Steinel Professional’s latest XLED PRO Wide and XLED PRO Square – with innovative lens matrix – are powerful sensor‐switched LED floodlights.

ffering ultimate efficiency, full flexibility and

separate basic light level, both of the new powerful XLED PRO Wide and XLED PRO Square sensor-switched LED floodlights from Steinel Professional are extremely powerful outdoor

floodlights for illuminating expansive properties and building fronts.

Intricately calculated lens optics for maximum light efficiency, as well as a newly developed lens cover, have optimised the wide-area lighting of these floodlights. The unique LED lens matrix provides additional basic brightness in a linear light pattern. The flat-design light

In return for low investment costs and maximum cost efficiency, both floodlights are also available in a slave version without sensor in both luminous intensities. Several floodlights can be interconnected to illuminate particularly large areas.


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Maximum lighting efficiency from Steinel O

head can be swivelled through 360 degrees and tilted through 90 degrees for positioning flexibility. This makes it possible to define the exact area illuminated. As a result, particularly square and wide areas can be lit precisely and evenly. Uplighting and downlighting is also possible. Locking firmly into place, the LED panel always stays in the chosen position.

Both the square XLED PRO Square and the rectangular XLED PRO Wide are available as a basic version with a light output of 24.8 watts and 2,400 lumens at 97 lm/W. In the more powerful XL version, both floodlights deliver an extremely bright 4,400 lumens of light at 92 lm/W from 48 watts. A particularly precise passive infrared (PIR) motion detector with an angle of coverage of 240 degrees and maximum reach of 12 metres provides intelligent light management. Even mounted at a height of up to 6 metres, no movement is overlooked. This means light is only ever switched ON automatically when it is

actually needed. As a result, XLED PRO floodlights ensure more safety and security throughout the area surrounding the building.

Versatile and interconnectable

Thanks to the various user- friendly functions, these floodlights can be adjusted to the particular situation prevailing at the point of use. The response threshold can be infinitely varied from 2 lux to as much as 1,000 lux. A period of between 5 seconds and 15 minutes can be selected as the stay-ON time.

Two separate rows of LEDs in the light panel provide basic lighting which can be set to stay on all night as well as for 10 or 30 minutes after the selected time has elapsed. The professional user benefits from fast and easy installation as well as from the ability to configure the lights at ground level via remote control or Smart Remote.

In return for low investment costs and maximum cost

uSteinel Professional’s XLED PRO WIDE and XLED PRO Square are powerful, sensor‐switched floodlights.

efficiency, both floodlights are also available in a slave version without sensor in both luminous intensities. Several floodlights can be interconnected to illuminate particularly large areas. The special design of these floodlights protects the LED light system from

overheating. A high-quality aluminium heat sink reliably dissipates the heat that is generated (Passive Thermo

Control). This ensures a service life of 50,000 hours, making these LED floodlights last almost for ever while also reducing investment and maintenance costs.

Steinel Professional gives a 5-year functional warranty on all XLED PRO floodlight versions.

The new high-performance XLED floodlights are

available in black or white at specialist retailers.

XLED PRO Square Lighting efficiency squared.

XLED PRO Square with 2400 lm, 24.8 W, 240° angle of coverage and 12 m reach. High-quality aluminium heat sink.

Precision-calculated lens matrix for even light pattern over large, square areas. Flat-design light head swivelling in all directions for maximum lighting efficiency and precision illumination. Including basic-light LEDs. Max. mounting height 6 m.



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