Kitemark certification

global manufacturer of press connection, prewall and drainage technology. Products within the Megapress, Profipress and Sanpress Inox ranges have received the accreditation, which confirms each one has been rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability and quality in line with UK industry standards.


year. These highly acclaimed awards seek to recognise the best in new commercial buildings. The Student Accommodation Development of the Year category had nine shortlisted developments vying for top position, but it was The Holyrood North Residence Hall at the University of Edinburgh that was announced as the winner.

T The BSI Kitemark™ scheme has offered

third‐party product testing for over a century. Manufacturers voluntarily submit products

he British Standards Institution (BSI) has provided Kitemark™ certification for a number of key products from Viega, the

for the stringent checks, to ensure uncompromising standards. Following the thorough testing programme,

Viega’s Megapress, Megapress G, Profipress, Profipress G, Sanpress Inox and Sanpress Inox G press connection systems have all received the prestigious accreditation. Scott James, Director at Viega commented:

“We are proud to receive the BSI Kitemark™ on a number of our key products for the UK market, offering customers additional assurance that our German engineered products meet exacting standards for quality, reliability and safety. Viega has a rich heritage of bringing

innovative, efficient and safe solutions to markets across the globe and we are delighted that our products have now received further recognition.” To find out more about Viega’s full range of product solutions visit Scottish students win by degrees

he Scottish Property Awards saw their highest number of entries ever this

Grundfos Pumps were

delighted to hear the result as this is a project that they had supplied a complete pump solution for. This win is possibly not a huge surprise as the development manages to encompass an architecturally wonderful building that will be home to 480 postgraduates. It also makes great use of materials and has been meticulously and uniquely designed. This design encompasses a large communal kitchen, the first of its kind in the


UK that then breaks down into eight 60‐person sub‐kitchens that are the ideal locations to students to interact and socialise. In addition, there is a common room, tv room and music rooms. Supporting all of this is a range

of energy efficient Grundfos pumps that will continue to ensure that the heating, cooling

and water demands will continue to maintain the high standards that you would expect from such a prestigious project.

mean an alarm must alert when CO₂ > 2,800ppm, this alarm sounder and LED form an integral part of the i‐Con room sensor. A State‐of‐the‐art CO₂ active sensing element with auto calibration is at the heart of the unit.

The i‐CON is easy to install,

easy to setup and a BACnet version is due soon. Designed by control engineers for control engineers.

New PAC8 App managed controller is big in features but small in size


specialist in reliable and versatile access‐control solutions for over 35 years,

PAC has launched the new PAC8, an exceptionally compact, feature rich single door controller, managed entirely through an App with a secure Cloud back end. PAC8 is a highly cost‐effective

access control solution not only in terms of pricing but, because it is App based, it removes the need for a PC to control the system. The significant quantity of cabling that is normally required to interconnect the controller to the PC is also subsequently eliminated. This of course also makes for ease of installation, further enhanced by the size of the controller itself, which fits in to a standard electrical back box allowing it to be mounted local to the door. Despite its compact size, PAC8 retains 90% of the features found in comparable PC based systems.

Using the App, which is

available on Android and shortly to be released on iOS (iphones and ipads), the PAC8 controller is configured by the installer to match the customer’s requirement for the doors around the building. Once the engineer has set the system up, the customer can take control of it on their own App.‐8‐controller

PAT testing made easy, anytime, anywhere with Martindale Electric

appliances, the HPAT Series of portable appliance testers from Martindale Electric – one of the most trusted brands in electrical safety – enables both contractors and competent in‐house personnel to quickly and safely verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances. Designed to perform safety


checks in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice (4th Edition) the lightweight HPAT Series of rechargeable handheld testers are designed for ease of use, with one button automatic testing and clear connection details shown on the tester. The small lightweight design and one button operation, make the HPATs ideal for testing in all locations, be it under a desk or behind a monitor.

hen it comes to testing portable

Suitable for Class I and Class II appliances or power leads, the HPAT500 is an entry level PAT tester which incorporates large PASS/FAIL indicators and clearly displays all test results on screen. For more demanding applications, the 250V test option on the HPAT600 is ideal for surge protected devices and the adjustable test limits are useful when testing long extension leads. In addition the HPAT600 stores test data for up to 200 appliances for on‐screen recall.


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