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Always Supplying Advanced Flexible Excellence

Always Supplying Advanced Flexible Excellence


Company’s barriers point to the future for warehouse safety Looking for the ultimate fantasy logistics and warehousing solution? How about everyone’s favourite prime time Saturday night sci-fi extravaganza.

Whoever came up with the concept of the TARDIS must have spent some time scratching their head about how the Doctor managed to travel from A-to-B in the most time-efficient way possible, before dreaming up a police-box-come-time-capsule capable of instant multi-dimensional travel, with no cargo size issues, no fuel concerns and literally an endless capacity for internal storage.

Talk about strong gains in time-cost-space efficiency, eh?

Back on planet Earth, however, logistics and warehousing are more grounded, less fantastical issues – and the options for time travel are somewhat limited. But if you could take a one-off trip back in time, what aspect of your business would you change?

It is more than likely you’d tackle a big issue – something that over time has caused you so many headaches and cost-draining issues that taking a Dalek’s gunstick and exterminating the problem would feel like the ultimate in business satisfaction. Take something as vital as protecting your key structures. How many times has a careless machinery operator impacted your racking, or storage facility, or loading doors and created a logistical nightmare? How much down-time could have been saved by installing proper protection to your company’s storage assets?

as protection, guide-way and segregation for personnel and equipment. In all, A-SAFE have over 60 products available, covering all aspects of warehouse safety and protection.

Don’t be the person who cuts cost and installs steel barriers only for them to crumple, rip out the floor and need replacing after their first impact. Don’t be the person who thought inferior leg protection would suffice - until their racking collapsed. Don’t be the company paying out compensation after a member of staff strayed into a vehicle area.

Installing A-SAFE products can offer payback on your investment in less than a year. Plan now for the future protection of your workplace – and you won’t be the person who wishes they had a TARDIS to undo their past decisions.

A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of fixed polymer safety barriers; used around the world to offer unbeatable, money-saving protection for buildings, personnel and equipment –

Light years ahead...

A-SAFE is a world leader in barrier safety in workplaces. The company offers unbeatable protection for racking, loading bays, columns, doorways and more. The barriers are made from an innovative, patented material called Memaplex which absorbs and dissipates impacts, saving clients huge costs in replacement barriers, damage prevention to structures and vehicles and reduction in maintenance down-time.

New iFlex RackGuards protect rack legs via a series of modern innovations, Column Protectors offer heavy duty, modular protection for vital structures and high-vis, flexible Pedestrian Barriers act

A-SAFE are the future for workplace safety barrier solutions. Made from a patented material called Memaplex, they flex when impacted by vehicles and absorb and dissipate these impact forces. Personnel, machinery and floors are protected and over time galactic returns on investment are made in reduced maintenance, manpower and replacement costs.

For the future protection of your workplace – A-SAFE are out of this world.

A-SAFE is the inventor and manufacturer of a system of impact-absorbent protective barriers used in warehouses, car parks, factories, airports and other workplaces across the world.

To contact A-SAFE call +44 (0) 1422 331133, email, or visit for more information.

Contact sales +44 (0) 1422 331133, get in touch at or visit

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