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Dunham‐Bush Pedestal Finvector perimeter heating, together with fan‐ assisted Aerocourse trench heating, has been installed in the new Smythe Library at Tonbridge School as part of the recent £6.1m refurbishment project undertaken by Buxton Contractors Ltd.

The new Tonbridge School facility reflects a growing school, changes to the school’s curriculum, the use of modern technology and the need for flexible teaching spaces.

The heating design was by BDP and reflects the specific demands of the building’s usage by providing a comfortable environment for the students and teaching staff. Trench heating was chosen as the most suitable solution for the library, stairwell and office areas, where space was at a premium to accommodate over 21,000 books, including the oldest book in the collection, the Jenson Bible, dating back to 1479. Approximately 50m of fan-assisted trench heating was supplied to ensure

INSTALLATION NEWS BSEE Dunham‐Bush provides a comfortable environment at new Smythe Library

heat is delivered when needed. The quick response time of the Aerocourse units delivers economy and comfort. In keeping with the library’s design and the high quality building materials used, the AFA-1 type trench heating units were installed and finished with 180mm wide solid oak grilles. The stairwell areas were fitted with AFA-2 type heating units and finished with 270mm wide solid oak grilles to match the flooring.

Attractive anodized aluminium grilles were fitted to the AFA-1 and AFA- 2 trench systems installed in the Learning Support Offices.

The Chan Café was added to the building as a community gathering area, adjacent to the new well-

equipped teaching areas. Here, 40 bespoke pedestal style Finvectors fit unobtrusively into the window alcoves of both the café and study areas. Colour coordinated casing and grilles added to the overall aesthetics, whilst providing comfortable and controllable heating to these areas.

A refurbished mezzanine level was also provided, to include spaces for the Careers and University Learning Strategies Departments. The heating installation was undertaken by SMS (Southern Ltd). The new library was officially opened last year by HRH Princess Alexandra. Enhancing the atmosphere of internationally‐important collection

Gilberts Blackpool, a leading British air movement specialist, has provided ventilation louvres for the new museum, designed by Carmody Groarke as part of a RIBA international design competition for Lakeland Arts. The museum replaces existing facilities, and will rehouse what is hailed as the most important collection of watercraft in one location globally. The museum design comprises a boathouse, conservation workshop and learning centre that reflects the site’s industrial heritage.

uThe new Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats and Stories benefits from Gilberts’ ventilation louvres.

Roofing and cladding contractor Lakesmere, working on behalf of main contractor Thomas Armstrong, has installed 28 of Gilberts’ WHF75 high performance flanged ventilation louvres, each fitted with a VN75 volume control damper into the external façade of an SFS substructure with a copper profile rain screen skin. The Gilberts louvres were chosen by project consultants ARUP, as most suited to integrate into the external soffit zones of the façade and provide efficient airflow and ventilation of the main exhibition spaces throughout the cantilevered building range.

Gilberts’ WHF75 louvre was fitted with a VN-75 natural ventilation damper designed to provide smooth, accurate and stable airflow. The damper attains a U value of 0.96W/m2/K, with air leakage less than 5m3/hr/m2. The 75mm blade pitch of the single core WHF louvres deliver high performance with Class A weatherability, and a free ventilation area of 50%. The Series WH is a core element of Gilberts’ air movement solutions, which incorporates grilles, louvres, and diffusers for natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation.

Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts Blackpool is unique in its ability to develop components – be it ‘mainstream’ or bespoke – entirely in-house, from initial design through tooling, production, testing and supply, at its 85,000sq ft manufacturing facility. Its state of the art test centre, designed and built in-house, is one of the most technically advanced in the country.

voestalpine Metsec plc has provided its Metframe pre‐ panelised steel‐framing product for a new 62‐ room Travelodge hotel on the Thetford Riverside Development in Norfolk. The use of modern methods of construction ensured the initial build phase of the project was completed within budget and to tight deadlines.

Metsec delivers framing solution for Thetford riverside redevelopment

The Metframe load bearing walls and concrete floors formed the top three storeys of the Travelodge building, and were installed onsite in just eight weeks. The acoustic properties of the hotel’s structure were an important element and the concrete floors specified as part of the Metframe design provided the high levels of acoustic insulation required.

The Metframe solution was selected due to the structural efficiency of the system and manufacturing the product offsite contributed to a fast build, allowing that section of the project to be completed to a tight schedule. Value engineering the structure resulted in key savings. For example, reduced weight allowed the use of shallower foundations, which reduced the amount of materials required and the overall cost of the building. Colin Kennedy, Managing Director at Vietchi Interiors said: “With the Metframe product we were able to achieve exactly what the client required on time and within budget despite challenges presented by the winter

weather and a location where access was limited by proximity to the river. Metframe was chosen for this project due to the greater stability and fire resistance of the system compared with alternatives such as a timber-frame kit construction.”

The pre-panelised Metframe system is a lightweight steel structure designed to meet modern construction environment demands. The cold rolled sections are manufactured in precise lengths and the panels are then assembled off-site.

Stairs and lift shafts are integral to the Metframe system and are installed as each floor is constructed, removing the need to rely on external scaffold for access to upper levels, providing convenience and added speed to the erection sequence. Trend’s IQView receives rave reviews at the Queen’s Theatre

The Queen’s Theatre site consists of three boilers, two air-handling units (AHUs), and two additional boilers that are dedicated to the radiator heating circuit. This plant is all linked to the BEMS, which provides the best possible comfort conditions.

uTrend’s IQView software is being used as part of the BEMS for The Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch.

Trend maintains and services the BEMS and the Queen’s Theatre’s Head of Facilities, Terry Abbot, worked closely with Trend to explore new and innovative ways to save money by improving the way that the building uses energy. Abbot comments: “Trend outlined the benefits that having a touch screen display would offer in terms of being able to monitor the BEMS in real time and make any adjustments to energy use.”

IQView8 makes energy management as simple as possible and has an eight inch full colour 16:9 touch screen display that provides a self-configuring user interface to the Queen’s Theatre’s BEMS. The IQView software presents the user with a familiar Windows operating environment with visual access to all of the


controllers and devices on a site, enabling the user to view and adjust operating times, monitor alarms and make adjustments to controller parameters. Terry Abbot is overjoyed with the difference that the IQView8 has made to his ability to control the BEMS at the Queen’s Theatre. He concludes: “For a long time I was unable to see exactly what the BEMS was doing and relied solely upon Trend’s engineers to make adjustments when they visited the site. IQView8 has put me in control too, which is fantastic. “I am able to review time schedules, make adjustments to setpoints and use plant in the most efficient ways possible. This will save energy and money, enhance comfort conditions, and extend the lifetime of the plant. I wish I’d done it much sooner!” For more information call 01403 211888 or email: BUILDING SERVICES & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEER MAY 2017 29

The £16m+ new Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats and Stories will deliver ideal conditions for both displays and visitors, in part through engineering excellence from Blackpool.

uDunham‐Bush pedestal style Finvectors fit neatly and into the window alcove of both cafe and study areas.

uStairs and lift shafts are integral to the Metframe system and are installed as each floor is constructed.

The Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch, London, has benefited from a Trend Building Energy Management System (BEMS) for a number of years and now, Trend’s IQView software has put the theatre facilities manager in control…

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