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person straight away and changes are made quickly, although there is an override button that staff can use for emergencies.”

“Even the pizza ovens

and fryers are monitored by the BEMS.”

The wireless BEMS controls a number of energy-using assets to help reduce bills. For instance, when the restaurant is shut, external lighting is kept off, but between 06:00 and 23:00, there is a light level sensor that detects the external lux level. If the light level falls by a pre-agreed percentage (in this case, 45%), the lights come on.

Internal lighting, which is split into ‘stock and trade’, is also being controlled more efficiently. Before WEMS technology was installed, the lights were switched on using a key switch when staff arrived in the morning, and left on 100% of the time. Now, staff still turn on the lighting with the key switch, but the system is programmed to keep non-essential lighting (such as decorative and feature lighting) off until the restaurant opens for business at 11:00.

CONSTANT MONITORING Wireless sensors are deployed to

ensure the air conditioning keeps each Pizza Hut restaurant at a consistent temperature of 21/22°C, and that the system is turned off when not required. Over-door heaters are also monitored by sensors based on the outside air temperature.

Even the pizza ovens and fryers are monitored by the BEMS. Before adopting WEMS technology, staff would arrive in the morning and turn everything on, whereas now the system keeps the catering equipment off until staff are due to start cooking at 10:00. The buffet and salad bar are also on a time programme.

Despite the amount of control imparted, the installation process proved exceptionally straightforward, as Darren Blower, Project Manager at Aimteq, explains: “As the technology is wireless, it allows for quicker installation – up to 40% faster than traditional wired BEMS – and there is less disruption. This means we can work inside of trading hours if necessary without affecting customers or staff as it is all done back of house. There is no pulling

of cables or ceilings to cross, so wireless technology can even be installed after a restaurant has been refitted if necessary.”


PLANNED To date, Aimteq has installed WEMS BEMS at 51 Pizza Hut restaurants. The company has 270 restaurants in the UK and would like to see 35 more restaurants fitted with BEMS technology every year for the next four years. Aimteq has already secured the next tranche of installations at 33 restaurants in 2017.

“Aimteq has installed

WEMS BEMS at 51 Pizza Hut restaurants.”

Pizza Hut Restaurants has been investing heavily in its restaurant facilities over recent years, offering expanded starter and mains ranges, and even a cocktail bar service. In theory, the company should be consuming more energy, but actually, thanks to wireless BEMS technology, it is becoming more efficient. BEMS | 27

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