London band Twin Wild is my ‘pinch and a punch’ act this month, supported by the excellent Youth Killed It (whose debut album is due in May). Tey are at the Waterfront Studio on the 1st of the month. And it is St David’s Day. So, have a leek on your lapel, and be nice to a Welsh person.

Te Owl Sanctuary continue to bring quality American hardcore punk bands to Norwich, and Trash Talk from Sacramento visit on the 4th. Make your way up Timber Hill, and remember to howl with the owl.

You might be Foolish to miss hip hop soul legend Ashanti when she plays the Nick Rayns LCR on the 5th. With five top-ten albums and twenty- four singles to her name, she is the queen of R&B.

Australian pop-punks With Confidence call in at Epic Studios on the 6th. Swapping the Sydney summer for the spring sunshine of Norwich, what better time to acquaint

yourselves with their debut album Better Weather?

Back at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 8th, more hip-hop royalty arrives in the shape of De La Soul. Me, myself and I will all be going to that one.

Max Taylor recently performed a Sofar Session in Norwich, and he will be back here at Te Murderers on the 10th for those unlucky enough to miss him first time around. Muumuu-clad electro-beat trio Mega Emotion will also be in attendance.

White Lies finish their UK tour at the Nick Rayns LCR on the 12th. I like White Lies. And sometimes I tell them. Now you don’t know whether to go or not.

Alden, Patterson and Dashwood, together with Clark and Zuppardi, will be cosying up in Te Bicycle Shop on the 14th for an evening of acoustic delights, and possibly a bite to eat. Saddle up and get yourselves down St



Let us march away with another thirty one days of the best gigs in town. With spring in the air, and newborn lambs frolicking in the meadow, let us suckle on the live music that will leave hares standing up on the back of our necks, and daffodils pushing their heads through the long grass just to get a better view.

Benedicts Street for that one.

Charismatic chanteuse Camille O’Sullivan appears at Norwich Playhouse on the 16th and 17th. She wowed NNF audiences in the Spiegeltent a couple of years back with interpretations of songs by Kirsty MacColl, Bowie and Nick Cave. She is also a trained architect.

Te 17th is St Patrick’s Day, when drinking vast quantities of Guinness in a pub is rewarded with a silly green hat. Glass Animals’ gig has been upgraded to the Nick Rayns LCR. By all means learn How To Be A Human Being, but remember to get there early. Doors are at 6.30pm.

Get your tattooed knuckles ready for Jizzy Pearl’s band Love/ Hate, who play the Waterfront Studio on the 18th. Celebrating 25 years since the release of Wasted in America, Pearl keeps the torch alight, even though other original members have all since

moved on.

Hirsute gentleman of Americana, Jarrod Dickenson, returns to Norwich Arts Centre on the 21st for what will be Craig Hill’s final Tilting Sky event. In the words of Vinnie Jones, this one will be emotional.

Make sure you put your clocks forward ready for Glaswegian rockers Altered Sky at Te B2 on the 26th. It is also Mothering Sunday. Who knows? Your mother might like it.

Te NME may not be the feared force in music that it once was, but it is still a delight to welcome back this year’s Awards Tour Show to the Nick Rayns LCR on the 27th. Tis year expect to see Blossoms, Cabbage, and Rory Wynne in tow. Essential.

Alas, I cannot get in. Unsurprisingly, Laura Marling at Te Waterfront on the 28th sold out almost immediately. Strange then, that this too was not upgraded to the LCR, but those lucky enough to have

tickets will be treated to a solo show that will include classics as well as songs from latest album Semper Femina.

Finally, one of my favourite acts visit Norwich Arts Centre on the 31st. French band Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains charmed a lunchtime audience out of the trees at Latitude five years ago with a set of jangly pop songs infused with joyous African rhythm. Album number five, Solide Mirage, is due for release at the beginning of March. I think you might like them.

And so, as spring ploughs towards April, it still leaves two weeks in which to finally decide how to eat your Creme Egg. I’ll meet you in the park where, if it is warm enough, I might also be getting my hot cross buns out on the grass.


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