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With Christmas fast approaching, Lisa Gough of telephone answering specialist Moneypenny and virtual phone system Penelope, looks at why restful holidays make for better business.

We all know that Christmas can be a fraught and stressful time, especially in the run-up when we are peddling hard both at work and at home to get ready for the big day. It can be difficult to have a meaningful break; a complete switch off for at least a few days, but with research showing that holidays are not only good for you, but for your business too, there’s every reason to take time out and kick back.

As many as one in three of us reportedly don’t take all our holiday entitlement each year and business owners/sole traders are among the worst at taking a break for fear of leaving their business unmanned. Life on the constant treadmill can be a strain and with clinical research from a study (the Holiday Health Experiment) by Kuoni and Nuffield Health showing that a holiday not only makes you feel good while you’re away, but also helps you feel better for weeks, sometimes even months afterwards, it makes sense to take heed.

As much as we know we need it, we can all come up with reasons not to take a proper break – ‘too busy’, ‘no- one can do what I do’, ‘what will I miss’ ‘I can’t afford to take my foot off the gas’. But whatever reason is holding you back – think twice and consider the longer term benefits of taking a break. Holidays have been clinically shown to cut blood pressure, help us sleep better and make it easier for us to bounce back from stress.

But it’s not just about getting away from the day job; it’s about completely switching off. Years ago it was technologically impossible to keep in touch while you’re out partying, opening presents, eating your Christmas dinner or sitting on a beach somewhere. Now, 24/7 connectivity is the norm with emails, text messages and social media with us wherever we go.

But only if we choose to have it that way. As tempting as it is to always have one eye on work, we are risking our health and wellbeing and, ultimately, our ability to perform well.

Part of being able to switch off is ensuring your business is covered while you’re away. Holidays are always a challenge, whether it is for smaller businesses anxious about staying in control or for larger businesses juggling staffing levels. In a fast- moving world it can be difficult to let go, but with the technologies and FREE offer to readers

of Tomorrow’s Health & Safety! Get your very own Moneypenny PA to look after your calls over the Christmas

period absolutely FREE. There’s no obligation to continue using the service but if you do, you’ll receive your first month for just £39*.

*Based on our most popular PA package (PA30)

services available today there is no reason why business owners or managers should not be able to relax and enjoy their holidays.

Here at Moneypenny we have seen our annual spike in requests for our temporary telephone answering cover for the forthcoming holiday period, with the availability of overflow or fully outsourced support. Fingers crossed that is a sign of businesses switching on to the benefits of switching off; knowing their business calls are in good hands. Returning from a break happy and healthy makes for greater and more creative productivity, so don’t be afraid to allow yourself to relax knowing there are business processes in place to keep things flowing without you. After all, regular, restful breaks are the best tonic for you and your business.


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