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the rain when she runs across NASA’s campus to use the only “colored” restroom available at Langley Research Center. When her boss, Kevin Costner’s Al Harrison, learns about this, he rushes to the restroom with a crowbar in hand and uses it to hack off the “Colored Ladies Room” sign.

“No more colored restrooms,” he said. “No more white restrooms. Just plain ole toilets. Go where ever you damn well please. … Here at NASA, we all pee the same color.”

Margot Lee Shetterly, who wrote the book upon which the film is

based, revealed Johnson “refused to so much as enter the Colored bath- rooms.”

The 98-year-old physicist confirmed the real story to Vice, saying. “I just went on in the white one,” she said.

Another fictional scene shows Johnson not being allowed in the con-

trol room to deliver her final calculations for John Glenn’s launch until Harrison brought her in to announce the results together.

Johnson told Vice that in truth, she wasn’t allowed to enter mission

control and was at her desk when the launch occurred. According to the book, she “sat tight in the office, watching the transmission on a televi- sion.””

46 Years of Service in the Community


This year, we kickoff a year-long celebration of building affordable homes for families here in Greensboro and around the world.

Since 1987, we have housed 465 families in Greensboro and 429 in Honduras and Jordan.

Over the past 30 years, Habitat Greensboro…

 Developed neighborhoods including Partnership Court, Poplar Ridge and Fox Trail  Partnered with other community organizations to build...  Partnership Village (Greensboro Urban Ministry)  Susan’s View at Peacehaven Farm  Eastside Park Community Center (Rotary and Westminster Presbyterian Church)  Kaboom playgrounds  Renovated apartments for Transitional Housing (Partnership Homes)

 Created home repair program and established Housing Greensboro, now Community Housing Solutions  Built 20 townhomes at Arbor Court  Renovated 54 foreclosed homes restoring affordable homes and strengthening neighborhoods  Opened ReStore, premier resale store of recycled home furnishings and building supplies  Offered over 500 educational classes for homeowner success  Offered post-purchase education classes to any homeowner in the community

 Since 2003, partnered with Greensboro Builders Association on Raising Roofs: A week long Builders’ blitz, building over 55 homes. The 8th Raising Roofs is scheduled for Fall of 2017

 Since 1990, Habitat Greensboro has sent mission trips to Honduras and Jordan to build homes. In 2017, Habitat Greensboro will send a building mission team to Kenya

 Over $3 million paid in property taxes since 1987 Learn how to get involved at Habitat Greensboro office: 603B North Elm Street, Greensboro, NC 27401 336-275-4663 Visit or Donate to the ReStore at 3826 Gate City Blvd, Call us to schedule a pickup 336-851-2929

We are grateful to all our donors, volunteers, community partners and homeowners who have been the foundation of our success for the first 30 years.

Together we can work towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

We invite you to join us for the next 30 years, building renovating and repairing affordable homes.

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