WHO? Never heard of Cherryade? Tat’s about to change. Duo Alex and Ella have already been packing a musical punch over the last year but 2017 sees them really step up a division. Tis act is fun, cheeky, savvy, and caustic. Tey can hit you with barbed and loaded lyrics before you even realise, all delivered with a smile on their face. Bouncy, tuneful, tricky pop. And we’ve loved every energy-filled track sent to us by the duo here at BBC Introducing in Norfolk. So how did it all start? Some things are just down to fortune. Ella moved to Norfolk with her family when she entered high school, where she met Norwich born Alex. Te two hit it off as friends and musicians and have been together ever since. “We hated school and always wanted to run away,” said Ella. Not surprisingly that’s what they did, both of them going to study and live in London. And that’s where the concept of Cherryade took hold and is now beginning to take off.

WHAT? “We’ve been best friends for such a long time and write everything together,” said Ella. “Usually Alex will produce a rough track for us to write over, and then we’ll text each other ideas for melodies and lyrics throughout the day, and then once we think we’ve got something we’ll sit down and pull it altogether.”

And it seems we’re not the only ones beginning to notice there’s something special about Cherryade. “If I’m honest,” said Alex, “we’re both quite competitive, and we saw a lot of people doing well and


thought we could do that too. We took a risk and emailed a mix engineer called Neil Comber who’d worked with some of our favourite artists like M.I.A. and Charli XCX. He loved the demos and it all happened from there. We’ve had so much online support from sites we love like NYLON, CLASH and DIY Magazine, and then radio support from BBC Introducing, Radio 1, 6Music – so it could be going a lot worse!”

And there’s more. “We were featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday,” said Ella, “which was really cool, and on a few Apple Music playlists and iTunes’ new artist spotlight, like on the main page of iTunes. I don’t think we ever expected that, especially so early on.” “Fractured Fairytales was just used on a US TV show as well, which was amazing and also really funny,” said Alex. “Tere was some girl grinding around a pole and ripping her top off whilst it was playing in the background. More recently we’ve had a few publishers sending us tracks to write over and we’ve written a few top lines for dance tracks as well, which has been really fun.”

LIVE? Yes, well. Tis is the thin section. It’s been a long time coming – but this month Norwich are to witness their first gig alongside Mega Emotion and headliners Tibetan Night Terrors at Norwich Arts Centre. “I think it’s been more about timing than anything else,” said Ella. “We’ve been working loads on new music, and then directing our own video, and now it just feels like the right time.” “We’re happy with the music, we’re happy with the visuals,

and now we want to pull it altogether and put on a good show,” added Alex. We can’t wait!

She and Allergy Kid were recently hand- picked to represent the East of England for Springboard Live, an initiative that took four up and coming UK acts on a national tour. It included a night at the legendary Camden Roundhouse. It proved to be a personal favourite. “It was amazing,” she said. “We had our names on the steps with all these famous people, the building is beautiful and everyone was really chilled out and very welcoming.”

FUTURE? Aside from their gig there is more music on the way too. “We’ve got a new single coming out shortly,” said Alex, “and we’ve got another two big tracks we’re finishing up now which we’re really excited about.” “Yeah we’ve written some songs recently with Ant Whiting who produced our favourite tracks on the first M.I.A. album,” said Ella, “and he’s worked loads with John Newman and Rizzle Kicks. Tose songs are still very us, but it just feels like a big step up. We feel confident now. I think that’s the main thing.”


See Cherryade at Norwich Arts Centre on Friday 14th April

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