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Two nurses in Dallas, Texas contracted Ebola after caring for a patient infected with the disease, despite wearing full protective gear throughout the treatment.

The US Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Director, Dr Tom Frieden, suggested that an overuse of PPE might have put the healthcare workers at risk.

“These are good, dedicated people who worried about themselves and their families. They were trying to protect themselves better. But by putting on more layers of gloves or other protective clothing, it becomes harder


HSEATWORK KoreSupport, the bespoke software developer, has launched a platform for small to medium sized businesses to report health and safety incidents online.


Tesco is overhauling health and safety training for its contractors, suppliers and stores with the launch of a Tesco Property Training Academy.

The new online health and safety training academy has been designed, built and delivered by Olive Media, a


to put them on and take them off. The risk of contamination in the process of taking these gloves off gets much higher. That is true for several areas of the body,” he said in a press briefing.

Dr Frieden added that a lack of familiarity with how to use the necessary PPE was also a problem for healthcare workers faced with treating Ebola patients.

“What we have always emphasized is that healthcare workers who are using familiar PPE in familiar ways are more likely to do it right. So we're looking at this – we're working with the hospital – and what are the ways to provide the maximum possible support to healthcare workers and allow them to do their jobs by minimizing their risk of contamination,” he said.

Since Ebola was first recognised in Zaire in 1976, the World Health Organisation and Doctors Without Borders have established relatively safe ways to care for people during fatal outbreaks in Africa.

Developed in collaboration with leading industry HSE practitioners, KoreSupport’s HSEATWORK is designed to help businesses protect their workers by managing all aspects of reporting and tracking incidents and accidents, plus any follow up corrective actions.

It is primarily a web-based application that can be accessed via any internet connected device or, if required, can be installed on the user’s network.

The software will be regularly updated by health and safety experts and will

digital media company that provides virtual training and communications for global organisations.

The Tesco Property Training Academy will standardise health and safety training and standards across the organisation while decreasing downtime for Tesco staff, suppliers and contractors.

Tesco successfully trained over 8,000 people in June 2014. Combined, these people completed in excess of 15,000 health and safety training courses.

Photography by Morgana Wingard for USAID

Doctors Without Borders have established relatively safe ways to care for people during fatal outbreaks in Africa.

However, this was the first time Ebola had reached US shores, giving American health officials a chance to assess and revise protocols. The CDC has now published updated guidelines on PPE use around Ebola patients in the hospital environment on its website, but these are only recommendations as yet.

help SMEs to track and audit Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA). It also contains RIDDOR Connect with an integrated connection to the Health & Safety Executive website.

HSEATWORK also provides administration of employee health & safety records through a web-based employee management system, which the company says will allow businesses to make better decisions and focus more time taking action to protect their biggest asset – their people.

Phil Cook, Development Director at Tesco, said: “Safety is paramount for Tesco and we want to be known as an employer that is taking a lead, ensuring all our suppliers, contractors and employees have a consistent and high standard of training.

“The new Tesco Property Training Academy allows all personnel to be inducted before they arrive on site. The academy is not only easy to operate; it is engaging, dynamic and can be regularly updated to ensure it is always at the forefront of the industry.”

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