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PARIS TARGETS At the start of December, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) and consultants Arup outlined the first emission reduction plan in order to meet the most ambitious Paris Agreement targets to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

According to Deadline2020: How Cities Will Get the Job Done, the world’s megacities must act to peak emissions by 2020 and pursue bold emissions cuts with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality in 2050.

If all cities of 100,000 people or more follow on the recommendations in the report, the world will achieve 40% of the reductions necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change.

Cities are already leading the way on climate action by benchmarking and reducing emissions across the board. But according to Deadline2020, the world must halt the growth of emissions in the next four years, with the ultimate goal of decreasing emissions globally by 2030. For C40 cities, this means nearly halving carbon emissions for every citizen, from an average


CPD SEMINARS Rittal Ltd has launched three new accredited seminars to support customers in their Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The seminars have been reviewed and assessed by the Chartered Institute of Building Engineers (CIBSE), to ensure the technical content is of a high standard and offers valuable CPD to delegates.

All attendees will receive a certificate as evidence of their participation.The seminars, which are free of charge, take the form of short informative presentations and a workshop and are as follows:

Building a Data Centre in the Perfect Storm:

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of five tonnes CO2

e per capita

today to three tonnes CO2 by 2030.

e per capita

According to the report, achieving this goal will require approximately $375 billion in investment by national governments and the private sector over the next four years – investments that will transform and improve entire economies by creating jobs, bolstering infrastructure, improving public health and making cities more liveable.

Deadline2020 provides concrete steps for cities to meet their part of this obligation, offering a roadmap of thousands of actions.

Ramping up action: 11,000 actions are already underway in C40 cities. Within four years, 14,000 additional Actions will have to be in the pipeline across C40’s membership, moving from planning and pilot stages to full transformative, city-wide initiatives.

Focus on buildings and transit sectors: Taking these Actions and ensuring 54% are at a transformative, city-wide scale by 2020 is fundamental to reaching zero emissions by 2050.

Smart urban planning can make all the difference: the development of

Covering aspects of complete relocation of a datacentre, including refurbishment and regeneration, this CPD seminar takes the form of a real life case study of Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC). Connecting 130,000 users across 700 buildings and 60,000 computers the case study looks at how NCC delivered a new state of the art datacentre and coping with the perfect brainstorm of migration and updating whilst maintaining essential IT services.

Aimed at all levels of mechanical engineers, facilities managers, estate managers, electrical engineers and IT managers, this course can be presented at consultant and contractors offices or at Rittal’s specialist datacentre location in Enfield.

An Introduction to the Application

compact, connected and coordinated cities enable significant indirect emissions savings and compound the effects of savings achieved in the main emissions sectors.

Partnerships and collaboration within cities will be fundamental to delivering the Deadline2020 Action Pathway, but are not sufficient. Cities must work beyond administrative boundaries, collaborating with regional and national-level actors and more to ensure the national and international infrastructure that supplies them is also transformed to meet future targets.

“Cities are rising to the climate challenge. They are engaging with each other, working together, weaving a web above and beyond national and cultural differences.” Said Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, C40 chair-elect.

C40 is a network of 90 world cities committed to tackling climate change, which represents 650 million people and 25% of the world’s GDP. C40 worked with global engineering and consulting firm, Arup, to develop research and the evidence-based model which underpins the Deadline 2020 report. of IEC 61439:

Designed to give a brief introduction to the IEC 61439 (the new switchgear and controlgear assembly production standard), this seminar looks at how it should be applied to the design and manufacture of low voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

Incorporating four key parts: enclosures, climate control, busbar and the devices, the standard looks at assemblies as a total system and not as individual components and how they react together and perform under test conditions.

Aimed at all levels of expertise within engineering departments, courses can be either presented at consultant or contractors’ offices or at Rittal’s Head Office showroom and demonstration centre in South Yorkshire, Rittal’s offices in Livingston

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