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After Hours HEALTH

You are getting verrry soapy…


NEED TO RELAX? Do the dishes. Believe it or not, a Florida State University study has found that

washing dishes can actually have a calming effect. In the study, in which 51 students were asked to wash dishes,

participants who focused on the smell of the soap and the feel of the dishes felt a 27% drop in nervousness and a 25% jump in mental inspiration. By contrast, a control group had no benefits. The positive results answered the study’s question of whether washing dishes could be used as a practice that promotes mindful- ness, which focuses on thoughts and feelings in the moment. Makes sense — after all, when was the last time your dishwasher complained of stress? — Yvette Trancoso

How I Find Balance

Beatrice Ghettuba, cofounder/managing partner K2Z Accounting Associates, Edmonton IT’S IMPORTANT TO RECOGNIZE THE TRIGGERS that [make me] stressed or to anticipate that I’m getting into a stressful situation and to do something about it. I work out and eat healthy food — except when I was on the campaign trail in the fall. I found myself buying fast food. I did that once and it still haunts me because I always cook my food from scratch. I ran as a Liberal candidate for the riding of St.

My hippo’s just as big as yours

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE between the size of certain brain regions in women and men? Not much, apparently. For years, many believed that hippocampi, regions of the brain that

help connect emotions to the senses, were larger in women than in men. Hence women are supposedly more emotionally expressive. But a research team at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago has debunked the hippocampus myth. In an analysis of 76 published papers involving more than 6,000 individuals, the team found that there is no significant difference in size between male and female hippocampi. “Sex differences in the brain are irresistible to those looking to

explain stereotypic differences between men and women,” says Lise Eliot, associate professor of neuroscience at the university and team leader. But in examining large datasets, “we find these differences oſten disappear or are trivial.” — YT


Albert-Edmonton in the federal election [but didn’t win]. It was very hectic so I’d do yoga to release tension every morning at the studio next to my campaign office. I’m a bit of a control freak and one lesson I learned while campaigning was that I need to trust people who have been delegated tasks. It made me feel calm throughout the experience. I’m currently board chair of the Council for the

Advancement of African Canadians in Alberta. My role is to drive the governance and the strategic direction of the organization, which focuses on creating opportunities for access and full participa- tion of members of the African community. It’s very involved work. I can’t say I’m very good at planning but I have an overview in my mind of where things need to be. For example, I have a schedule of when I check in with my two grandkids. I believe in God, so I meditate a lot and I pray a lot.

During the election campaign, I’d spend time with friends who would pray with me on the phone and send messages of encouragement. That was very powerful. — As told to Vanessa Santilli

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Courtesy of Beatrice Ghettuba/Liberal Party

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