Marc Bowles aka Mr Ting aka Original Scratch Pervert aka DMC UK DJ Championship Winner 2000 is a legendary world class hip hop DJ who also dabbles in funk, soul and other choice genres. Spinning since the late 80’s, he’s a dab

hand on the decks and a top geezer in real life. I spoke to him ahead of his set at Open this month with Hot Damn, celebrating the launch of this year’s Soundcrash Funk and Soul Weekender which takes place dahn sahf.

own decks or did you just start messing around with a record player to see what was possible? I didn’t have my own to start with, I was wrecking home hi-fi set ups with homemade slip mats and very crudely modifying them to make them “transform”! Ten two of my friends from school got belt-drive turntables from Tandy which we learned


ou started on the ones and twos way back in 1987. Did you have your

on - one of my friends taught me basic mixing and then we got deeper into scratching as we progressed. Our local youth club in Sevenoaks got a pair of Technics 1210s and a Phonic MRT-60 Mixer so then we would be there every Tuesday night practising! When I started my weekend job in the local supermarket I was able to save up and get my first 1210s, which I bought in installments from a guy at school who didn’t want them anymore, that was about

’89-90. Which DJ’s do you most enjoy watching live and why? I really enjoy seeing Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, J-Rocc, Babu, Shortee Blitz … all these guys have been huge inspirations to me and I still love going to see them play. Sometimes I’ve been lucky to be on the line up with them and it’s been great to meet them over the years. Also I really enjoy watching EZ and Andy C as well - absolute beasts on the decks. You must have an incredible record collection. How do you file – alphabetically? I’m trying to thin it out at the moment… it’s taken over a little too much. It’s all split up into genre, then alphabetical, except for some disco/house/ random 12”s and the 45s which are pretty unsorted. Ten the library records are all in catalogue number as it’s easier to find them that way - they all have identical front covers depending on the series! But generally it’s all in A-Z order. Are you a Technics guy? Definitely a Technics guy. Te Pioneer decks are really good as well, I’ve had to use those in clubs a few times, but I’ve had 1210s since ’89 and they’ve been nothing but good to me! What’s your best or rarest charity shop find? I got a couple about 15 years ago. I took a chance on a 50p record called Ben & Te Platano Group, and it turned out to be a super rare French Funk LP. I didn’t find that out until I started getting in chats with people up in London. I had to sell it a few years back but would love to have that again. A few weeks ago i found a very rare British jazz LP down here in Kent that was dusty but looked pretty much unplayed once I’d cleaned it up. It’s a really really rare thing to happen though these days.

Do you use records? How do you feel about Serato? I get booked for a lot of vinyl only parties especially after the Crate Diggers video and the series on First Word. I don’t think many people knew I had that many records. But I’ve been on Serato for about seven or eight years now and iIreally enjoy using that too. I was dead against it initially but as less and less things got pressed on vinyl and the baggage allowance for gigs abroad got less and less for travelling it became a pretty essential piece of kit to have. But travelling with 45s is nice and easy, which I think is why that format has had a good resurgence the last few years. What is it about hip hop that floats your boat, and is it possible for you to name your favourite hip hop track of all time? When I first heard Sucker MC’s it changed my whole musical taste - the energy and rawness of it, just beats and rhymes. But what I love about hip hop is how much it’s taught me about other music. I love the way producers flip and discover samples and how MCs get inspired by what’s going on and then…I just love the music! You’ve warmed up for legends as Te Large Professor, Pete Rock and CL Smooth and Ghostface Killah in the last year. Who would be your dream support slot? I’ve been very lucky in my warm up slots. Some of them I’ve never met though even though I played before them! I would love to have done a ATCQ or Gang Starr warm up set - they’re hands down my two favourite hip hop groups of all time.

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INFORMATION Mr Ting plays at the Hot Damn! and Te Soundcrash Funk & Soul Weekender Official Norwich Launch Party at Open on 31st March. Tickets from


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