Heroes Work Here: Caregivers Given Recognition and Support

pressed every day by direct care workers— and they found ways to show appreciation. These are just a few. • At Brightview Senior Living’s Well- spring Village, reported Redbook maga- zine, family members of a resident who had passed away from COVID-19 sent the staff a catered lunch, including des- sert, flowers, and a card, thanking them “for the love and care” they had shown.


• At The Arlington of Naples, a Lutheran Living community, Ruth Anderson, 101, led an effort to make cloth masks for the employees: “I turned my passion for sewing into a way of saying thank you,”

roviders, industry partners, and res- idents saw first-hand the positivity, quick thinking, and empathy ex-

she told USA Today. “The staff go above and beyond to make sure we’re happy and healthy. I have all the materials, the ability, the time, and the drive to help.”

• Commonwealth Senior Living honored direct care associates with its “It Takes a Team to Beat COVID-19” campaign, holding a raffle for associates that gave away more than $75,000 in prizes, including a 2020 Chevy Malibu. “We understand and appreciate the personal sacrifices our front-line heroes are mak- ing and their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of the seniors they serve,” Commonwealth’s president and COO, Earl Parker, said in a statement.

• The JLL Feeding Heroes program allows donors to gift a meal to first responders,

health care workers, and caregivers. In just two months, the real estate invest- ment company has provided meals to more than 25 hospitals and senior living communities, including three Brookdale communities.

• As of the end of April, Atria had prepared more than 12,000 pantry bags for employ- ees—and more than 45,000 cookies.

• Fox 8-WGHP in Greensboro, N.C., has featured several caregivers in a morning news segment, “Highlighting Heroes.” These include the entire assisted living and memory care staff at Five Star Senior Liv- ing’s Carriage House Senior Living Com- munity; MaryEllen Gerrow at Brookdale High Point; and Tamara Morehead, CNA, at Brookdale Reidsville.

Dear Chris,

You may not know us, but we work with your Mom. Did you know she’s a Hero? Your Mom is fighting every day to help keep our residents safe. Every day, she goes into battle and creates a shield to protect the most vulnerable citizens in America. Your Mom works with an entire team of Heroes. She puts herself in harm’s way every day to make the world and your local community better.

You are so generous to share your Heroic Mom with us. As a token of our appreciation to you for being such an awesome kid, being patient with your Mom as she works long hours and loving her the moment she walks through the door, we wanted to gift you something fun and unexpected.

Like other essential workers, caregivers have struggled to balance family time with their work. To show associates’ families that they recognized and appreciated these families’ sacrifices, IntegraCare individually packed 349 backpacks and gift bags for caregivers’ children in its 11 communities. Tagged by name for children ranging from infant to 18, the array of gifts include stuffed animals, crayons, baseballs, gift cards, and earbuds. But most important were the thank-you letters. Here’s one of them:

We hope you enjoy your gift as much as we enjoy working with your Mom. As you grow older, you will remember this time in history as it will be known for many years. When that time comes, you will be beaming with pride that your parent made the difference to so many seniors. How cool is that?

Hope to meet you soon, The IntegraCare Hero Recognition Team


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