April Teatre Royal Norwich

Northern Ballet’s production of Casanova arrives at the Teatre Royal April 4th-8th. Choreographed by Kenneth Tindall and co-created by Suffolk writer Ian Kelly, it shows that there is much to Casanova than just his reputation as a great lover. Oi oi. Find out more in this eye-opening production. Head back to the Sixties April 11th-15th with Sunny Afternoon, the Olivier Award-winning musical which tells the story of Te Kinks, featuring a host of faves including You Really Got Me and Waterloo Sunset. If you manage to stay in your seat without bolting out with fear during Te Woman In Black April 18th-22th you’re a better woman than me. Tis gripping production sees a lawyer aim to shatter a curse that affects him and his family, and engages an actor to try and exorcise the fear that surrounds them. It’s absolutely terrifying. For the kids, check out the lovable story of Babe Te Sheep-Pig on the 16th-17th, or discover some amazing animal puppets in Michael Morpurgo’s Running Wild which runs from April 25th-29th.

03 April Small Story Soundscape Norwich Castle Museum

Sound artist Michael Ridge takes everyday domestic objects from the Small Stories exhibition and invites you to transform them into a symphony of sounds in an informal drop-in activity. Come along and give making music on a mini slinky springs, bowls and homemade instruments a go. Michael will also be making and demonstrating matchbox microphones and using everyday objects to play vinyl records with. Sessions run 10.30 - 12.30 and 1.30 - 3.30. I am the music man, What can you plaaaaaay? I play the stapler.

05-07 April Gaslight Maddermarket Teatre

09 April At Last: Te Etta James Story Open

Nothing like hearing the Blues sung live for getting a serious lump in your throat, and when some of those songs are Tell Mama, Something’s Got A Hold On Me, Sugar On Te Floor, the heartrending I’d Rather Go Blind and, natch, At Last, you know a great night is guaranteed. Catch Australian Vika Bull singing the songs of legend Etta James and telling the story of her tumultuous life along with a live band.

Cult Classics Cinema City

It’s very considerate of Cinema City to put on some of my top favourite cult classic films of all time this month. Tanks guys! Treat yourself to Burton’s Batman, the mindblowing Mulholland Drive, the uber tense Chinatown, supercool Easy Rider and frankly teeth-shatteringly terrifying Te Shining in April and early May. Tere’s nothing quite like seeing them on the big screen folks, whether they’re your top movies ever or if you’ve been living on Mars all your life and haven’t seen these bangers yet.

Jack Manningham is slowly and deliberately driving his wife Bella insane. Her only tether to reality is a gaslight mounted on her wall, which fades up and down suspiciously. On the brink of madness, Bella is introduced to former detective Rough, who believes Jack to be a thief and murderer. With only a memory and the testimony of an allegedly mad woman, Rough attempts to prove Bella’s sanity, not only to those around her, but also, to herself.

Tis classic thriller, set at the turn of the 19th Century in Victorian London, was first produced in 1938 – get spooked at the Maddermarket this month.


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