Californian singer songwriter Jesca Hoop gets my April started, and commences a European tour at Epic Studios on the 2nd. Tom Waits was an early mentor. She has released five solo albums, including 2017’s Memories Are Now. Tat suggests an unforgettable evening.

Polish your lights up ready for Hazey Jane at Te Bicycle Shop on the 3rd. Te name comes from a Nick Drake song title, which gives a clue what to expect from this London quartet. Norfolk’s Jake Morrell is support.

If you remember seeing Te Wytches headline at 2014 Norwich Sound and Vision you will be beating a path down King Street to the Waterfront Studio on the 4th. Psychedelic surf rock, and odd spelling.

Dillie Keane, founder member and the mezzo from Fascinating Aïda performs a rare solo show at the Playhouse on the 5th and 6th.

She has also been a Grumpy Old Woman. Expect song and rants.

Come on Night People. On the 8th. It’s You Me At Six. At 7:30. At the Nick Rayns LCR. Don’t be late.

Te origin of this band’s name has been the subject of apocryphal rumour ever since they released Donna in 1972. Only bass layer Graham Gouldman remains from the original line- up, but it still seems worth mentioning that 10CC are coming to the Teatre Royal on the 9th. I’m Mandy. Fly me.

Shut up. Tis has to be the hottest gig in town this month, so well done you if you have managed to secure tickets for Stormzy at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 12th. Gang Signs & Prayer is an early contender for album of the year, and his Brit nomination proves that grime is finally being recognised and taken seriously. Tell that to Mr Muscle.

See a pin and pick it up. All the day you’ll have



Not long now! Summer is on its way, and in between the April showers and the spring cleaners we are gorging on chocolate, and checking out the upcoming festival announcements (starting with our very own Norfolk and Norwich Festival, which kicks off on May 12th). But just for a moment, put down your umbrellas, J-cloths, Creme Eggs and digital diaries, and check out this frolicking lambfest of live music coming up over the next thirty days.

good luck. Fortuitously, there are five PINS at Norwich Arts Centre on the 13th.

Te man with the golden voice, Leaone, heads up an Odd Box evening at Te Murderers on the 14th. Listen to Young Green Eyes and Goldtooth, then try to guess which facial feature he will sing about next. Have a Good Friday.

Jack Cheshire is at Te Bicycle Shop on the 18th. Tracks from his psych-folk album Black Light Teatre shine out in an intimate venue such as this. Enjoy.

Giggs’ Landlord reached number two in the album charts last year, meaning that he should get all of his deposit back when he moves out. Take your rent book and references to the Nick Rayns LCR on the 20th . No pets.

For an evening of intense groove driven rhythms, head down to Open on the 22nd for a Nubiyan Twist. I’ll pop

an energy bar into my pocket for that one.

Back at Te Guildhall on the 26th, Grapevine serve up another banquet of fine listening in the company of Jefferson Tomas, Pepper & Shepherd, and Supermoon. Judge these acts in the space and comfort of the historic former Norwich courtroom.

Cromer band Gentlemen never fail to impress, seeming to get better and better every time they play. If you haven’t heard them before head over to Te Brickmakers on the 27th, and rock around the blocks.

Te first in a series of ‘Music at the Mo’ evenings launches at Te Museum in Sheringham on the 28th. Just a short train ride away, this one features Norwich acts Olivia Watson, Rain Valley People and Milly Hirst. Bring a parka, and sleep on the beach if necessary.

Albany Down arrive

at Open on the 29th, bringing their blues inspired rock sound with them. Not only that, but local favourites Dove and Boweevil are supporting. All we need to do is turn up. Can’t be that difficult, can it?

Tere is only one way to end April, and that is with local heroes Ducking Punches at Norwich Arts Centre on the 30th. Teir homecoming marks the end of a UK tour, but they then depart almost immediately for Europe. Tis, therefore, is a chance to exercise your fizzy brains before they go.

Tere, told you it would be a busy month. Now dust away those cobwebs and embrace the Norwich music scene in all its blossoming glory. Next month I’ll be loitering by the maypole, and getting my NNF groove on for sure. In the meantime I’m off for some more chocolate


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