“We have always made music together. We have also always shared everything growing up together.”


id you grow up in amusical household?

Hampshire twins Catherine and Lizzy may only be 22 but already have two albums under their belt, and are first country act to top the charts, officially making them the most successful UK country act of all time. Crikey! Nice one ladies. They sold out Open’s club room last year, and are coming back again to pack out the banking hall. Legends in the making, their sweet country pop is tinged with real sadness and true feels, and is well worth a listen. I spoke to Lizzy about missing their dogs and how come they love country music to the max.


Yes, we did. Our parents were in a 70’s rock covers band when we were growing up, so we were bought up with a lot of Fleetwood Mac, Te Beatles and Te Kinks. Which music artists have inspired you the most over the years – and do you have the same or different inspirations to each other? Many artists from many different genres of music have inspired both of us. We both love the Dixie Chicks, Fleetwood Mac, Miranda Lambert, Allison Krauss and so on. How did you get your foot on the ladder? Have you been working for years to get to where you are today or has it been quite a fast pace for you?

It all happened very organically. We were very lucky with the people we met at a very young age that took us to Nashville. Tat was where we recorded our first album and it was the beginning of everything. You played Norwich last year and sold out the Club Room at Open –this time around you’re playing themain Banking Hall there. How does it feel to be making your mark so successfully on your audiences that they want you back to play so soon? It feels great. We love performing in all sorts of different places as we see a different audience everywhere we go. We are constantly pleasantly surprised by seeing an audience grow on each tour and seeing our music connect. It shocks us every

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