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Each month we ask an industry professional the Tomorrow’s Energy

Management 10 Questions. This month, we chatted to Stephen Peal, Director at PPSPower.


What was your first job?

My first full time job was in the Armed Forces working on telecommunications. The Forces is a great start to any career; it teaches hard work, discipline, being prepared and the importance of presenting yourself appropriately.


How did you get into the Energy

Management industry? I joined PPSPower in a sales capacity over four years ago. As the company grew, my responsibilities increased and I started to oversee and drive more departments. In 2014 we acquired the generator service and UPS department from another business and it was at this point that I invested into the company and became a Director.


Who, in any other industry, do you

most admire? I admire the drive, determination and ethics shown by entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson. It's always felt to me that his approach to business is not simply founded on making money, but has a strong focus on making a difference. He is very good at showing that he values his employees and that that value leads to great customer service. He always seems to be enjoying what he is doing and isn’t afraid to take risks in life and business.


What would you do if you won the lottery?

For me it’s more about what my family would do if we won the lottery. My wife would no doubt stop working, we would move home and possibly schools. My life wouldn’t change much at all, I love what I do and I would want to continue to help drive our business forward and create more opportunities.

44 | 10 QUESTIONS Q5

How would you improve the Energy

Management industry? Most backup generators are left doing nothing until an engineer runs them up for servicing. A generator should be used as an asset and not just left for emergencies. There is a government initiative to help the demand on the grid to use these assets to either feed back to the grid or to simply to power buildings on prime so that they can reduce their demand on energy reserves.


If you could give your younger self

one piece of advice, what

would it be? I would tell myself to listen to others, but ultimately persist in what you believe in. Of course an essential part of developing as an individual is taking everything in. Listening to what others have to say has never been a problem for me, and still isn’t.



What do you do to unwind?

I’m a family man so most of my spare time is spent on family activities. I help to coach an under sevens’ football team, I keep fit and I enjoy a good action film.

What three tracks would appear on

your ultimate playlist? I love Jason Mraz and his best track is probably ‘I Won’t Give Up’. I would have to throw ‘Little Things’ by One Direction in there as well, as it was played at my wedding. The final piece would probably be ‘Home’ by Michael Buble. So I guess you can say my with regards to my music taste is eclectic! I’m certainly in touch with my feminine side!


What do you think is the future of

the Energy Management

industry? The demand for energy will inevitably rise. Backup power installations will become more prevalent and people will become smarter with how they are used. For example, coming off of the grid and onto generators to save money, make money (via Demand Response) or just to have more confidence in a consistent supply.


Gab Barbaro, Managing Director

of British Gas Business: If you could lead any company in the energy industry, which

would it be and why? It would have to be a company that’s paving the way with innovative ideas on creating new renewable energy solutions. I imagine that it would be a rewarding task to lead an organisation that develops an affordable yet clean energy solution for all.

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