BSEE Meet Hamworthy Heating’s Stainless Family up close


calorifier, the Stainless Family, to the road from June 2017 to show customers the benefits of the alloy. For hands‐on experience, the ‘Stainless Van’ is equipped with real products and hydraulic schematics as visuals. Visitors will have the chance to learn about stainless steel as material at the ‘heart’ of the boiler – the heat exchanger. Other topics covered are how modular boilers such as the Wessex ModuMax


ommercial boiler and hot water specialist Hamworthy Heating is taking its range of stainless steel boilers and

mk3 can be integrated into and benefit heat networks and how to design a hot water and heating system efficiently. The van will be


Light Efficient Design UK launches multi‐directional retrofit LED high bay

Smart Switch is North’s new multi‐ system controller, with touchscreen and rocker buttons. Smart Switch simplifies the user


ight Efficient Design UK Limited has launched the LED 8030M high bay retrofit. Replacing up to 400 watt HIDs with 140 watt LED it offers up to 70%

energy and carbon savings as well as bright white light (>80 CRI). Available in 4000K and 5700K CCT, the multi‐

directional LED‐8030M shines light up, down and sideways and retrofits into most existing high bay HID fittings with ribbed Perspex diffusers. The 8032M has nearly all downlight for use in metal spun high bay reflectors. This makes it ideally suited for many applications including large retail, warehouse and industrial spaces as well as leisure environments such as auditoria and gymnasiums. Installation simply requires bypassing or removal

of the existing ballast and directly connecting the lamp holder to the 240V supply. The new retrofit LED lamp is then easily fitted. With a 50,000 hour rated lamp life, all Light

Efficient Design products are backed by a five year warranty and are CE/ROHS certified. Light Efficient Design UK’s Newbury‐based warehouse offers prompt delivery to UK/Ireland electrical wholesalers on all Light Efficient Design retrofit LED products.


interface to heating, lighting, air conditioning, energy monitoring, home automation systems, and more. Installers and designers can choose the facia and touchscreen colours to match interior decoration, and configure its operation to match installed systems. Smart Switch can use its inputs and outputs to control a local heating zone, or allow remote systems to manage them.

Smart Switch multi‐system controller from North Building Technologies

orth Building Technologies are pleased to announce the launch of Smart Switch.

To feature in What’s New, call Claire Rixon on 01622 699198

driven by Hamworthy’s commercial heating and hot water experts who will be on hand to answer any questions. Supporting information such as schematics, videos and literature will also be available. Customers can link a visit of the roadshow van with one of Hamworthy’s free CIBSE‐accredited CPD seminars. The Stainless Van will be available from June 2017. Bookings can be made by phone on 01202 662500 or email at sales@hamworthy‐ For updates and more info, follow Hamworthy on Twitter @heatingatwork and track the van’s journey on

Holistic approval boosts leading HIUs hot water credentials


aving always been able to demonstrate

compliance with WRAS/KIWA requirements for water quality, the H2 Heat Interface Units offered by Stokvis Energy Systems have now been granted overarching certification through the regulatory scheme. The consolidated approval was

awarded following exhaustive tests at the Water Research Advisory Scheme’s approved laboratories, so that the product portfolio now offers consultants and contractors involved with the creation of communal or district heating schemes the ultimate confidence. The WRAS certification will

remain valid for five years until December 2021 and covers the Stokvis Econoplate H2, H2‐24/14, H2‐24/24 and H2‐24/40 Heat Interface Units. The HIUs have also been made

Come and see how Smart Switch

achieves all this at our new offices in Brighton, or call to arrange a demo at your offices.

cable entry. The TKS 32. The TKS 32 is a new and innovative solution that is exciting contractors across the UK. So, what’s the fuss all about? Well, the TKS 32 is a membrane with 4 entries giving IP 66 protection and cable retention (according to EN 62444) for quick and easy installation. Simply push the TKS 32 into the unit and insert cable through the membrane to complete installation. The TKS 32 is suitable for 16 or 25 mm tails and 10 or 16 mm earth. Ideal for both internal and external


applications, the TKS 32 is glow wire tested to 960 °C. The sleek low profile design allows for a flush fitting helping to save on space, and with no additional locknut

Nittan smoke detectors protect Italian UNESCO World Heritage site

World heritage site Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, Italy as part of an integrated fire and security system designed and installed by Nittan agent EL.MO. Spa. Piazza del Duomo is a magnificent square that represents the best example of the Pisa Romanesque style as well as being home to four outstanding monuments: the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Camposanto (cemetery) and the world famous “Leaning” Tower of Pisa. In addition, there are two museums ‐ the Sinopie Museum which hosts the big preparatory drawings recovered beneath the frescoes decorating the Camposanto and the Opera del Duomo Museum which shows the history of Pisa art and sculpture of the Middle Ages. EL.MO. Spa. who have been a leading Italian fire and security organisation since 1975 and a long term Nittan partner, were


ittan fire detection equipment has been installed in to the UNESCO

selected by Opera della Primaziale Pisana (OPA) ‐ a non‐profit organisation which oversees the Piazza del Duomo – as these historically significant sites and precious works of art require round the clock protection afforded by a highly reliable integrated security and fire protection system. The EL.MO. Spa. proposal met the exacting requirements, utilising both existing equipment where possible and seamlessly intergating new devices. The company continuously

innovates and strives for exceptional quality products that meet the highest of standards. To learn more about Nittan’s

products go to

WISKA launch NEW Tails Kit solution

ISKA have drawn upon their 98 years of expertise in cable entry systems to develop a new type of

Global manufacturer of air curtains and heaters – VTS Poland

more serviceable in that the key components are now easier to access and demount as

necessary; and they remain amongst the few such units available that are British made. Furthermore, this

is a very important and rapidly growing market, enabling

those who live in, or operate apartment buildings and other complexes, to do away with the risks and inefficiencies of individual gas boilers in every dwelling. And instead switch to shared boiler systems incorporating renewables, including heat pumps and solar panels, so that far greater energy efficiency can be enjoyed by all residents. For further information on

Stokvis Energy Systems, please call 020 8783 3050 or visit

required you also save on time and money too.

Will Rich MD of WISKA UK Ltd has this to

say about the TKS 32 “The TKS 32 has been designed to speed up installation and give a better appearance to the Consumer Unit”. The TKS 32. Quick. Easy. Perfect. For more information contact WISKA at

SAV Systems and Danfoss team up to tackle fuel poverty

Danfoss in an initiative to raise awareness about fuel poverty and offer practical solutions through energy‐ efficient heat networks. The discussions took place during a recent visit to SAV Systems’ low carbon application centre in Woking by Danfoss senior executives Lars Tveen, Segment President for Danfoss Heating, and Søren Lyngholm, Vice President for Light Duty Stations. Actions to follow will include an educational campaign combined with the development of new, more efficient heat interface units in the Danfoss FlatStation range for use in heat networks. SAV Systems’ Managing


AV Systems has teamed up with technology partners

years – continuously. Starting our business in Poland, today we are in more than 50 countries around the world. Our air heaters and air


curtains meet the requirements of clients all over Europe. Unique design, which is proved by iF award, and reliability ‐ we sell more than 85 000 equipment units annually. It something that makes our products so different. The WING air curtains and

uLeft to right: Søren Lyngholm, Vice President for Light Duty Stations; Lars Tveen, Segment President for Danfoss Heating; Lars Fabricius, SAV Managing Director; Silas Flytkjaer, SAV Product Manager for Danfoss FlatStations.

Director Lars Fabricius commented: “Fuel poverty is a more widespread socio‐economic issue across the UK than many


people realise and poor energy efficiency is one of the key contributory factors. Working closely with our colleagues at Danfoss we will be promoting greater awareness of this issue and the role of lean heat networks in driving down energy costs.”


VOLCANO heaters are also characterized by low consumption of electricity and high air expenditure. VR mini heater, the power consumption requirement is 0.095 kW and the maximum air flow is 2100 m3/h. Air curtain W150, the power consumption requirement is 0,18 kW, and the maximum air flow is 3100 m3/h.

All of our units we produce

with EC motors, makes them very efficient and eco‐friendly. Our solutions are easy‐to‐use

in the case of mounting, operation process and maintenance. One mounting handle for heaters and up to 3 holders for air curtains. Low weight. The whole makes the transport and installation

e have been manufacturing our products for over 20

process friendly and simple – no surprises.

The use of microprocessor

technology in VOLCANO EC and WING EC controllers enables the individual adjustment of many parameters of the device to customer needs. A large display is convenient for reading the basic parameters and changing them.

Thanks to our controllers you

are able to: umaintain desired temperature in automatic mode ucontrol fan speed automatically and manually uuse your air curtain in interaction with door opening sensor (WING) uset up weekly work time program uconnect your device with BMS systems

VTS air heaters and air

curtains are a guarantee of reliability, they are easy to use and, finally, guarantee the cost savings. We provide a 5 year warranty, this is a new standard for the market. In case of any problems, We simply send a new air heater/ air curtain. Contact us via email at VISIT OUR WEBSITE:

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